Blessings in Disguise

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Beside the gift of time I am finding to be with my children in more and simpler ways , another blessing I am relishing this week is all of YOU! I assure you, your comments on my last post and words of encouragement did not go unnoticed. I am still working on answering each and every one of you, but don’t think for a moment I have not read your words or taken them to heart.

I started this blog with hopes of finding “people like me” and I am happy to say I have done just that. Each time, I open up my normally guarded self … just a little bit, you welcome me with open arms and give me the courage to do it again.

Thank you all for that! XOXO
Always here whenever you guys need me

P.S. - And a great big {{{HUG}}} to you Michelle for helping this pin find me, and for thinking of me when you found it. What a true blessing you are! Folks find more of her awesome pins here and get to know a new friend by checking out her perfectly wonderful blog.

Life in an Instant: A celebration of gratitude


Baking / Kisses / Crafting / Spending time Together / Creating / Sharing / Lovin’ / Hugging / Passing on traditions & making new ones / Being a family

This year I tried to capture moments I was thankful for, as they were happening. I did it all with my iPhone and the help of a few apps. The result was magical, documenting my gratitude not only helped me to truly enjoy this special time with the ones I love, but looking back on these precious moments fills my heart with so much joy. I am so very grateful for each and every one of the reasons I have to be thankful this year.

Thankful for helping hands in the kitchen,

the very best sweet hugs & kisses.

A Nana who likes to craft,

siblings who love each other,

and teaching them to be thankful too.

Knowing my children have grandparents who want to be a part of their lives,

and to have known a love like this.

Thankful for the happy home I have built with my best friend.

Life is good and I am blessed.

To celebrate this feeling and in hopes of helping it spread throughout the holiday season, I’d like to start a new series we can all participate in – Life in An Instant. A chance for us to share those moments that matter most.

Follow along as I capture Life in an Instant here

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Or leave a collection of your own

If you’d like some help getting started or have questions about which apps to use, I’m happy to help.