Sweet Style: Back to School Look

Back to School Outfits from Old Navy

Her: “You know what I want to do today Mom?”

Me: “No, baby what?”

Her: “I want to line up all my animals in my room, make my bed, play some fun music and put on a fashion show”

Me: {Heart Leaps} … “really?!, that was my favorite thing to do as a little girl too.”

KSW Style | Cute owls and Capris

We’re entering a new stage of childhood right now. One where hairstyle’s and cute clothes and whether your socks match are starting to play a more important role. Sweet has ALWAYS had great style and can make an outfit work like nobody’s business, but now she’s beginning to see the joy in it and I can’t wait to see where that takes her!

KSW Lookbook _ Details

We have plans to make a few clothes of our own next week, with my sweet friends from Kids Clothes Week but in the mean time I wanted to show you the first back to school outfit she’s picked out. I know, I know it’s only July … but I’m a cheapskate and I buy things when they are on sale and these awesome capris were on sale (still are on sale, plus 30% off till 7/17) and are so absolutely 100% her.

Cute, comfy, and practical — her beauty can shine through while still allowing her to be “one of the boys” and comfortable in her own skin.

Sweet’s Tips on rocking these capris:

- Have fun with your shoes! The length allows you to wear funky bright sneakers, or cute slip-ons or sandals.

- Punch it up with color! I like mixing the deep gray here, but I also like wearing these with pops of pink and bright citrus hues

- Anything goes! I’m wearing a long tee here, but I also picked up a striped cardi and fun sweater so I can wear these all year long

What Sweet’s wearing: Graphic Top  (last season) & Navy Capris - Old Navy / Cute Shoes – Crocs (scored on zulily.com)

Supah Fly Butterfly

supah fly
When she’s not hustlin’ or breaking it down at the local fro yo, you can find Super Sweet in her supah fly attire. Her most favorite pants, hands down, are these black pajamas jeans. She would wear these each and every day with a jet black long sleeved tee if I let her. Hmm, maybe Supah Fly Butterfly moonlights as a ninja?

Yes, I said pajama jeans. Our little fashion blogger adores them, but have no fear she has found a way to make them cool that you can try too. Rock. Them. Backwards! See how those pockets give her a much more chic effect here? And when paired with a Dr. Suess – One Fish, Two Fish tee and accessorized with a Target dollar section felt butterfly mask … well, it just doesn’t get any more stylish than this folks.

Of course, a super hero could go nowhere without her trusty book of tricks, or in this case … a super glittery book shaped like a castle with flaps inside revealing tons and tons of PUPPIES!!

Hours and hours of amusement.

Don’t ask me … I learned long ago not to question a super hero.

Supah Fly Butterfly — villians be warned, this super hero patrols the aisles of Targets and bookstores and local parks all over San Antonio

My New Summer Staple

A sleeveless dress I feel confident enough to wear out in public with nothing covering my arms does NOT come along very often, so when it does … it’s something I need to share with women everywhere!

My new summer staple, a knit sundress that’s stylish, yet simple. Cute, yet comfy enough to sleep in! (Not that I would know that or anything) And easily dressed up with a belt and/or a jacket or cardigan.

I got the clover, but it also comes in black and this purplish hue

Oh yeah, and in watermelon … you KNOW I had to get the watermelon too!

Did I mention it’s only $20? Score! Thank You Target.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even show you what I look like in it one of these days! If I can get one of the kids to slow down long enough to click a picture for me.

Modern Day Pocahontas

Today is our very first outfit post for the 30 for 30 Remix with Kendi Everyday, you may remember me saying I would only use photos of outfits Sweet picked out for herself, well here’s a doozy one for you. Promise they will only get weirder … but,

just keep in mind the irony in this outfit is the HEAT!, it’s about 100 degrees outside and all she wants to wear are her fuzzy, suede, LIGHT UP boots. But really, who could blame her … they are pretty awesome. And the light show they give off when she walks is just fantastic. Why didn’t they have shoes like these when we were young??

I like to call this look the Modern Day Pocahontas, and I’m pretty sure Pocahontas herself would want to rock this look.


Now before you jump on Sweet’s bandwagon and start to think ill of me for forcing my daughter to become the World’s Youngest Fashion Blogger, please know all the emotion you’re witnessing in these photos has nothing to do with her modeling, but everything to do with our lunch menu. She’s gaga for Peanut Butter,  she’d eat it for every meal if I let her, and snacks in between as well. I love PB as much as the next girl, but variety IS the spice of life.


Happy decided he wanted to partake in today’s fashion photos as well, he’ll be making random appearances throughout the remix. Today he’s rocking his Bumble Bee tee and some shiny blue athletic shorts from Old Navy. Each day when he’s done dressing himself he runs up to me and asks me to check and make sure he’s “handsome”. I just love the way he pronounces it too. Each day I answer the same way, “Oh Happy, you are SO handsome!” and then we High Five and get on with our business. It’s one of our favorite parts of the morning.


We had a few out takes I thought you might like to see and even a peep show I’m sure no one wants to see. All in all a pretty successful first look. Can’t wait to share the next one. Oh yeah, P.S. Sweet’s dress is from Target and her fuzzy suede awesome light up boots are from Payless.

What to wear for Fall Family Photos

I had the pleasure of whipping up a few quick looks for one incredibly awesome family in Alberta this week. Also a family of five, planning this look was a lot like shopping for me & my guys. They’re shooting their photos near a train and bridge at Fort Edmonton Park, the setting is gorgeous!

I gave them two completely opposite looks and we stuck with pieces from Gap & Old Navy since the photos are being taken this week and I had no idea what other types of clothing stores were in Alberta?

Option 1: A bit outdoorsy

Option 2: A little Rock & Roll

Stefanie mentioned to me her daughter was a tomboy and her husband likes to rock climb and skateboard.

The Rock & Roll look just sort of evolved from there.

If you’d like me to do a look for your family, leave me a comment or send me an email – it’s free & fun, what’s not to love.

First Grade Fever

It’s no secret I love online shopping, all the fun without the commitment … still, I feel guilty doing it for myself. Thankfully, I have found a way to feed my shopping fever and do some good in the process. I love helping Moms find just the right gift, the right look for the first day of school and especially putting looks together for family photos. It’s a win-win for every one, I’m shopping without spending money and you’re getting the latest and greatest style advice sent straight to your inbox. I’ve got several projects going on right now and I can’t wait to share each of them with you.

Today’s feature is for a Mom looking for Back to School clothes for her 6 year old that don’t look like something a teenager should be wearing instead of a first grader. Man, I had no idea this one would be so hard. I was in awe by much of the clothing choices in little girl sizes available right now and secretly content my daughter still fits in clothes from the toddler section.

Still, I managed to find some cute pieces by mixing & matching from different stores.

Clothing for First Grade
Shirred V-Neck from Old Navy ~ $6.50
Sparkly Bermuda Shorts from Gap ~ $12.50
Girls Glitter Wedge Sneakers from Target ~ $17
Osh Kosh Floral Tee from Kohl’s ~ $18
Mini Boden Pedal Pushers from Boden USA ~ $21.50
Shirred V-Neck Top from Dillard’s ~ $4.50
Denim Tiered Skirt from The Children’s Place ~ $13
Gathered Leggings from The Gap ~ $5

Need help with your Back to School Shopping this year? Or have a decorating dilemma or gift you need found? Send me an email at kidsstuffworld@gmail.com and I’ll tackle the challenge.

KSW Loves Hazel


Every once in awhile I find a company that makes children’s clothing so adorable, I wish it came in my size. Hazel is one of those clothing lines and (hold me back girls) they are on Zulily today for up to 50% off. It’s going to be so hard for me not to buy one of everything. The shorts and ruffle capris are my favorite pieces for Sweet, but I would love to get my hands on a skirt like the blue & white combo for little ol’ me.

Which piece is your favorite? For your kids or for yourself …

What I would wear to Bloggy Bootcamp

I had a wonderful opportunity to help Cindy from Skip to My Lou get wardrobe ready for Bloggy Bootcamp. It was a pretty big deal to me since Skip to My Lou is one of the first sites I started following and I adore Cindy. It was also a lot of fun because I had the chance to live vicariously through her since I just couldn’t justify a blogging excursion this year.

Our shapes were quite different; I’m an apple, she’s a pear but we found some fantastic pieces in her existing wardrobe (nothing like saving $$$ and using what you already have). Still, you know I had to create a few looks anyways … so, if I were going to Bloggy Bootcamp, you’d see me wearing these awesome looks.

Outfit 1 – Blogger Casual – It’s cool, modern, and most importantly comfortable.
Photographer Jacket – Boden $65
Pink Top – Anthropologie $48 (SOLD OUT)
Steel Grey Chinos – Land’s End $34.50 (ON SALE!!)
Blushing Bright Hoops – Anthropologie $61 (SOLD OUT)

Outfit 2: Work it Girl – Professional, Polished yet comfy (noticing a trend?)
Black & White Top – Banana Republic $40 (SOLD OUT)
Multi Row Necklace – White House | Black Market $30 (SOLD OUT)
Black Pants – Use a pair you already own and save some $$

Outfit 3: Do-It-All Look – This look can go anywhere, anytime – Dinner, Conference, Date, you name it
Sweet Pea Royal Blue Top – Nordstrom $58
Black Pants – Again any pair will do

Outfit 4: Lovely Lady – Feminine, Fashionable, Comfortable …
Blue Paisley Dress – Land’s End $79.50
Navy Cardigan – J. Crew $70 (ON SALE!!)
Green Necklace – J.C. Penney $14

Like what you see here? Or what an wardrobe consultation of your very own? Go ahead, email me … It’s FREE!!

Update: I just saw there is a Bloggy Bootcamp coming to Austin!! Guess I’ll be needing these outfits after all :)

What a Mom Wants

This is it. The year, I have finally decided to accept all the bounty that is known as Mother’s Day. In past years, I’ve felt a bit unworthy, a bit too young, a bit as if it was still a day to celebrate my own Mother and not my new role as a Mom. I guess some might find it a bit strange that I had to have three children before I felt worthy of having my own special day, but for those of you who know me and how uncomfortable I feel about gifts in general you’ll know its just another one of my many quirks.

In honor of this special occasion (me accepting the fact I am a Mom), I put together this list of things I’m currently coveting … we’ll call it What this Mom wants. And No, I haven’t gone overboard – It’s just that I still like the element of surprise and not knowing what I’m going to get so I like to give plenty of options and let my husband do the choosing. :) ) Hopefully you’ll find something you might like to covet too.

Happy Almost Mother’s Day!!

{Razzleberry Skirt & Forget Me Knot Top – Down East Basics}

{Rhinestone Flower & Bicycle Earrings- Urban Outfitters}

{Recolte Bleue – L’Occitane}
{Midnight Pomegranate – Bath & Body Works}
TOMS Prima Classics
{Prima Classics – TOMS Shoes}

Why these shoes? Well, besides the fact that they are way retro cool and just my style there are few companies I love as much as TOMS. Not familiar with TOMS shoes? They’re the company that donates one pair of shoes for every pair purchased to people in need all across the globe. Read all about their One for One mission, then do yourself (and someone else) a favor and save $5 with their awesome Mother’s Day offer:

Save $5 On Any TOMS Shoes Purchase Using Code: MOTHERS Expires 5/16/10

TOMS Shoes

My new Spring Wardrobe

I’m treating myself to some well deserved new threads this season for a few reasons I’m quite proud of (more on that next week). I’ve probably bought clothes each spring for as many seasons as I can remember, but this time around is different. This year I am doing so consciously, taking an inventory of what I have already, what items I could really use as part of my new wardrobe and what sorts of clothing will help make me feel more confident and attractive as a healthy, active mother of three young children.

When doing this sort of “soul searching” in my closet, I came to the  following conclusions:

1) I love the look, feel and ease of wearing skirts and dresses when I’m out and about with my kids.

I have 6 casual skirts in my closet right now, so other than the denim skirt I bought on sale at Target, I won’t be making any new additions here.

2) When I’m at home hanging out, cleaning messes, changing diapers and getting my art & crafts on with the kids, I prefer yoga pants and colorful t-shirts.

I have two pairs of yoga pants & two pairs of yoga capris that I like. I’d love to have one more of each so I could make it through a week without needing to wash them first, but we’ll see how soon I get around to that.

I bought the yoga pants for $20 at a Nike outlet three years ago, I’ve worn them to every workout I’ve done since and they still look brand new ~ I Love these pants!! (sorry there’s no link, but they don’t seem to make them anymore :( ) My capris are from Gap Body, I got them on clearance for my birthday last year for $7, I’m too cheap to pay the regular price for them so I’ll have to wait out a good sale I guess.

My T-Shirt collection has taken quite a beating after three pregnancies in 5 years so I could use a few new updates here. I’m on the lookout for some that more flattering than the current XL maternity ones I’m still wearing. I’m a bit modest about my top half, so I usually wear some sort of tank under all my tops, but I found these double layer tees at Target and think they work just fine on their own. I ordered the cherry & brown on sale + free shipping last night.

3) Comfortable sandals, flip flops and canvas sneakers suit my lifestyle just fine.

I’m heading in to summer season with one pair of leather flip flops, a pair of converse sneakers and a pair of cotton slip ons that I won’t be wearing in the hot months (cotton slip ons + 100 degree weather + no socks do not equal anything this lady will be wearing – period.) I guess I’ll start looking for some acceptable summer shoes.

4) Jeans are a must! (and in Texas in the summer this means capris must also play a pivotal role)

I inventoried all my jeans and found I only like the way I look in 3 of mine. Three will get my through the summer though, and I have enough capris for everyone reading this to come on over and have a party with me – wearing my pants! So, no new things here.

5) None of these items require me to spend a lot. (Which is great b/c I would much prefer to spend my dollars on adorable children’s clothing :) )

After shopping in my own closet it looks like I really only need a shirt or two and a nice pair of sandals. Not quite as exciting as my shopping excursions of the past, but much easier on my budget I must say.


Still, every now and then, I like to window shop uh, well more like online shop these days and for some reason this dress called to me. I’m not sure if it fits my new rules or not (I did say I like the look & feel of dresses) but if I meet my goal next week (the one I can’t wait to tell you about, I may just have to treat myself)

I’m loving the colors in this Maxi Dress from Kmart ($25), but I’ll still need some sort of coverup to wear over this as I don’t like to bare this much skin.

As long as I’m treating myself, I think these yellow twist sandals would look great with the dress and I’m sure I could make good use of them all summer long. Hmm, this online shopping thing could get out of hand really fast, I’d better end the post now before I blow my budget.

Eek, too late. I couldn’t resist sharing these cute studded sandals with you. I’m not sure how functional they are for me, I don’t think they would be … playground material … but they sure are super cute.

So tell me, have you been spring shopping too? If so, what were your favorite finds of the season? Do you think I should splurge on that dress?