Getting Crafty w/ DIY Halloween Costumes for PB Kids

Huge thanks to Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring this Handmade Halloween crafting session!
Great idea for DIY Halloween Costumes! Use cheap slippers to make furry animal paws
I’ve been a sucker for Handmade Halloween and diy Halloween costumes since my kids were born. I’m not really a big Halloween person, I don’t do scary and we don’t eat a lot of sugar, but give me a reason to dress my kids up in cute costumes … and I am all for that! I made all of their costumes every fall up until last year. It just wasn’t the same when they put on their store-bought costumes and paraded around the house.

This year, Pottery Barn Kids has helped me figure out the perfect solution. They came out with an amazing classic costume collection and asked a few of their favorite bloggers to complete the look with handmade accessories. Now we’re speaking my language!

All of the costumes were adorable (I secretly want this scarecrow costume for myself …), but as soon as I laid eyes on this Audrey Hepburn worthy kitten costume I knew it was meant for Sweet. A little bit retro, girly without being overly so, and with leggings she can run and play with the boys without feeling constricted … still, it needed a bit more pizzazz for our little fashionista.

The cutest little retro kitty costume I've ever seen from #PBKHalloweenLoving the sock hop feel of this #PBKHalloween kids kitty costume

We quickly realized what was missing …. fur! and sparkle!

We took care of that problem rather quickly by crafting this mask out of glitter scrapbook paper and some elastic string, adding a pink and black sparkly “collar/leash”, and crafting some furry black mittens for her paws.

I painted on a little black heart nose (how could I resist?)
(10 minute kitty costume) super simple diy halloween costumes for kids

She asked if she could sleep in her costume tonight :)
Score one for mom!! Maybe my handmade costume days aren’t over after all.

Father’s Day Kids Craft: Bottle Cap Bird House

Oops. Is Father’s Day really this Sunday? How did that happen … and why am I so broke right now? Thank goodness we had all the materials we needed to make this cheap and easy, last minute Father’s Day gift – a bottle cap bird house.

Last minute Father's Day gifts from kids |

I would have loved to have built our own bird house for this … but like I said, we were running short on time and cash. We picked up this great smelling cedar one from Lowe’s for just $9. We had all the other materials lying around the house.

kids craft: diy bottle cap bird house

To make your own bottle cap bird house, you will need:

- A bird house or bird house kit
- Lots of bottle caps
- A hammer
- Some nails

and that’s it. I let the kids choose their own pattern and demonstrated how to carefully nail the first cap onto the roof, then I let them have it. They love being able to do their own projects and give gifts they make with their own two hands.

Father's Day Crafts for Kids

Craft Idea for Father's Day: Bottle Cap Bird House |

I think it turned out great! I’ve been wanting to make a few of these since we moved in … 4 years ago!

We’ll pair this with a six pack of handpicked beers, these sweet printable coupons from Living Locurto, and lots of children’s art work.
Happy Father’s Day babe,
the birds are going to love you!

our little bird watchers too.

Cute Kids Activity: Make Your Own Stone Pets

Sweet graduated kindergarten a few weeks ago (agh! where does the time go) so we are already in full swing summer mode around here. She’s the kind of kid who likes to have a good plan and loves all things arts & crafts. She always needs a “project” on the horizon and loves spending time with mom.

Years gone by, I would start to stress around this time – making long lists of all the things we wanted to accomplish and combing the web for fun activities we could all do together, but this year I’m taking a more relaxed approach.

I’ve got my summer Pinterest board stocked and ready to go and I have my trusted copy of the Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack to keep us organized and having fun.

Sweet has already made a long list of which projects she wants to do first and is reporting them to me each morning. Yesterday, she could hardly wait to make these adorable “Stone Pets” inspired by Red Ted Art‘s activity in the e-book.

First she made Teeny Tiny, a sweet little pig that could charm even the angriest of birds …

great afternoon activity for the kids - make your own stone pets

Then Cha Cha Cha Cha, a vivacious bunny with a  penchant for all things sparkly and fun.

great afternoon activity for the kids - make your own pet rocks

Froggy, a small frog from a big, big pond

cute little pet rock frog

and Foxso, the rabbit who thinks he’s a fox.

pet rock that looks like a pet - this ones a rabbit made by a 6 year old

To make these, we selected some flat rocks with an interesting shape from our rock garden.

I supplied her with shiny stickers, googly eyes, glue dots and a bottle of glue, felt, markers and scissors and let her imagination do the rest. I love how these turned out and she does too.

I’m sure this is just the beginning of our stone pet menagerie and the start of a wonderful summer filled with fun activities thanks to 20 Moms and the Camp Mom summer activity pack.

Next on our agenda, we’re making homes and accessories for our beloved “pet” rocks … stay tuned till the next episode.

Find out more about this great resource and how you can get yours a bunch of other summer reading materials for a great price today.

Dollar Store Crafts: Gifts for Kids

Today I am stepping WAY out of my comfort zone and doing something really fun. Isn’t that when you really learn something about yourself? When you push that envelope and really challenge yourself.

I took a leap of faith and joined some of my favorite bloggers in a Dollar Store Decorating challenge. You’ll know why this was so hard for me when you see the fab things these ladies came up with using stuff from the dollar store! They are seriously right up on the top of my cool craftys girls list and I am just happy to be a part of it all.

dollar store bloggers challenge

Y’all all know <yes, I just said y’all, all> by now how much Sweet likes to dress up and put together those quirky, cool outfits that are making her so popular on Instagram. Well, she came home with a secret santa letter this week saying she had to MAKE something for another girl her glass. A very girly girl. Sweet was hoping to make a stuffed toy … still trying to figure out how we are going to make that happen! but in the mean time, we came up with this out of items we found at our local Dollar Tree.

gifts for kids

I didn’t notice the challenge was for … DECORATING until after we were through, but I guess technically this could be considered a decoration … flair if nothing else!

If ever these two kindergarteners need something a little flashy, this mardi gras statement necklace and matching firecracker gift bow hair clip are just the thing. The bigger and flashier the better for these two and I think we captured that pretty well.

Dollar Store Statement Necklace Untitled
Sweet LOVES it! She had a great time making them, and just as much fun taking photos afterwards. I swear y’all she is going to blog when she grows up! Just a few of our outtakes …

Untitled Untitled Untitled This entire project cost $4. One pack of multi colored mardi gras beads, some turquoise ribbon, a big ole specialty gift bow and a pack of hair barrettes.

But wait! That’s not all … there’s lots more in store with decor, crafts, how-to’s and even a party just for you, so I hope you’ll follow along and check out these other amazing ideas as well

Stacy at Kids*Stuff*World {me!}
Lindsay at Makely Home
Then on Friday, you can visit any of our blogs and link up your OWN dollar store projects, decorating ideas, and crafty how tos to share. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.