15 Fall Fashion Must-Haves for 2015

We asked 5 moms what items were on their must-have list for fall 2105 and here's what they told us. I agree! I want all of these things in my closet

This post is sponsored by Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus. When I found out I would be writing a fall fashion post this month I had a good laugh. I don’t have the most stylish wardrobe and I’m not the girl you necessarily call when you need fashion advice … but, I do have a great […]

Sweet Style: Back to School Look

Back to School Outfits from Old Navy

Her: “You know what I want to do today Mom?” Me: “No, baby what?” Her: “I want to line up all my animals in my room, make my bed, play some fun music and put on a fashion show” Me: {Heart Leaps} … “really?!, that was my favorite thing to do as a little girl […]

Supah Fly Butterfly

When she’s not hustlin’ or breaking it down at the local fro yo, you can find Super Sweet in her supah fly attire. Her most favorite pants, hands down, are these black pajamas jeans. She would wear these each and every day with a jet black long sleeved tee if I let her. Hmm, maybe […]

My New Summer Staple

Scoop Neck Clover Dress

A sleeveless dress I feel confident enough to wear out in public with nothing covering my arms does NOT come along very often, so when it does … it’s something I need to share with women everywhere! My new summer staple, a knit sundress that’s stylish, yet simple. Cute, yet comfy enough to sleep in! (Not […]

Modern Day Pocahontas

Today is our very first outfit post for the 30 for 30 Remix with Kendi Everyday, you may remember me saying I would only use photos of outfits Sweet picked out for herself, well here’s a doozy one for you. Promise they will only get weirder … but, just keep in mind the irony in […]

What to wear for Fall Family Photos

What to wear for Outdoor Family Photos

I had the pleasure of whipping up a few quick looks for one incredibly awesome family in Alberta this week. Also a family of five, planning this look was a lot like shopping for me & my guys. They’re shooting their photos near a train and bridge at Fort Edmonton Park, the setting is gorgeous! […]

First Grade Fever

Clothing for First Grade

It’s no secret I love online shopping, all the fun without the commitment … still, I feel guilty doing it for myself. Thankfully, I have found a way to feed my shopping fever and do some good in the process. I love helping Moms find just the right gift, the right look for the first […]

KSW Loves Hazel

Every once in awhile I find a company that makes children’s clothing so adorable, I wish it came in my size. Hazel is one of those clothing lines and (hold me back girls) they are on Zulily today for up to 50% off. It’s going to be so hard for me not to buy one […]

What I would wear to Bloggy Bootcamp


I had a wonderful opportunity to help Cindy from Skip to My Lou get wardrobe ready for Bloggy Bootcamp. It was a pretty big deal to me since Skip to My Lou is one of the first sites I started following and I adore Cindy. It was also a lot of fun because I had […]

What a Mom Wants


This is it. The year, I have finally decided to accept all the bounty that is known as Mother’s Day. In past years, I’ve felt a bit unworthy, a bit too young, a bit as if it was still a day to celebrate my own Mother and not my new role as a Mom. I […]