Top Five Reasons Kids Should Share Rooms

Shared Rooms are a big topic around here, it seems folks are always on the hunt for ways to make them work. Sometimes its two boys or two girls in one room, sometimes its one older and one younger sibling, and even the occasional girl/boy combo (like we have here). Whatever the case, I am a fan!

Like I have told you before, I’m a huge advocate for kids sharing rooms and here are my top five reasons why:

  • The Never Ending Sleep Overs
  • The Sibling bonds that last a lifetime
  • The Space You’ll Save
  • Less Toys to Buy (kids who share rooms, share toys too!)
  • The Decorating Potential!!

If you are working on a shared room of your own, please know I am happy to help out in any way I can! If you need ideas, have questions or need help finding just the right colors or bedding for your kids — I am your girl. Just let me know and I’ll get started right away.

Here’s a few shared rooms that have got my eye as of late:

Room in the Clouds

From OhDeeDoh

Sophisticated Room for Two

A la KC Interiors

Colors, Dots & Stripes Oh My!

Simply Seleta shared this one on La Dolce Vita

All Boy


So what do you think? Which one of these rooms is your favorite? What reasons do you love (or not love) kids sharing rooms?

Kids Room Ideas

The Girl/Boy Room Revisited …

Alright, so we talked a bit about kids sharing rooms. We even looked at some gorgeous eye candy of shared rooms done right.

Remember this favorite from Domino Mag?

Well, check out this Land of Nod knock off – pretty cute, eh?
Still pretty $$$ though. I’d rather DIY it any day!

Next, I scoured the web and built the basis for the room I had in mind.
(You can find all my inspiration pics and ideas here)

Imagine a Boy & Girl version of this, but with more fun stuff & kid things

But, THEN the kids got involved and the colorful room I had in mine clearly wasn’t in the cards. They were hoping for something a little more like this:

So now, we’re just working our way to a compromise that we can all be happy with. I’ll show you some of the ideas were playing with next!