A Short Story: Unbloxing Creativity and Making Friends

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Do you have a girl who likes to think outside the box? You'll probably like this story. but as clever as she was with gadgets and gears, she had trouble being herself around other girls.
Quote for the not so girly girl.
When friends came over to play, they would usually raid her untouched dress-up bin or redecorate her doll house while she sat close by building cities out of legos or geared up to save endangered stuffed animal species while they practiced being princesses.

but for one incredible Sunday afternoon, with the help of our friends from GoldieBlox she got to be herself … and one of the girls too!

As soon as she unbloxed her box of Goldieblox, she got a grand idea. She got busy reading all about them and thinking of fun things we could do with them.

She called it a Girl Party, but of course there were boys there too! She wasn’t going to leave anyone out. We chatted about it for weeks, though neither one of us is the actual pre-planned, over-the-top party type, so we daydreamed a bit, then called a few friends over at the last minute, for a fun day of play.

Just our kind of party.

“But what’s a party without cake!”, she said.
GoldieBlox Tinker Cake So she built the coolest tiered yellow toy cake you’ve ever seen. Then we waited for our friends to arrive.
GoldieBlox Parade Float Building and Racing Party -- best party we've done for my girl ever! The party went better than either of us could have imagined! The girls jumped right in, excited for story time, and ready to create. Each girl built her own parade float using pieces from this set, a female version of a wooden box car derby. We decorated them with pom poms and tiny pennant banners and then raced them down a cardboard ramp.
goldieblox-parade-floats The floats were incredible! And each one so different from the next. The kids favorite part was adding the cute little animals, many of them tinkered up ways to get the animals to spin as the floats raced down the ramp. (I have videos! I’ll share on Facebook)

The girls cheered in delight and us moms had a blast too.
Adorable! GoldieBlox Parade Float Racing party (like a box car derby for girls) We talked about the toys available for our future builders today and how we were happy to see the upcoming versions of GoldieBlox feature more diverse characters and more complex scenarios. It’s not enough for any of us to just buy pink blocks for our daughter’s, and GoldieBlox seems to be heading in the right direction for creating toys that aren’t just cute, but stimulating too.

We had such a great time together, we’ve already started planning our next party! The girls are going to make dunk tanks and even considering making this our future builders guild group. I’m loving just the thought of a group like that!

If any or all of this sounds relatable to a special little someone in your life, or if you’d like to try a GoldieBlox party of your own, I’d love to give your child the opportunity to unblox their creativity and make a few new friends of their own in the process.

Enter to win two sets of your own and get some friends together for a guaranteed successful day of play.

GoldieBlox Tinker Party - the perfect solution for kids who like to think outside the box
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Disclosure: GoldieBlox and MomDotMedia helped facilitate this get together. All opinions, smiles and memories are our own.

P.S. If you think the girls pictured here are half as cute as I do, you should see their blogs! Find lots more awesome at Family Love in My City, My Tots Travel and At The Fire Hydrant.

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