Easter Plans

I was planning a low-key family Easter this year with nothing “eggstravagant” or fancy since this is probably the last year I’ll be able to get away with it (my oldest is 4). That is, that was my plan … UNTIL … I stumbled on to Heather’s site and her adorable letter to the Easter bunny which filled me with all sorts of fun ideas. I’m still going to stay true to myself and do this all pretty low-key, but here’s what we’ll be doing at our house this Sunday.

- Brown Sugar Glazed Ham, Mac & Cheese (w/ hidden veggies) & Green Beans

- Carrot Cake (made on Saturday & left out for the Easter Bunny)

I’ll be testing a new & improved, healthy carrot cake recipe (if all goes well I’ll share it with you soon)

- Fun & Simple Dyed Eggs

- Easter Egg Hunt (eggs filled with puzzle pieces instead of candy)

Thank you Family Fun, for this great idea

- Resurrection Rolls (borrowed this idea from Smashed Peas and Carrots)

I only wish I had the energy to do some of these amazing finds – there’s always next year I guess

Bakerella style Easter Oreo Suckers from How Does She

Finally a good use for Peeps, I’m loving this Easter Centerpiece from Mix Mingle Glow

Too Cute Peep Shirts from All The Small Things

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