10 reasons the world needs Earth Burger

Earth Burger Kickstart Campaign
There are very few times, if ever you will see me pop in here and tell you why the world needs fast food. But we start where we are, and this is a vast improvement from what we have available to us currently. We have a favorite vegetarian restaurant here in town that my whole family loves. They just launched a kickstarter campaign to open up Earth Burger, a vegetarian burger stand here in Texas.

This is big folks. Vegetarian fast food IN TEXAS! We had a chance to try out many of their items this week and folks … I really think they can do this, and if they can make vegetarian fast food work in Texas, well then it can work anywhere!

Let me show you 10 reasons I think the world needs Earth Burger right now.

1. Vegetarian fast food that looks & tastes like real food.

That’s not a stab at vegetarian food, more so at fast food in general. Earth Burger may be promoting itself as a fast food, but the items coming out of their kitchen don’t look like your typical fast food fare. The burgers are THICK, the buns are amazing, the fries are fresh. These fast food options put many sit down locations to shame. The food looks and tastes so good I would have no problem getting my meat and potato loving husband to eat here.

Amazing Vegetarian "Fish" Sandwich from Earth Burger. Support their kickstarter today

2. The Elusive Fish Sandwich

My SIL has been vegetarian for more than a decade. She’s quite accustomed to her vegetarian way of life, but there are still some things she misses. A crispy, juicy fried fish sandwich is one of them. I had my eight year old taste test this beast for her this week. His favorite food in the world is FISH, any kind of fish. So I knew he was the perfect guy for this challenge. He gobbled this sandwich up almost before I could photograph it. This is a man’s size sandwich … he is only eight. That should tell you how good it is, finger licking good people. This one’s a winner for sure.

Burgers you can sink your teeth into.

3. Burgers that make other burgers feel bad.

Just look at these burgers. They’re like the burgers from the good old days, when food was real and tasted good. My only concern about Earth Burger opening up in San Antonio is how often I’ll want to stop and get fast food! Good thing these burgers have 61% fewer calories than a typical fast food burger.

Vegetarian Fastfood Restaurant Earth Burger has healthy, tasty sides like this kale salad. I could eat this all day!

4. Amazing, healthy sides

There are a few foods I could eat every single day, for every single meal. French fries, kale salad, edamame, and carrots and hummus all fall in that category. Being able to order them on-the-go means I can stress a little less when I’m out and about with the kids and haven’t pre-packed a lunch. I could make an entire healthy meal out of Earth Burger sides alone! Picnics in the park are about to get a bit more fancy folks.

The vegetarian gluten free burger at Earth Burger is AMAZING! Support the kickstarter to being it to Texas today

5. The Gluten-Free Burger I’ve been waiting for

I’ve been gluten-free for about 16 months. That means I haven’t had a proper burger (with bun) in at least that long. This burger was worth waiting for – made of organic brown rice, sunflower seeds, and quinoa it was a magical moment I can’t wait to have again. Like I said, the issue here will be limiting myself on how often we eat here.

INSIDER TIP: I’ll let you know this is a burger you’ll want to savor and enjoy. The bun is soft and the goods are too, you are going to get messy eating this burger and that is completely fine and acceptable in this circumstance. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

A vegetarian protein wrap that's out of this world! Kale sale, hummus and chik-in make this an Earth Burger fan favorite

6. A Wrap That Will Keep You Satisfied

I love a good wrap, but this is more than just a good wrap. This is tangy hummus, and crunchy kale salad, surrounding grilled chik-n that actually really does taste like chicken. This is a vegan meal you can feel good about. The kind of wrap you’ll need after a day of mountain biking or mall shopping for that matter!

Dear Earth Burger, please add a gluten-free tortilla to your menu so I can enjoy this wrap in all it’s glory too. Thank you!

Crispy Chik-N Tenders from Earth Burger with an Agave Mustard Dipping Sauce

7. Seriously crispy chik-n tenders w/ agave mustard dipping sauce!

This one doesn’t need tons of explaining. Here’s a meal your whole family will love. You can feel good knowing these have fewer calories, half the fat and more protein than those “chicken” tenders other fast food joints call dinner.

Earth Burger kids meal -- patty and apple slices kids love. Served with ketchup only


Apple slices and a flame-broiled patty with nothing but ketchup and a pickle on the side, just the way they like it. Not pictured here is the big, ooey gooey crusty grilled cheese my daughter thoroughly enjoyed. They also offer a vegetarian corn dog for kids we can’t wait to try.

Kids LOVE Earth Burger, support their kickstarter today

9. Kids LOVE Earth Burger!!

We took 5 kids to the pop up tasting event this week and all of them enjoyed their meals. I’m not saying all of them cleaned their entire plates … they are children people! but they did all leave satisfied and us moms did too knowing they got a healthy serving of grains, fruits and veggies after a hard day of play.

Nutrition Information for Earth Burger Vegetarian Burger Stand

10. The Facts

You don’t have to take it from me, here’s some nutritional information about why Earth Burger is a better fast food choice for your family. A few facts that mean a lot to me — no hydrogenated oils, no artificial colors, whole wheat bread, organic cheese. Thank you Earth Burger for not only making food options like this available for busy families, but also for keeping them at price points we can afford. Earth Burger can compete with most fast food chains and for the benefits you get, why wouldn’t you choose Earth Burger first?

Earth Burger Veggie Burger Stand coming to San Antonio

I’m so excited for the possibility of a vegetarian fast food option, but it’s not a done deal yet. They need our help to make this dream a reality. The Earth Burger kickstarter runs through 28 April. They need to raise $40,000 for drive-thru equipment, fryers and coolers and freezers, etc and they are just about half way there. It’s going to take donations from people like us who generally care about the food we feed our families to make this dream a reality.

Who knows you might have an Earth Burger or other vegetarian fast food option near you in just a short time.

Want to try Earth Burger for yourself? Now you can! Anyone can enter, but keep in mind the Earth Burger location will be in San Antonio, Texas.

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For the record I am NOT a vegetarian, but I do eat a primarily plant-based diet and limit the amount of red meat my family eats. We do eat meatless several nights a week.

Kids Rooms & Things on the Brain

Cute ideas for kids rooms and things spotted on KSW

Spring has not yet sprung.

But that isn’t stopping the tinges of spring fever I feel coming on. I’ve got kids rooms, and home decorating projects and bright colors on the brain … if you can’t tell.

We are moving closer to the day when Sweet will move into a room of her own (tear). I’ve been planning that room in my head for years!, but I can’t hep falling in love with the graphic wall trend. As much as I love this candy colored room, I know little miss would never go for it. She’d much rather doing something bold like this.

I’d love to do a black & white room for the boys. They live and breathe all things legos and Star Wars right now anyway, and how amazing would it be to have a giant moon in your room you could doodle all over? Mr. Printables does it again.

I’ve got some big plans on how we can best utilize their space, look for more on those projects coming soon, but first … this gorgeous unicorn is blowing my mind. Can you believe she made that using just 4 ingredients? Count them – carrots, pear, garbanzo beans, and raisins. Amazing! I will never be that clever.

Speaking of clever things … how about some Ana & Elsa Frozen dolls made out of perler beads? Pretty awesome right? I think this will be our next birthday gift for a friend. Get the full how to on Spoonful, then check out my pal Michelle of MollyMoo who comes up with incredible ideas like this on the regular.

I’d stay and chat longer … but I am eyeballs deep in taxes. Thanks for sharing this much needed visual break with me.

I Am A Work In Progress.

February Challenge: Make an I AM list of all the qualities that make you #boldbrilliantbeautiful

Hard to believe a whole month has passed since I spoke about my plans to become more bold, brilliant, and beautiful this year with the help of some friends and the support of now more than 100 women online! (leave a comment or message me if you want more info on how to be a part of the movement)

It feels like moments ago and ages ago all at the same time.

Since we last spoke, I have made significant realizations about my newfound insecurities and problems asserting myself since leaving behind a career I could quantify and felt knowledgeable in. Since having this new role of creative entrepreneur rise up underneath me, all unchartered with no clearly defined skills to master or check marks to scratch off to define success. I’m out of my element and I know it, but I am learning how to adapt and cope with it. I’m not out there puffing my chest just yet, but there is movement happening and work being done on the inside.

I tore through my closets and donated 3 bags full of clothing that didn’t make me feel beautiful. That was a huge percent of my wardrobe … and I haven’t missed a thing! Nor have I enjoyed getting dressed as much in years, we should all be so kind to ourselves!

Thanks to my friends at Prescribe Nutrition, I’ve managed to take responsibility for my health, nutrition, and hormones and have been making huge strides in this department. Besides the 4 pounds I’ve lost, I have also gained a calmer outlook and general understanding of how my choices carry over into all aspects of my life … more on that to follow in a post later this month. In the meantime, check out their next class starting March 3rd. I’ll be there again and if you want to join me, you can use the code: KSW20 to get 20% off your class. Money well spent, and I promise you will feel so much better!

I also did something a little bit BOLD last weekend and volunteered at a TedX San Antonio salon focused on redefining beauty and transcending gender stereotypes imposed by the media. Again, this needs it’s own separate post. I was more than a bit surprised how I had pushed this topic out of my head for so long and convinced myself it wasn’t something that impacted me. When honestly, it affects all of us.

I led an hour-long group discussion with a small group of incredible women (that’s not me in the photo, that’s my friend Claire) and in that time we covered so many topics that pierced through the heart of me. We spent time coming up with our own definition of what makes a woman beautiful — not the color of her skin or the size of her waist, or the shape of her breasts. The look of her lips, length of her hair, nor the shade of her eyes ever came into question – instead we walked away with a real true image of beauty redefined.

Here is what we determined:

A truly beautiful women is strong, and smart, and kind. She is open and authentic, confident, passionate, curious. A beautiful woman is empathetic and loving, outgoing and curious, powerful, yet full of wonder.

Funny, when I returned from this day with all these inspiring women I received a challenge from the ladies behind #boldbrilliantbeautiful to create an I AM statement for myself. Again, normally something that might tug at my insecurities I approached this exercise with a little more compassion than I would have given myself previously.

I am patient.
I am kind.
I am smart.
I am sweet.
I am happy.
I am fulfilled.
I am devoted.
I am creative.
I am caring.
I am emotional.
I am giving.
I am strong.
I am hopeful.
I am optimistic.

This list could go on, and on … I am a work in progress, but you know when the lightbulb went off for me? When I compared my list with that new definition of beautiful ….

A truly beautiful women is strong, and smart, and kind. She is open and authentic, confident, passionate, curious. A beautiful woman is empathetic and loving, outgoing and curious, powerful, yet full of wonder.

I am beautiful.

and so are you.

Let’s keep the discussion going.

What qualities do you think make a person beautiful? Let’s keep redefining beauty and changing the way we look at ourselves.




Photography Tips: Capturing Love On Your Phone

Love is warm,
Love is tender,
Love is deep,
Love is kind,
Love is sharing,
Love is hard to hold on to.

Love is a feeling; an intense emotion; something we cannot grasp or even touch
- so how on earth do we capture it in a photo?

I would tell you, very carefully.

The best camera is the one you have with you - especially when capturing emotions. Use these simple photography tips to help you capture moments you want to remember forever

If you are looking to capture special moments like these you will need to be ready in the blink of an eye. If you thought photographing kids with lots of energy or big groups of people was hard, then trying to capture a feeling can seem even more so.

But when you capture that emotion, when you nail the way you felt at that exact moment – it’s brilliant and everlasting and you won’t care if it’s a tad bit grainy, or a little fuzzy, or your face is out of focus and your subjects are off-center because when you hold it in your hands and pull it up from time to time your heart will melt and you’ll be taken back to that exact moment and remember those feelings all over again.

That’s what good photography is all about, and that’s why I find myself more and more turning to my smart phone to capture these moments.

Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way while shooting my own children and trying to capture as many moments like these as I can along the way.

Simple Smartphone Photography Tips

1. Get Ready to Shoot, A lot!

You won’t always capture the whole of a moment on the first, or second, or even fifteenth try. It might takes lots of shots and that is perfectly fine, it’s part of the beauty of the smart phone and the digital age. Take as many shots as you need till you get the right one, then delete the outtakes you don’t need or put them all together in a fun collage or filmstrip style using an app like PicFrame, Diptic or web program like PicMonkey.

Note: We’ll have a post coming soon talking about more of my favorite apps and how I use them!

2. Turn your ringer off!

It only takes one small distraction and the moment is gone forever, don’t let that distraction be the sound of your phone as you sneak up behind your subjects.

3. Accept the fact that you can’t stage these photos

They happen unexpectedly, and completely off the cuff. That’s what makes your smart phone the perfect instrument for capturing them. We almost always have it with us, and you know what they say …. “the best camera, is the one you have with you.”

4. Get up, Get down, Jump all around

Showcasing emotion from an unusual vantage point can pull someone into that moment and make them feel like they are right there with you. Try shooting from above, below, horizontal, eye level, down and at angle. Play with it till you can see what you want to feel in your photo frame.

5. You don’t need eye contact

In fact, if you want to catch pure, raw emotion your subjects probably won’t even know you are photographing them or the image will be of the split second that they realized you were.

6. In fact, you don’t even need a whole body!

Sometimes hands and feet are all you need to say I Love You!

7. Catch them in the act … or even in a dream

Look for tender moments near bedtime, bath time, story time, holding hands, sharing a toy, playing together, reuniting after some time away, a child and their pet, a warm embrace. There are so many opportunities to catch an emotion happening all throughout the day.

A Great Series of Simple Photography Tips for Everyday ParentsThis is the first post in a series of smartphone photography tips I’ll be doing for Melissa & Doug these next few months. I think it marries well with everything we do here and I know you’ll get lots of great info from my co-hosts, Zina & Tiffany. Stay tuned for more fun posts in this series to help you be a better photographer for your family.

Join us by sharing your sweet moments on Instagram with the #capturingchildhood hashtag. This week’s theme is Capturing Love, but any childhood moment you want to remember will do. Be sure to follow all of the amazing mamas featured in this post for a steady stream of warm and fuzzy inspiration on life, love and motherhood.

Capturing Love: Simple Photography Tips to Help You Capture Emotion With Your Smartphone Camera

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