Confetti Balloons for a Baby Shower

Clear balloons filled with themed confetti for a party or shower -- genius! Baby Shower Balloons -- fill clear balloons with confetti -- so smart! Clear balloons filled with clouds and stars for a baby shower

You’re in for an extra special treat today! Not only am I sharing with you the simplest tutorial ever on how to make your baby shower, birthday party, or any other special occasion really pop using confetti balloons — but there’s also a celebration going on in honor of a few ladies about to have babies whom I have grown to know and love.

Want that tutorial already? No problem, all you need is:

- some clear balloons (got mine at Party City, 12 inch)
- cardstock or tissue paper in the colors of your choice
- either a craft punch in your desired shape … OR the new Cricut Explore which I used to make almost 800 of these cutouts today!
- a helium tank (or access to helium)

Cut out all your shapes first making sure they are small enough to stuff inside the balloons. I cut mine into 1 inch squares. Once you have all your pieces cut, break them up into piles and sort out which colors and shapes you want to use where.

Use your fingers to get inside the balloon and stretch it open (just like putting out stockings or panty hose), then fill the balloon with your confetti.

Tip: It helps to have someone else around to help you stuff the balloons. The latex is hard to hold open and makes it difficult to do one-handed.

Once you are finished, blow the balloons up using the helium tank and tie closed. Add a coordinating ribbon and you’re done.

Custom illustrated baby shower invite from Hideous Dreadful Stinky

Just because we are thousands of miles away from our friends, doesn’t mean we can’t throw an amazing surprise shower for them!

We started by checking out the mom-to-be’s Pinterest boards and looking for common themes. It turned out Carla of Small + Friendly has been scouting out all things celestial for her little one, and Lacy of Living on Love has her head in the clouds, literally – dreaming up the most amazing vintage, farmhouse nursery with it’s hint of florals, pinks and clouds of course.

So how does outer space and vintage floral work together you ask?
Well, the inspiration for the shower went a little something like this.

A charming baby shower planned for one boy and one girl
Sources: (Top) Black/White Cloud | Clay Cloud Mobile | Pink Cloud Hat | Moon Card | Cloud Bookshelf
(Bottom) Star Decals | Moon Clock | Aqua Hat | Cloud Pillow | Celestial Print

The confetti balloons were my contribution to our virtual shower, I made a bundle for each mama and will send a set along with my gift for each mama in case they want balloons to display after the babies are born.

Clear balloons can be filled with all sorts of things, love this idea!

Want to see what the other ladies came up with? Me too! This is so exciting, each mom will wake up this morning and have no idea all these projects were done especially for them. We have everything from hand drawn invitations to cocktails to soothing favors to adorable handmade clothing and cool wall prints. You’ll have to see them all.

imagine gnats / Casa Crafty / Made With Moxie / Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! / petit a petit and family / Rajovilla / Kids Stuff World / Elsie Marley / Buzzmills / A Golden Afternoon / My Life at Playtime / Salsa Pie / this heart of mine / Classic Play

but wait, there’s still more!! What’s a baby shower without prizes?

Well, Rachel from Imagine Gnats volunteered to be in charge of games and prizes. After you’ve seen and shared all the projects head over to Imagine Gnats and enter to win some really awesome stuff, like this:

baby shower gifts made with love for baby and mama


Valentines Crafts From The Heart

Valentines Day is fast approaching and if you are anything like me, you are just starting to think about what to do for the ones you love. Have no fear, there are plenty of amazing gift ideas, craft projects, and printables here you still have time to work on and feel great knowing you did something special, handmade and from the heart.

Geometric hearts are all the rage this year, here are three modern heart crafts you can make yourself!

I adore these Modern Valentine Cards you can download & print yourself
This Geometric Heart Necklace has my heart swooning
I should be wearing this Studded Sweatshirt right now I love it so much!

A collection of adorable heart shaped Valentines crafts for kids

Girls will love these sweet heart necklaces
all kids (and kids at heart) will get a kick out of these Secret Message Valentines
Fact: there is nothing cuter than Heart Patches on little knees
and fun printable coloring pages like these ALWAYS come in handy.

The sweetest heart shaped sweets for Valentine's

Nothing says I love you like some chocolate heart brownies!
or melt them with these super sweet Nutella heart tarts.
If that doesn’t win them over, surely these Valentine’s ginger cookies will do the trick.

There you have it, 10 of the best Valentines crafts around. Want more Valentine’s ideas? Find me sharing them on Pinterest or Flipboard.

Painting Pumpkins with Preschoolers

My favorite craft activities are super simple, low-fuss, no-stress kinds of things we can all do together — like this drip pumpkin painting project we did last week.

Here's a pumpkin craft perfect for preschoolers I’ve seen the idea a few times on Pinterest and just knew it would be a great project we could all get involved with and have a good time in the process. What I wasn’t prepared for, was all the gorgeous drippage! Seriously, I could have stared at those swirling colors for hours, the kids too. We were mesmerized, who knew painting pumpkins could be so therapeutic.

Preshoolers will love this colorful, messy, fun pumpkin craft To make a puddle of psychedelic paint of your own, you’ll need a few of your favorite colors of craft paint, a pumpkin, a piece of cardboard and something for the pumpkin to sit on (I used a small plastic container). (We used a craft pumpkin so we could keep displaying these for years to come! Just wait till you see our next one)

To make your drip paint pumpkin, just squirt and squeeze. There’s really no wrong way to do this, but we all really enjoyed getting the paint up close to curve of the pumpkin and watching it ooze over the edge and drip down the sides!
Drip Painting Pumpkins with PreschoolersIf you make a drip paint pumpkin of your own, let me know or share a pic with me on Facebook — we’d love to see it!

10 Simple Pumpkin Crafts

I did something kinda cool yesterday. I taped a news segment in my living room!

I had a chance to chat with Natasha of HLN Weekend Express about all those fabulous, but simple pumpkin crafts we’ve seen popping up on Pinterest this year. I’m a huge fan because they’re super fun to do with the kids and none of them require carving. I’ve featured a few of my favorites here, catch the clip below to see which ones we discussed on air.


10 simple pumpkin crafts that dont involve carving

From Top to Bottom, L-R:
Watercolor Pumpkins — Nest of Posies
Sharpie Pumpkins — The Happy Housie
Fun Mummy Pumpkin — Sparkles & A Stove
Pom Pom Pumpkins — Design Improvised
Monogrammed Pumpkins —
Blinged Out Pumpkins — Denise Designed
Glitter Pumpkins — A Glimpse Inside
Chalkboard Pumpkins — Living on Love
Washi Tape Pumpkins — The Grant Life
FrankenPumpkin — ARG Photographs

Catch the clip here:

Or see it online here.

Need more kid-friendly Halloween ideas? Find them here: