Love From Afar: Dating Your Spouse

The best stories are built on conflict.

But I believe the most beloved stories are the ones where love conquers all.

Our story is both of those.


Being in love with my husband has always been easy, being together has been the part we’ve struggled with! If our life was a movie, it would most certainly be a comedy of errors, one of those almost depressingly sad, but underlying-ly happy romantic comedies.

On our first date, we almost died. Not long after that, I went to a different continent. When I returned, we had two glorious weeks together before he … went to another continent. This cycled continued.

He bought a ring, but didn’t give it to me right away.

I got a stack of papers. Papers that told me this time I wasn’t just going to visit another continent, I was going to LIVE on it.

It would be years before we’d be together again, and just when we started to think all hope might be lost, we might not ever find our way back to one another again … the stars aligned and “someone” sent us both to a new continent.

To start our lives together – We had almost two months with one another, but then it was time for me to switch continents once again. I’d be lying if I told you over the course of these years I didn’t feel lost or alone for a majority of the time, but I also felt something stronger than that –

I felt hope.

If my heart was a compass, you'd be home.

For the first time in my entire life, I found someone who loved me unconditionally. No matter how hard things got or how difficult the time apart became, his love was strong and unyielding. He loved me for me, for better or for worse, from near or afar.

It’s been thirteen years this May, and while the miles between us have lessened, we’re still fighting the same battle. Now, it’s only miles that stand between us, instead of entire oceans.

If my heart was a house, you'd be home

The strangest part about it all, no matter where he goes or how long he is away, he has my heart … and with him the girl who never had a home to call her own feels overwhelmingly at ease.

He is what’s familiar to me. No matter where we are, I am home.

People wonder all the time how you live a life like that, how you can sacrifice so many of the days you’ll never get back … and I would say to those individuals:

the magic is in the moments

Love doesn’t happen over the course of your lifetime, it happens in an instant. You can bottle those instants up and carry them with you for a lifetime, and if you’re lucky you will have enough of those instants to fill the entire nights sky … but for the rest of us, its those bright, starry moments that light the way and those faint hints of illumination glowing in the distance that keep us trudging forward, anxious for the next moment we can tuck away.

We try and make the most of our moments. To make them good, and strong, and bright enough to carry us through until the next chance we’ll have to make another.

Happy Valentine’s Day a few days early,
while you’re reading this I’ll be having a moment with the man I love before he leaves again.

If you havent heard the song, If My Heart Was a House by Owl City … I think after reading this post you’ll know why I enjoy it so much. Find it buried at the bottom of this album.

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Life in an Instant: Love Walks In

Despite last week’s heartbreak, we still managed to have a pretty awesome Valentine’s Day. We used our handmade Valentines project to keep our mind off our puppies and focused on something positive. All 3 kids worked really hard on these and I was so thrilled with the way they turned out. The girls in Happy’s class seemed to like them too … he’s been a big hit with the ladies ever since! The middle Valentines were for the girls, the boys got stretchy lizards (super cool for 6 year olds)
Hard at work #ValentinesHomemade #valentines for GirlsHomemade #Valentines for Boys

We shared this photo with our loved ones who couldn’t be with us via email, we love technology! Consequently, I am the world’s worst snail mail person EVER!
Happy Kissy Face Day Y'all!!

And even though my Valentine was TDY (away on business), I didn’t let that slow me down. We got a bit spiffy, made the most romantic Valentine’s Day fondue you’ve ever seen and dug in! The kids weren’t too impressed with the cheese fondue, but the chocolate fondue was a huge success and meant leftover fruit salad for days.

Got my smile back, thanks everyone!  Romantic Valentines Fondue w/ my 3 mini Valentines :) Wish you were here Daddy
The weather on Wednesday was gorgeous! So we took full advantage and headed to one of our favorite spots in the city, the Museum Reach section of the San Antonio Riverwalk. The landscaping is outstanding and it is never really crowded, we can (and have) stroll for hours! This time, we managed to spend three whole hours out there just taking in the scenery and enjoying each other’s company.

Valentine’s was awesome, but this quiet time outdoors with the kids was my favorite part of the week. Pretty sure they felt the same way too.
Look Ma, a Stick!Best I could get of all 3 togetherBaby faces
These three little hams were having the time of their lives, scaling rock walls, putting on plays and rock concerts and giving me karate demos. They crack me up, this pic pretty much sums up the day, one quiet and reflective, another bellowing out with pride and the third enchanted with nature … and himself, just a bit.
Feeling pretty good about their climb #playoutdoors
I’m glad we had all this fun early on in the week because we’ve been holed up with a stomach bug ever since. Ready to get our lives back and get on to some more fun adventures!

Thanks for joining us for Life in an Instant today, can’t wait to see what special moments you captured on film or with your phone this week. Feel free to take a button, if you like.

Life in an Instant
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I also added this post to Rebecca’s Simple Things Link Up, looking to meet some new friends this week :)

Valentines for Kids

Valentines Day is just five days away, are you ready? Yeah, me neither …

Great Valentine's Ideas for Kids

Thank goodness I helped put together this beautiful Pinterest board with the superest Mom I know, Val of Inner Child Fun. It’s chocked full of inspiration for DIY Valentines for kids ideas that can be done on the cheap and almost at a moments notice … perfect for procrastinators like me.

Here’s a few projects I’m going to try and make happen around here

valentines coloring pages for kids Color by Number Valentines (by one of my favorite Pinners!)

valentines day ideas for kids Valentine Kisses

Books instead of candy

valentines gifts for kids & Family Time Coupons

Lots more cool stuff on the board, stop by and check it out:
Inspiring Valentines Ideas,
follow it even … that would make my day!

by the way, our reader Sheri won the apron giveaway. Sheri, if you’re reading this … I still need your address.

Surprise! A Valentine’s Gift from Sweet

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately, and today we decided to bake up a special surprise for you.

IMG_1401_2 At first, we thought … CUPCAKES!!


But, … they didn’t last very long …


So instead Sweet thought, maybe there are a few kids out there who also like to bake cupcakes and play dress up and spend extra special time with their Moms — know any kids like that?

Sweet thinks maybe they might like an extra special apron of their own.

So, she wants to give them one!

This week we’re giving away an apron of your choice from our Etsy shop,
She & Me Designs (in stock aprons only).

Sweet is so sweet, don’t you think?

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That’s 6 ways to win!

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Our Perfect Valentines Day

The Westin La Cantera wants to know what the KSW toddlers, perfect Valentine’s Day would be like. Here’s the general consensus of what a perfect V-Day looks like for these two crazy tots.

Begins With This:

Mama’s Sweet Potato Heart Shaped Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries … YUM!!

Followed by a little of this:

Valentines Finger Painting

{We borrowed this awesome piece of work from the Art Emporium}

Then its outside for a little of this and this:

Valentine’s Sidewalk Chalk Murals

Popcorn Bird Feeder

Popcorn Bird feeder from Ordinary Life Magic

After feeding the birds, we’d love to make some of these with Mom:

We found these at Grumpy’s Honeybunch

For Lunch, nothing is better than some tasty PB & J:

Sister likes hers with grape & strawberry jelly and tons of PB. I prefer mine with PB & honey and maybe a few slices of banana – I’m a wholesome, natural kind of kid :)

Image from here

We’ll take a tiny little nap and then wake up just in time to watch:

Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You Special Edition’

If we’re really good, Mom says we can make these

Mom found this idea from this awesome lady at Makes and Takes

For dinner, of course we’ll have our ALL TIME favorite – line noodles with red sauce

Then it’s pajama party time, dancing around with Mom & Dad, jumping on couch cushions on the floor and playing with flashlights before we get whisked away for a bedtime story.


Now, that’s a perfect Valentine’s Day!!!! Of course, it would be really great too if Mom & Dad could win a hotel night stay at a fancy, schmancy hotel. I’ll bet jumping on that bed would be EVEN COOLER!!!

This post is part of The Westin La Cantera Resort‘s Valentine’s Day with a View contest. Enter between Jan. 25 and Feb. 8 for your chance to win a one-night stay for two at The Westin La Cantera Resort on Saturday, February 13, which includes a romantic dinner for two at Francesca’s at Sunset and two rounds of golf to be played at either of our championship courses during your stay. Learn more at

Something sweet for your sweets

KSW Valentine's Gift Guide

Just some bright and cheery things I thought you might enjoy as you prepare for Valentine’s Day, you can see more of my KSW Valentine’s Gift Guide list and tons of other recommendations here. Also, I’ll be adding links and prices to the Gift Guide tab sometime tomorrow.

Just out of curiosity, do you buy your children gifts for Valentine’s Day or perhaps make them something special yourself? Do you dress them differently for the holiday or have another fun tradition you’d like to share?