Fresh Picks: Amazing Easter Projects

The best Easter projects

There’s just something ultra charming about all the spring colors and cute cuddly animals that go hand in hand with Easter. Sure, there’s much more to this day than fluffy bunnies and colored eggs and we hold tight to the real reason for the celebration too, but I can’t help wanting to be a bit more creative and colorful when Easter comes around.

Here’s a list of amazing easter crafts and projects:

Paper Mache roosters and bunnies you’ll want to keep all year round

A simple bunny graphic tee you can whip up in an afternoon

The cutest little Easter egg garland you ever did see

Brightly colored golden eggs

Sweet chocolate bunnies … need I say more?

Candy Bowls, the perfect thing for all sorts of treats

Easter Egg Bath Bombs, now those I’d love to find in my Easter basket!

A modern wooden egg that’s built to last

Egg Geodes – are you kidding? So in love with these!

His & Her Rabbits

More Mason Jar Cuteness

P.S. – I’m sorry I couldn’t find the actual post for those wooden eggs, the pin says they are created with paint and masking tape. You can see how my friend Amy made hers, they turned out just as cool.

P.S.S. – Did you catch our recent post about what to put in your child’s Easter basket? Lots of great ideas there!

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