A lovely space for her …

Happy Room for Kids
Adorable Child’s Room designed by Jodi of Simply Inspired Home

Perusing Pinterest, when I came across this inviting little book nook. I could read a whole lot of bedtime stories or anytime stories! in a space like this. How bout you?

If you like what you see here, head on over and check out the rest of this space. You won’t believe the red dresser … just stunning!

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Old Fashioned Farmhouse Source List

Just before Christmas I unveiled two very different Farmhouse room boards I had been working on for a mom getting ready to move her young daughter and baby into a room together. I showed you both designs, but I only ever gave you the source list for the Modern Farmhouse.


Let’s check out the Old Fashioned Farmhouse look as well:

Old Fashioned Farmhouse

I’ve waited so long to share this source list, a few of the items are no longer available online. If you are interested in a piece and can not find it, please let me know and I will try and find you a suitable alternative.

Old Fashioned Farmhouse Source List

1. Circo Sweetie Bedding Set $20 ~ Clearance (no longer available online)
2. Torva Strawberry $5
3. Garanimals Crib Sheets – Green $13
4. Linnarp Desk $119
5. Byholma Chest $60
6. Stornas Buffet $399
7. Brentwood Tuscany Crib $190
8. Sumersault Square Rug ~ no longer available
9. Landet Farmhouse w/ animals $20
10. Duktig Veggie Set $8
11. Sweet Pickins Fabrics

Just a note: When purchasing from IKEA, use caution. Always check the quality of the item before you buy. Sometimes things that look great online can be of poor quality when you see them in person. Just use your best judgement when shopping there, plenty of fab finds mixed in with some junk.

There are 11 of you waiting for room boards of your own right now.
I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU, I’ll post a list on my sidebar so you can keep track and see what number you are. I’m going to shoot for sharing 3 room boards a month, this is something I enjoy doing for others so I want to make it a priority.

Kid Made Modern comes to Target

Todd Oldham’s Kid Made Modern is coming to Target,

and I just can’t wait!

This creative line of colorful and modern kid art supplies is nothing, if not inspiring.

I already have big plans for these graphic duct tapes,

Target Kid Made Modern Tape

and my geology, gem crazed kids will be thrilled to get their hands on these crayon jewels!

Target Kid Made Modern Crazy Crayons

The Kid Made Modern line by Todd Oldham
will be available at Target May 20th.
Find out more on Bulls Eye View

Until May …
I’ll be letting my creativity run wild and dreaming up all sorts of projects for us to do together! Hmm, maybe a KSW first? A collaborative kids craft project maybe, what do you think?

Modern Farmhouse Source List

Modern Farmhouse

Here’s the source list for the Modern Farmhouse I promised, almost all of these pieces are IKEA. When purchasing from IKEA, use caution. Always check the quality of the item before you buy. Sometimes things that look great online can be of poor quality when you see them in person. Just use your best judgement when shopping there, plenty of fab finds mixed in with some junk.

Kids Farm Room

1. Torva Baby Blanket $15
2. Torva Smultron Baby Bedding $13
3. Torva Strawberry $5
4. Lekfull Land Rug $8
5. Barnslig Randig Curtains $25
6. Trofast Storage Unit $224
7. Linnarp Desk $119
8. Soft Farmhouse Toy $20
9. Soft Vegetable Toy $8
10. Blue Plaid Sheet Set $15
11. Red Storage Ottoman $20 (No longer online)

Hope this list helps someone out there, oh yeah and I found an alternate red storage cubby for $20 … just have to find my notes … and I’ll update the link.

There are 11 of you waiting for room boards of your own right now. I’ll post a list on my sidebar so you can keep track and see what number you are. I’m excited to share two new room boards with you I really love. Having so much fun with these! Thanks guys

Boy Girl Shared Farmhouse Room

Helping folks design their children’s rooms is turning out to be one of my all-time favorite things to do! I’m thrilled to have had several opportunities lately to brighten up the lives of a few special children and it’s about time I shared all of the fun with you.

The Modern Farmhouse

This particular room was designed especially for a 4 year old girl and a baby boy who were going to start sharing a room. The mother wanted a farm theme and was considering paintings some rolling hills and blue skies on the walls. As soon as she mentioned her plan for the mural my thoughts drifted to this crazy cool rug from Ikea ($8). The rest of the room just sort of evolved from there. The Trofast storage piece makes a genius changing table and storage piece for the room and will grow with the kids changing from diapering and baby needs to toys down the road.


I created the second board just in case she had more of an old fashioned farmhouse feel in mind. The inspiration for this room — these sweetie pie sheets from Target ($40). The yellow fabric swatch on the left is for curtains and the fabric sampler on the right is for a one of a kind rag quilt I was planning to make myself.

Sadly, I never heard back from this mom. Not all of my free services are received with open arms, but sometimes they are! I’ll share all my source info for these two room boards next, and then show you another project that had a MUCH, MUCH happier ending! I shared these two boards because I thought someone out there might love them.

Which one is your personal favorite:
Modern or Old Fashioned Farmhouse?


Interested in getting some free design ideas of your own? Great! I have a few people in line ahead of you and do these whenever I have free time, so please send me an email or leave a comment on the blog or Facebook describing the space you need help with and any ideas you have already. I absolutely love working with you guys!

Eye Catching Boys Room Design You Can Do Yourself

Have you been watching this season’s Design Star? Last night, I watched the episode where they HGTV’d someone’s house and Kellie and Leslie got to work on the two little boy’s room.

I was stoked! Two of my favorite designers (personality wise) working on my favorite rooms of the home, the kids room. I could hardly wait. I pushed aside all my other obligations and sat down to soak in everything they had to offer …

and boy,
was I … disappointed.
design star locker boys bedroom
design star rock n roll bedroom

I couldn’t believe how much these two mothers dropped the ball when given the opportunity, to really shine in an area they should have identified so well with.

Leslie and Kellie must not have access to Pinterest! Because if they did, I know they could have learned a few things from these designers and moms who really created show-stoppers for their kids rooms!

hotwheels wall art
Meet Carly, she constructed this
3D Letter Wall Decor for her son Mason
paper airplane mobile
Next up, Lauren Clark and her adorable Airplane Mobile, eek! Love!!
skateboard shelves
And finally, Jenna and her super cool  Skateboard Shelves.

I’m thinking these ladies could have given Kellie and Leslie a run for their money!! What do you think? Follow the links to each project, so you can get started on your own super cool kids room decor. And of course, let me know how it all turns out. My only problem, is I can’t decide which one I should do first!

Sneak Peek at PB Kids The Very Hungry Caterpillar Line

Pottery Barn Kids and the World of Eric Carle are bringing one of my favorite children’s storybooks to life and I couldn’t be happier to share this with you before it even hits the stores!

The entire PB Kids collection of The Very Hungry Caterpillar will include nursery bedding, toddler bedding, wall art, night lights, table top pieces, backpacks, tote bags, lunch sacks, and a plethora of adorable bathroom accessories but today I want to talk about the …

Artful Playroom Collection

pottery barn kids hungry caterpillar

Just look at all this great use of space and color! Designed to be something moms would love as much as their kids, I am here to tell you they have done just that. I am in l-o-v-e!

I’m also in love with this space for all of its great ideas, just take a look at that 1 -artwork mobile! And the 2 – colored pencil wall storage, art & storage all in one, yay!. I have been trying to figure out a way to do this ever since Carol Hannah introduced me to the idea. You know I am digging the 3 – color wheel and all the 4 – great storage has me giddy. I can not wait to try and recreate the round clear plastic tubs using bulk snack food containers.

The entire line centers around the theme of playful learning with hopes of inspiring an appreciation of not just art, but also nature. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is the perfect line to do this because the whole story is made with colorful collages and focuses on the life cycle of a butterfly. The learning potential with these pieces are endless and I am so pleased at how engaging they are.

All of these pieces in this new collection are great, but the sleeping bags and bed sheets are my personal favorites. You get a glimpse of the sheets in the middle pillowcase, aren’t they wonderful! I love all the bold use of color in this line and all the design possibilities that comes with.

Available at Pottery Barn Kids online July 21st, in stores and in catalog on July 26th

The whole idea leaves me hungry! Think we’ll read one of our favorite stories and then whip up some fruit salad.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Fruit Salad

1 Apple
2 Pears
3 Plums
4 Strawberries
5 Oranges
Bunch of Mint Leaves

Peel, pare, seed, hull and section each fruit. Cut into bite-sized pieces. Then put them all together in a big bowl and chill. Garnish each serving with a sprig of mint. Serve to a small group of friends, after reading a good book.

Recipe from the Official Eric Carle Website

Birds of a Feather Knock Off

I scored two of these chairs from Craigslist a few months ago with the intention of reupholstering them and using them in our living room.

Craigslist Chairs

They sat around for a month or so, all mauve and floral and fancy looking and eventually got on my bad side. They found there way in to our master bedroom and there they sit, just mauve-ing at me whenever I walk in.

The bedroom is ripe for an overhaul as well, and I’ve been wanting to create a cozy little reading nook in a random alcove we have in there. At first I thought super cush chaise or chair and a half … but then I saw this image on Shades of Light and now I just might be persuaded to change my mind.

Can you believe this chair sells for $2,300!!!

Sure, it’s cute and everything but there’s no way I would fork over a couple mortgage payments for it! But as soon as I saw it, my mind drifted to an image I had seen at Calico Corners a few weeks ago.

Allora Fabrics
Just look at that bird print, their Allora Fabric collection is ALMOST the exact same thing!
And it’s only $20-40 a yard.

It’s not really the style I was shooting for in my master bedroom (certainly not with the au naturale carpeting!), but I think it would almost be a crime not to recreate this piece. Oh, how I wish I had another nursery to decorate!! But, I do have a little girl who will be moving in to a room of her own down the road (when we convert the nursery into her room) and if it doesn’t quite fit in our space, I’m sure I can make it work in hers.

What do you think? Should I go for it?

Top Five Reasons Kids Should Share Rooms

Shared Rooms are a big topic around here, it seems folks are always on the hunt for ways to make them work. Sometimes its two boys or two girls in one room, sometimes its one older and one younger sibling, and even the occasional girl/boy combo (like we have here). Whatever the case, I am a fan!

Like I have told you before, I’m a huge advocate for kids sharing rooms and here are my top five reasons why:

  • The Never Ending Sleep Overs
  • The Sibling bonds that last a lifetime
  • The Space You’ll Save
  • Less Toys to Buy (kids who share rooms, share toys too!)
  • The Decorating Potential!!

If you are working on a shared room of your own, please know I am happy to help out in any way I can! If you need ideas, have questions or need help finding just the right colors or bedding for your kids — I am your girl. Just let me know and I’ll get started right away.

Here’s a few shared rooms that have got my eye as of late:

Room in the Clouds

From OhDeeDoh

Sophisticated Room for Two

A la KC Interiors

Colors, Dots & Stripes Oh My!

Simply Seleta shared this one on La Dolce Vita

All Boy


So what do you think? Which one of these rooms is your favorite? What reasons do you love (or not love) kids sharing rooms?

The secret to a great playroom

Psst, want me to let you in on a little secret?

Alright, it’s actually a HUGE secret.

And just might be the key to your happiness when it comes to corralling all of the things your little ones seem to accumulate and creating a play space both you and your kids can be happy with.






Are you ready for it?

It’s …. Storage!

And not just any storage, but DOUBLE DUTY storage to be exact.

Because come on, don’t tell me you don’t want to squeeze every function possible into this space. Playroom + Guest Room + Library + Study Area + Craft/Art Space + Home Office maybe …

Let me help you achieve all your dreams for this space with this very simple rule.

When you start planning to purchase any pieces for your child’s room or playroom, make sure these pieces will be real work horses in the space. Any item coming in must fulfill at least two functions.

My personal favorites fill the role of either

storage + seating


storage + play/work space

And the best part is, these pieces don’t have to cost a fortune. Here’s a few of my favorite double duty storage pieces in just about every price range. (click on the images to be taken to a place to get prices & sources for each)

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. I’ll be back after Earth Day & Easter to show you one very stylish, affordable exception to this rule.