A colorful way to display all those LEGO minifigures!

Clever Upcycling Project! $3 Goodwill find turns colorful Lego Friends display storage / dollhouse

You’ll love this kid-approved afternoon craft project from Design Improvised,  such a sweet way to store and display all those LEGO minifigures! Do you have a LEGO obsessed kiddo at home? Or maybe one that has figurines of their favorite characters all over the house? Then I have the perfect kid-approved project for you! This […]

Getting Crafty w/ DIY Halloween Costumes for PB Kids

Great idea! Use cheap slippers to make furry animal paws

Huge thanks to Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring this Handmade Halloween crafting session! I’ve been a sucker for Handmade Halloween and diy Halloween costumes since my kids were born. I’m not really a big Halloween person, I don’t do scary and we don’t eat a lot of sugar, but give me a reason to dress […]

Father’s Day Kids Craft: Bottle Cap Bird House

Father's Day Crafts for Kids

Oops. Is Father’s Day really this Sunday? How did that happen … and why am I so broke right now? Thank goodness we had all the materials we needed to make this cheap and easy, last minute Father’s Day gift – a bottle cap bird house. I would have loved to have built our own […]

Cute Kids Activity: Make Your Own Stone Pets

great afternoon activity for the kids - make your own stone pets

Sweet graduated kindergarten a few weeks ago (agh! where does the time go) so we are already in full swing summer mode around here. She’s the kind of kid who likes to have a good plan and loves all things arts & crafts. She always needs a “project” on the horizon and loves spending time […]

Dollar Store Statement Necklace: Gifts Kids Can Make


Today I am stepping WAY out of my comfort zone and doing something really fun. Isn’t that when you really learn something about yourself? When you push that envelope and really challenge yourself. I took a leap of faith and joined some of my favorite bloggers in a Dollar Store Decorating challenge. You’ll know why […]

Fun Father’s Day Craft for Kids

I can hardly believe Father’s Day 2010 is just one month away! I guess it’s about time for me to start pumping out some fantastically frugal Father’s Day craft ideas that you can make with your kids. I thought I’d start with this fun project that is so incredibly simple children of all ages can […]

A Mother’s Love

A myriad of crafts you can inspire others to make for YOU or that you can create for your very own Mother. I’m so excited about this Mother’s Day Cooking Printable set, found via Living  Locurto Here’s a last minute bouquet that’s sure to please, courtesy of Parents Magazine Or try this larger Paper Bouquet […]

Being GREEN can be EASY

Shamrock Mobil

Growing up, St. Patrick’s day was always my favorite non-major holiday. St. Patrick’s day meant a day with my dad, a trip to the parade, face paint, tons of GREEN, fried foods, and most importantly tons of fun. That’s why I was astonished when it came to my realization, that I almost MISSED IT this year. […]