Back to School with Tea Collection

Back to School looks from Tea Collection. From the classroom to the playground these looks are ready to wear anywhere!

I can’t believe we are lacing up our shoes and getting ready to go back to school next week. Seriously, I need a few more days, weeks, months to soak up these tiny people before they sprout on me all over again. Over the summer, they have surely grown half a foot. We had to buy all new everything — even socks and underwear!

When choosing clothes for my kids, I have always been of the mindset to

let them wear what they like.
Dress in a way that makes them feel confident.

The best part about getting dressed is expressing yourself, letting a bit of your personality shine through in what you’re wearing and for the most part I have been extremely lucky they have a pretty good head on their shoulders and eye for what suits them best.

Back to school looks for boys from Tea Collection

Kindergarten looks for boys from Tea Collection

They each have such a strong aesthetic and couldn’t be more different, but we managed to find pieces at
Tea Collection that catered to them all.

My wild child who can’t get enough of bold prints or pops of color, my animal lover with a heart of gold, and my cool kid who just wants to be comfortable while he’s jumping over and under everything on the playground.

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I love the concept of teaching children about the world around them through design, you’ll see us start to focus more heavily on design for kids in the months to come and Tea Collection is a perfect way to fuse fashion with function with education. I hope this is a partnership that will continue through the seasons.

This fall, they released a new German inspired collection and it has been the perfect way to open up conversations about this wonderful land two of my children were born in. They may not remember the rolling hills and green valleys, the industrial cities or lightning fast train rides we took while they were very young, but they do feel a deeper connection now thanks to the way Tea presents its materials each season — the adorable graphics, inspiring blog posts and videos and really awesome activity booklet that comes in every box.

It’s nice to know we aren’t just buying clothes, we’re also gaining a personal connection with a place we may never experience on our own. I’m head over heels for Tea Collection.

Favorite pics from Tea's German Inspired collection - Fall 2014

You may have seen us sneak a peek at a few of our favorites on Instagram,, but you’ll get a chance to see how we will carry these styles from summer to fall and even into winter in a few more fun posts coming soon.

Curious to know which pieces the kids picked out? You can see a few of the styles they chose here:
use the slider and click to find each piece.

Great Sale Happening Now Through 8/24

Buy 3 items, get 15% off, buy 4 items, get 20% off, buy 5 or more items, get 25% off!
Visit the Buy more, save more sale event

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Tea Collection. They sent us items from their new collection to shoot and share with you here. Everything you see/read here is 100% my thoughts, all the time.

Back to School Lunch Ideas, DIYs & Fun Fonts

Hey friends, we are back from our big road trip, unpacking, and doing loads and loads of laundry. It’s tax-free shopping weekend round here and school registration starts tomorrow morning, followed by a last minute school fundraiser/pool party we’re throwing on Tuesday.

Whew, you won’t find me in any stores this weekend, but to say I’m switching from vacation mode to mom mode would be an understatement. Thankfully folks have been super busy on Pinterest this week collecting some fabulous ideas for healthy school lunches and coincidentally saving me tons of time. I’m filing these away to use all year long and I’m encouraging you to do the same.

Y’all are going to love these!
The most popular back to school lunch ideas on Pinterest right now - plenty of healthy, sandwich alternatives. Many gluten-free and nut free as well, perfect for kids who have allergies or have friends who do.

Top 5 Pins of the Week:

**All of these ideas were repinned 500 times or more so you know their good pinning material.

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Loads of Lunchbox Recipes from Peanut Blossom
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20 Non-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas from Keeley Mcguire 
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Jello Fruit Snacks from Six Sisters Stuff
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Free School Fonts from Over the Big Moon
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Since we didn’t get to have a Top Pins post last week, I rounded up the Top 10 performing pins of the last 2 weeks. Here’s the second set of awesome pins

Some of the best ideas on Pinterest this week: Princess Putty, Smart ideas for your wallet, DIYs and ways to play with your kids!

How to make Princess Putty from The Gunny Sack
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The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Your Purse from Cooking At Cafe D
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15 Ways to Play With Cornstarch from Fun At Home With Kids
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Build Your Own Sliding Barn Doors from My Repurposed Life
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No Sew Magnetic Blinds from The Charming Zebra
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Our little Sunday Pinterest Party is still evolving, I’m thinking a linky party might be the best way for you to share your most popular pins of the week? What do you think? Need some more eye candy and easy pinning material from these posts? Let’s give it a go and see what happens.

It’s a Pinterest Party!

Sweet Style: Back to School Look

Back to School Outfits from Old Navy

Her: “You know what I want to do today Mom?”

Me: “No, baby what?”

Her: “I want to line up all my animals in my room, make my bed, play some fun music and put on a fashion show”

Me: {Heart Leaps} … “really?!, that was my favorite thing to do as a little girl too.”

KSW Style | Cute owls and Capris

We’re entering a new stage of childhood right now. One where hairstyle’s and cute clothes and whether your socks match are starting to play a more important role. Sweet has ALWAYS had great style and can make an outfit work like nobody’s business, but now she’s beginning to see the joy in it and I can’t wait to see where that takes her!

KSW Lookbook _ Details

We have plans to make a few clothes of our own next week, with my sweet friends from Kids Clothes Week but in the mean time I wanted to show you the first back to school outfit she’s picked out. I know, I know it’s only July … but I’m a cheapskate and I buy things when they are on sale and these awesome capris were on sale (still are on sale, plus 30% off till 7/17) and are so absolutely 100% her.

Cute, comfy, and practical — her beauty can shine through while still allowing her to be “one of the boys” and comfortable in her own skin.

Sweet’s Tips on rocking these capris:

- Have fun with your shoes! The length allows you to wear funky bright sneakers, or cute slip-ons or sandals.

- Punch it up with color! I like mixing the deep gray here, but I also like wearing these with pops of pink and bright citrus hues

- Anything goes! I’m wearing a long tee here, but I also picked up a striped cardi and fun sweater so I can wear these all year long

What Sweet’s wearing: Graphic Top  (last season) & Navy Capris - Old Navy / Cute Shoes – Crocs (scored on

Back to School Shopping

School shopping – One of my favorite past times since … well – ever! Still this year I’m a bit older and a bit wiser and little bit less eager to hand over my cash for things like paper, socks and shoes. Lucky for me, I like a great bargain and a good deal almost as much as I like shopping.

Here’s how I saved while stocking up this year:

1) I Cleaned out my kids closets.

Before we even thought about shopping this year we gave our closets a total overhaul. I handed down items that could move from one brother to another, held on to sentimental pieces I am hoping to turn in to a handmade quilt and washed and sorted the rest to take to local consignment shops.

I made almost $100 with a trunk full of too small clothes and still had 2 large boxes to sell elsewhere or donate to kids who really need them.

Amount Saved – Over $100

2) I Bought Used.

With my cash from cleaning out the closets in hand, I scoured the same consignment shop racking up like-new polos for school, swim shorts my boys can wear here in Texas year round and nice jeans for my daughter I never would have paid full price for. By purchasing the same day I sold, my items were tax free too – saving me another 8%!

Amount Saved – Approx. $130

3) I Only Buy Kids Stuff on Sale.

I’m not sure I have ever paid full price for an item for my kids. Seriously, some times they ask more than I am willing to pay for my own clothes! It kills me to think of paying so much for such a tiny piece of fabric. I buy clothes on sale, during buy one, get one 1/2 off or other promos, with reward points and on store credit as often as I can. Military appreciation days and shopping at the Base or Post Exchange for brand name shoes are a personal money saving favorite of mine. I scored the Nikes in this photo for $25 from our local PX, that’s the most I ever pay for my kids shoes. The fun purple sneakers for my daughter were $17 on sale at Target last week.

Amount Saved – $200

4) Stock Up All Year

No one says you have to buy all your back to school items in July & August. Look for great deals in stores and online all year long. Even scour flea markets and thrift shops for barely used back packs and binders and things. I bought my daughter’s Hello Kitty lunch box, exactly as pictured 2 for $10 last year on sale at my local grocery store. My youngest got the Spider Man lunch bag I pack for us when we’re on the go.

I found the cutest colored socks ever, almost like the ones in this photo on sale at Walmart yesterday for $4. She has enough rainbow socks for 2 weeks of school for less than $10. This may not sound like a huge saving, but this little one is all about the crazy colored socks and the smile on her face when she saw them made them worth the purchase. If your little girl likes cool socks too, you can often find them in the $1 aisle at Target.

Amount Saved – $50

5) Jump on a Great Deal When You See It

I know I just told you I only buy things for my kids when they are on sale … but with this purchase, I didnt have to wait. We started looking for a nice, quality back pack for my son months ago. I wanted something built to last and something he wouldn’t grow tired of or be embarrassed of later. I thought I had settled on a sturdy lifetime guarantee Lands End backpack, but when we found this option at Target for just $10 and it was solidly constructed – I knew we had our winner. We plan to jazz it up a bit for him with some angry bird keychains on the zippers.

This step also covers all the incredible back to school supplies sales. Crayons for $.25 – check, Markers for $.50, check, folders for $.05, you betcha! School supply shopping is truly my favorite part of this season. We stock up our homeschool and writing center too. This year, I even grabbed these great deals on tax free weekend so I saved even more!

Amount Saved – $35

6) Take advantage of your rewards

I picked up both the dresses you see here thanks to gift cards from Target and reward points from Old Navy for less than $10. You can still find the Purple here and Blue Polka Dots here.

Amount Saved – $15 (this month)

So there you have it, that’s how I saved more than I spent on back to school shopping — we saved more than $525 this year!!

Have a tip of your own? Share it with us in the comments section so we can all save a little more. We’ll thank you big time come holiday shopping season.

Don’t miss the rest of our Back to School posts this year, join me on Facebook or get plenty of lunch ideas sent straight to your inbox.

Caramel Apple Breakfast Bars

Whole Wheat Applesauce Cake

adapted from recipe by Trainer Momma

1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 1/2 cups unbleached flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 1/4 cup applesauce
3/4 cup caramel bits
3/4 cup chopped peacans
1 cup mini marshmallows

Mix it all together and pour it in a 9×13 pan that has been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.

Bake at 350 degrees for 25-35 minutes (or until the knife comes out clean)

The original recipe was for Whole Wheat Applesauce cake. It appeared in my reader one morning and I jumped up to make a batch right away. I was stoked for something wholesome and simple and new to feed the kids in the morning, but alals I was out of chocolate chips. I ended up creating my own very different version and noticed later it had all the ingredients of a caramel apple. I’d love to try using bits of real or dried apple in this as well.

You can add just about anything to this mix to make your own version of breakfast bars – we’ve since tried peanut butter chips, white chocolate chips, raisins, and craisins. The perfect accompaniment to a berry smoothie in the morning and they held up so well I think I’ll make some to take with us on a VERY LONG road trip I’ll be telling you about real soon.

The base of this recipe was so tasty I’m going to try making some banana bread out of it too.

The kids & I baked this together so it is a very kid-friendly recipe and just in time for back to school. Oh yeah & speaking of back to school, I’m guest posting over at Simply Modern Mom today with a ton of ideas on what to pack for school lunches. I hope you’ll head over and check it out, it’s my first guest post and I’m a  little nervous. :)

Little Miss Sunshine

Here’s the next look in our series of affordable, Back 2 School Fashions:

Little Miss Sunshine ~ $48.50 {Yep, even with shoes, a fall cover-up & a backpack}

Jumping Beans Floral Hoodie from Kohls ~ $8
Cherokee Pleated Bow Top in Gold Leaf from Target ~ $9
Jumping Beans Denim Shorts from Kohls ~ $7
Eastsport Mesh Backpack from WalMart ~ $10
MultiColored Striped Sneakers from Old Navy ~ $14.00

*This look was created especially for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade*

We’ve had a blast compiling our Back 2 School Fashions for Kids and we hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we have. You can find our previous looks using the links below:

Too Cool 4 School: The Younger Years
Back 2 School 4 Less
Finally, Cool Clothes for Boys

We’d love to do more of these looks and even create them based on our readers specific needs. Please feel free to comment with your back to school budget, favorite stores, specific grades or any other tidbits.

As an added bonus, we’re proud to offer our readers a 10% off coupon available at any Gap Outlet from September 11-24

Courtesy of Gap Outlet – Twitter Moms: If you’d like to see related posts by other folks or even do a look of your own for a chance to win a $20 Gap GC, click here for more details

Back 2 School 4 Less

So I got to thinking about the last post and how adorable the outfits were but how ghastly the price tags were: $125 for the entire boys outfit ($88.50 with the 30% Friends & Family Coupon) and I just wasnt happy with it. I wouldn’t want to blow my whole Back 2 School Budget on one outfit so I came up with some fun alternatives for less. Here’s a look at what I came up with:

Too Cool 4 School – Less than $60
Infant Boys’ Utility® Printed Hoodie from Target ~ $10.99
Boys’ Utility® Icon Tee from Target ~ $4.18

Loose Fit Worker Jeans – Dark Wash
from Old Navy ~ $16.50

Disney’s Cars Sports Athletic Shoes from Target ~ $11.88
Spiderman Swing Backpack from Target ~ $14.99
The All-American – $56

Pieced-Stripe Mesh Sneakers- Mole from Old Navy ~ $14.50

Loose Fit Worker Jeans – Dark Wash
from Old Navy ~ $16.50

Pacific Cost Winter Wear: Less than $60

Canvas-Fleece Hooded Jackets- Pavement from Old Navy ~ $24.50

Cherokee® Short-sleeve Football Tee – Aqua Parade from Target ~ $4.18

Loose Fit Worker Jeans – Dark Wash
from Old Navy ~ $16.50

Canvas Lace-Free Slip-Ons – Pavement from Old Navy ~ $12.00

East Coast Cool: $52.50

Hooded Poplin Zip Jackets – American Twill from Old Navy ~ $19.50

2-in-1 Sports-Graphic Polos – Ink Blue from Old Navy ~ $12.50

Canvas Slip-Ons – Mole from Old Navy ~ $12.50

Back To School Cool: The Younger Years

Back 2 School CoolBack 2 School Cool 2

Originally, I envisioned creating unique Back to School outfits for each grade (Preschool – 8th), but when I started searching the stores for some cute pieces to mix & match together, I came across these two adorable outfits from the Baby Gap. Voila, tonights work is done {just like that}. Sure, BabyGap is a little more $$$ than I would normally pay for my children’s school clothes BUT they’re having a 30% off Friends & Family sale now through 8/2. You’ll need a coupon in order to benefit from this sale so ask around (those that have them can use them again & again), then go grab some great deals. Stay tuned for more Back 2 School outfit ideas right here on Kids Stuff World.

Boys outfit here
Girls outfit here

Great Looks for Less – 1 outfit, $120

1. Soleil Jacket by Guess
2. Quinn Low Rise Sailor Flair by Delia’s
3. Xhilaration Hobo Bag by Target
4. Women’s Ballet Flats by Old Navy

You spoke and we listened! Kids ~ Stuff ~ World readers want outfits that can take them from home to the office to school to the grocery and back again without cramping your style or your feet. Here’s a timeless outfit that will fit into just about any lifestyle. A mom on the go, a stylish teacher, or even at the office, this look’s got you covered. All for $120. Even better, Delia’s has a special buy one get one half off pant sale going on right now. Use our Delia’s link box on the right of the blog and get 15% off courtesy of Kids ~ Stuff ~ World. Incorporate these bold pieces into your existing wardrobe and you will really have a deal on your hands.