Printable Rainbow Heart Spinner Valentines


Rainbows spinning on a heart! The perfect childhood combination of awesome. As a kid, I’d spend hours decorating my room with arrows and conversation hearts. Construction paper hearts in pink and red still have a soft spot for me.  I have a feeling that this DIY/parenting blogger gig is just the right job for me. […]

Love From Afar: Dating Your Spouse


The best stories are built on conflict. But I believe the most beloved stories are the ones where love conquers all. Our story is both of those. ………………………………………………… Being in love with my husband has always been easy, being together has been the part we’ve struggled with! If our life was a movie, it would […]

Life in an Instant: Love Walks In

Despite last week’s heartbreak, we still managed to have a pretty awesome Valentine’s Day. We used our handmade Valentines project to keep our mind off our puppies and focused on something positive. All 3 kids worked really hard on these and I was so thrilled with the way they turned out. The girls in Happy’s […]

Valentines for Kids


Valentines Day is just five days away, are you ready? Yeah, me neither … Thank goodness I helped put together this beautiful Pinterest board with the superest Mom I know, Val of Inner Child Fun. It’s chocked full of inspiration for DIY Valentines for kids ideas that can be done on the cheap and almost […]

Surprise! A Valentine’s Gift from Sweet

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately, and today we decided to bake up a special surprise for you. At first, we thought … CUPCAKES!! But, … they didn’t last very long … So instead Sweet thought, maybe there are a few kids out there who also like to bake cupcakes […]

Our Perfect Valentines Day


The Westin La Cantera wants to know what the KSW toddlers, perfect Valentine’s Day would be like. Here’s the general consensus of what a perfect V-Day looks like for these two crazy tots. Begins With This: Mama’s Sweet Potato Heart Shaped Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries … YUM!! Followed by a little of this: Valentines Finger […]

Something sweet for your sweets

Just some bright and cheery things I thought you might enjoy as you prepare for Valentine’s Day, you can see more of my KSW Valentine’s Gift Guide list and tons of other recommendations here. Also, I’ll be adding links and prices to the Gift Guide tab sometime tomorrow. Just out of curiosity, do you buy […]