10 Mindfulness Exercises to Do With Your Kids

A great post with lots of exercises and activities you can do at home with your kids to help you BOTH live more in the moment - LOVE!

A few mornings ago, as we stepped outside in the chill of the early morning air, my six-year-old son stopped in his tracks and said— “Smell that! Take a deep breath.” “It’s so fresh,” his brother followed up. And my heart stretched a little on both sides. Maybe my subtle efforts to live mindfully with my […]

Help us collect 1,900 photos and start a conversation about pediatric organ donation #HowIDonateLife

Join Cloudy Day Gray in her attempt to collect 1,900 instagram photos - one for each of the 1,900 kids on the transplant waiting list.

Special thanks to Laurie Crane Photography for these photos! There is nothing I cherish more in this world than motherhood. The kicks they made inside my belly, the bonding after birth, the smell of their head as it rests on my chest. Those moments don’t ever seem to last long enough. So, I hold my children in […]

Crafting Hope, Sending Smiles


Every month I try to get together with my local blogger buddies. Lately it seems, many of us are experiencing some really difficult times. Seasons of life I guess, but I think we were all feeling the need for something a bit more from this amazing community we’ve built. We’ve collaborated on numerous charitable causes […]

22 Kid-Approved Acts of Kindness You Can Do THIS Week

22 Acts of Kindness You Can Do THIS Week | Love the idea of helping our children develop compassion and empathy by starting with simple kindness! And a lot of these don't require any prep work!

Has anyone else noticed how crazy easy it is to get overwhelmed with all of the things we want to teach and work on with our kids? We see their struggles and insecurities, and we want to take each one head on. But for me at least, wanting to do everything usually leaves me doing a dozen […]

The Rainbow Loom Project

The Rainbow Loom Project - Make bracelets and send them to children in Africa!

Fact: Sweet is turning 7 on Tuesday, and I am not ready! Probably a Fact: We are the only family in America who hasn’t joined in on the Rainbow Loom / rubber band bracelet phenomenon sweeping the country. Well, that’s all about to change. Some friends asked me if I wanted to join in on […]

Recycling is cool.

Wear what you believe. Repreve recycled clothing #TurnItGreen

Green is good. Recycling is cool. That’s not just something we say around here, we really believe it. My kiddos buy in to it because they know how big I am on it … but they are really acting on blind faith. This year I have set out to not just tell them recycling is […]

They made that out of what!? Recycled plastic wear

Do you know what your clothes are made out of? Love that these favorites of mine are made with Repreve, fiber made from recycled plastic bottles #TurnItGreen

I have 4 very expensive pairs of socks in my closet. I paid more than $10 a piece for them (which makes them pretty much priceless to me), so I only put them on when I really intend to use them. I call them my magic running socks They fit tight and hug my feet […]

Spreading Joy and Goodwill in your Community

Simple ways to get your family involved and spreading joy in the community

As my kids get older, I find myself thinking more and more about ways to imprint kindness, generosity, and goodwill on to their hearts. When I sat down to come up with a list of simple ways to spread joy and goodwill in your community, I realized we’re doing a good job already. I truly […]

Pool Party Fun For A Cause

kids and candy pool party photoshoot

I finally have a chance to show you a few of the pics from the back to school pool party / school supply fundraiser we threw last month. You know me, I’m always looking for a reason to gather friends together AND do a little good. When I heard about Twizzlers and Jolly Rancher‘s partnership with […]

Life Lessons from my kids

Just look on the bright side.

You know that famous saying, “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten” ? Well, today I am declaring a new famous saying, “All I really need to know I learned from a kindergartener”! Seriously, I learn so much about life spending time with my children. They are like a gift I get […]