The Rainbow Loom Project

Make Rainbow Loom bracelets for a birthday party

Fact: Sweet is turning 7 on Tuesday, and I am not ready! Probably a Fact: We are the only family in America who hasn’t joined in on the Rainbow Loom / rubber band bracelet phenomenon sweeping the country. Well, that’s all about to change. Some friends asked me if I wanted to join in on […]

Recycling is cool.

A company that turns plastic bottles into cool products

Green is good. Recycling is cool. That’s not just something we say around here, we really believe it. My kiddos buy in to it because they know how big I am on it … but they are really acting on blind faith. This year I have set out to not just tell them recycling is […]

Simple ways to improve air quality indoors

Help this little guy plant a forest for his 8th birthday

We’ve really enjoyed the planting a forest campaign this month, together we’ve planted almost 300 trees … but wanted something a little more hands-on. Have you planted your tree yet? If we are truly “planting a forest”, then there needs to be some actual planting going on, am I right! So when we spotted these […]

Spreading Joy and Goodwill in your Community

Simple ways to get your family involved and spreading joy in the community

As my kids get older, I find myself thinking more and more about ways to imprint kindness, generosity, and goodwill on to their hearts. When I sat down to come up with a list of simple ways to spread joy and goodwill in your community, I realized we’re doing a good job already. I truly […]

Help Me Plant A Forest

Help plant 1,000 trees this holiday season! New Leaf Energy will plant a tree for every new like of its #PlantingWithPablo page. Imagine the difference we can make with just a simple click

Tree for a Like I think by now most of you know I am sucker for a good cause and if the steps to get there are simple things anyone can do, than I am all about spreading the word. I took the rest of December off from writing, consulting, and pretty much everything that […]

Life Lessons from my kids

Just look on the bright side.

You know that famous saying, “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten” ? Well, today I am declaring a new famous saying, “All I really need to know I learned from a kindergartener”! Seriously, I learn so much about life spending time with my children. They are like a gift I get […]

I’d like to buy the world a Nourishmat


Imagine if every house on the block grew their own fresh veggies and urban landscapes, once food deserts, were able to not just thrive, but flourish! That’s their dream. I exchanged a few emails with Phil, the co-founder of Earth Starter, this week. I was so inspired I had to share his kickstarter campaign with […]