Try This: Mango Green Smoothies

The best green mango coconut smoothie ever!

Marina shared her favorite mango green smoothie recipe the other day and I dreamed about it for a week straight. I finally got to the store and stocked up on frozen mango so I could make these for breakfast yesterday. They were everything I knew they would be and more, just delicious. I’m thinking of […]

Southwestern Chopped Salad & 3-Ingredient Sangria

southwestern chopped salad

Add meat and cheese, some tortilla strips would be great too! End up with this, a super simple weeknight meal your whole family will love. Really, all three of my kids gobbled this up. My 6 year old had three bowls full of this salad. I’d love to tell you he was a salad nut […]

School Lunch Idea: Mini Hawaiian Subs

packed lunch ideas

I asked all my friends on Facebook how I could be most helpful in getting them back in to the rhythm of balancing school, and work, and family life. I was super surprised to see 90% of them needed some fresh ideas for packing lunches, but you know what? — this seems to be a […]

Balsamic Chicken & Toasted Tortellini


It’s been quite a few Valentine’s Days since my first go round with the goodness that is brown butter and basalmic vinegar. I remember our first Valentine’s Day as new parents, we couldn’t go out for a romantic dinner so I made us one at home. That night it was brown butter & balsamic toasted […]

bowl full of happiness


Eat with me Wednesday #3 There are just some foods that whenever I make them take me back to another time and place. Every time I make this dish, which by the way needs to be a lot more often, I’m suddenly transformed back to that tiny, long-haired little girl I used to be; sitting […]

Creamy Tropical Oatmeal w/ Toasted Coconut

Eat with me Wednesday #2 How many foods have you found that everyone in your family enjoys? Pizza, Spaghetti, Macaroni and Cheese – maybe. How about Oatmeal? My family loves Oatmeal. We love to make big batches of it together on the weekends, taking turns measuring, stirring the pot, letting the kids choose which fruits […]

Eat with me Wednesday: Numero Uno

I’ve always dreamed of being one of those well thought out bloggers who thinks ahead enough to post weekly meal plans to share with everyone. Alas, I am a poor planner. Forgive me. I did … come up with an idea, I think I can manage though, a weekly post of what we’ve been eating, […]

5 Easy Holiday Snacks

I’m on the Christmas Snack Committee for kindergarten. Normally his school is on a strict no added sugar and zero junk food policy, so when planning easy holiday snacks I had to get a bit creative in my search. Sure, a few of my ideas have sweets in them … but I’m checking to see […]

My new favorite dessert

I call it, the White Chocolate Summer Berry Tart. And it’s one of the easiest desserts you’ll ever make! It’s pretty healthy and low calorie, and the kids can almost make it themselves. Plus it tastes fantastic! And all around winner in my book. Oh yeah, and it looks nice too, so it’s a great […]

Sriracha Tuna Fish Sandwich

Spice up your tuna sandwich with this asian inspired version with sriracha and green onions!

Lunch has really been looking up around these parts the last few weeks thanks to a sweet friend of mine. You know the type, the one who whenever you hear they’re cooking for a party or that they might be bringing an item to a certain get together, you just FIND a way to be […]