Clutter Be Gone

Last week was a huge week for me, not just in learning to love myself, but also in terms of clutter. I finally tackled our dining room. It’s a constant source of trouble for me. We do our homeschooling in that room so it’s ALWAYS a mess and well, items without a home just sort […]

Operation Minimize: 520 – 1077

Holy cow, I haven’t done an Operation Minimize post since the 1st of September and boy have we cleaned out a lot of clutter since then. We were gone for a significant portion of this time, but we cleaned house before we left and have been continuing the purge since we got home. I’ll admit […]

Operation Minimize: 231-336

Operation Minimize is a challenge to rid my home of 2,010 items by the end of the year. I’m playing along with several other bloggers/Moms from You Are What You Keep. I started around the first of August so I have a lot of work to do if I want to finish by the end […]