Clutter Tip of The Week: Raid Your Pantry

Yippee! I finally feel myself getting back in to the swing of this decluttering thing, Want to know what got me back on track? You did! Jen & Samantha got me started and then I ran in to a whole new bunch of ladies starting #2011in2011 thanks to Twitter and the spark was lit all […]

Clutter Tip of the Week: Grab 10

I have to tell you, I’ve lost some momentum on the clutter front. Oh don’t we all! That’s how we got here in the first place, am I right? I’ve been at this for quite some time now and while I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes life just […]

Clutter Be Gone

Last week was a huge week for me, not just in learning to love myself, but also in terms of clutter. I finally tackled our dining room. It’s a constant source of trouble for me. We do our homeschooling in that room so it’s ALWAYS a mess and well, items without a home just sort […]

Let’s Do This Together

If your house is fairly orderly, chances are you are doing something very similar to Opeartion Minimize in your own home. But if you’re a clutter queen like me (or have several little ones running around), then this is one resolution you’re going to want to keep. Here’s the plan … Each of us will purge […]

Did she or didn’t she …

I know that’s what you’ve all been asking yourselves. Did she or didn’t she rid her home of 2,010 items in 2010? Well the answer to the question everyone is dying to know is …. YES!!!!! Not only did I meet my goal of getting two thousand and ten unwanted things out of my house, […]

Operation Minimize: 520 – 1077

Holy cow, I haven’t done an Operation Minimize post since the 1st of September and boy have we cleaned out a lot of clutter since then. We were gone for a significant portion of this time, but we cleaned house before we left and have been continuing the purge since we got home. I’ll admit […]

Operation Minimize: 337-520

Wow! I can’t believe I actually did it. I made it passed the 500 mark, meaning my home is now rid of 500 pieces of useless clutter. THAT IS HUGE. yet not. Since I obviously still have so far to go. I chose not to tackle any specific areas, but rather to just pull junk […]

Operation Minimize: 231-336

Operation Minimize is a challenge to rid my home of 2,010 items by the end of the year. I’m playing along with several other bloggers/Moms from You Are What You Keep. I started around the first of August so I have a lot of work to do if I want to finish by the end […]

Wants vs. Needs & More Decluttering

In the grand scheme of things, this falls no where near my list of needs and not even that high on my list of wants … but every season I fall in love with several items from the Boden catalog. I pine over them until they go on sale (to a price I could possibly […]

Operation Minimize: A journey in Decluttering

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. Do you ever stumble on to a certain blog or web page and think to yourself you were destined to read those words … at that exact moment? Well I do. It happens to me all the time. Maybe not in a “fate brought me to this” kind […]