Handmade Halloween Costume Round Up

handmade halloween costumes I usually highlight handmade costumes throughout the month of October, but this year the whole month just sort of seemed to pass me by. I didn’t want to break from my tradition entirely, so before we put Halloween behind us for good I wanted to spotlight a few of my favorites this season.

Frosty the Snowman
Little Artiste
Pig in a Blanket
Optimus Prime
Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf

My Cakies has been wowing me with her Halloween costumes for years and her mini barber shop quartet did not disappoint!

But the first place winners of this years Handmade Halloween Costume Contest have got to go to Erika of Yellow Pear for her family of Star Wars characters. Her costumes were simple to do, easy to recreate, but oh-so-chic.
Just look at little Luke & R2D2
But wait, there’s another blue ribbon waiting for the epic Darth Vader Princess.
Cool as cool can be and hopefully I will have a chance to recreate all three of these costumes when my guys get just a little older. I can already tell it’s going to be GREAT!!

Got a great Handmade Costume I should know about? Send me a pic or shoot me a link, I’m always cataloging great ideas on Pinterest.

Clever Faeries DIY Care Bear Costume

I know you’ve heard me sing the praises of sweatsuit costumes here, here & here but I have to credit Chrissie from Clever Faeries for the all-time coolest sweatsuit costume EVER!

OK, all you non-believers. Don’t take it from me, see for yourself:

Care Bear Costumes!!! Colored Sweatsuits & Iron-On Transfer Paper … now, really folks why didn’t I think of that??? Not to worry, thanks to Chrissie I plan on having a whole lair of Care Bears next year.

Complete w/ curly tails & little hearts on their bottoms (my favorite part!!)

Read all about how she did it, here

Now if only we can figure out who will be Grumpy Bear. The Unwilling Mr. or Little Crabby Pants. Good thing we have an entire year to sort that out.

Psst, Chrissie’s talents don’t stop with cute bear costumes, head over to Clever Faeries and take a peek at all the amazing things she’s been doing. I see one of these in Sweet’s Christmas future ….

Simple Cowboy & Cowgirl Costumes

Handmade Costumes

Cowboys were all the rage around these parts last year, we had recently moved to Texas and the kids were wholeheartedly embracing the change. It came as no surprise when they asked to be Cowboys for Halloween.

I’m not one to disappoint, so I whipped up these homemade costumes for my little cowpokes.


To say I am a novice with a sewing machine is an understatement, still I managed to hand draw the patterns and sew these simple costumes in just a few hours time. The chaps were too big (I was planning to fringe the sides, but ran out of time) so we just left them at home.

The littlest cowgirl


I used brown & white pleather (I guess that’s what it is, it has the soft fuzzy underside) that I found in the clearance aisle of the fabric store, some star buttons and some soft suede as an accent. I added pockets for fun & gave the cowgirl some fringe for more flair. I used a box style vest for him & a more rounded version for her (and the baby too – sorry I don’t have any pics of him in his – he was asleep)

Doing a Jig

As you can see, the kids LOVED their costumes & jumped at the chance to put on a little square dance for the senior citizens at our local Fall Fest. If you’d like to know more about how I made these, just let me know and I’ll do my best to step you through it.

More Cupcake Costumes, Super G-Man & a Kissing Bandit!!

Today’s Handmade costumes are brought to us by the letter G. G as in Super G-Man!! My friend Kellie of This Blessed Nest is incredibly talented and creative (seriously, when you’re done reading about Halloween costumes RUN over and take a look at a few of her projects) and a tip-top Mom to boot. She came up with these three adorable costumes for her little ones.

Her oldest is Super G-Man, he is his own masked super hero. HIst outfit is complete with mask, cape, insignia and even rubber boots (the boots are my favorite part !) – how cool is that?

Her other two are twins (Awww). He is a Kissing Bandit decked out in a black outfit & matching cape covered in smooches! And she is just about the cutest cupcake around. Seriously, a foil liner for a skirt, sprinkles on her shirt and a fluffy pink icing hat. :) I love it!!

Thanks for sharing Kellie and for being so super duper sweet yourself.

It’s not to late to submit your own handmade costumes (just send me an email, a tweet or a FB post)… or to see mine from last year. I am laboriously uploading photos now so you can see our cowboy get-ups. On the docket for this year: a race car driver, a puppy & one TBD. Until next time …

Best Parenting.com Handmade Halloween Costumes

Parenting.com has 75 Homemade Halloween Costumes and let me just say … there is a ton of inspiration to be found in there. Here are a few of my favorites:

Cupcake Costume
This Mom from Maryland used a laundry basket to create this adorable cupcake

Raven Costume
I’m a huge fan of sweatsuit costumes & this little Raven from Pennsylvania is no exception

Scarecrow Costume
Overalls have never been cuter than this pair from Ohio

DJ Lance Costume
This mini version of DJ Lance from Florida rocks my world! My kids would love this

Freaking Cute Frankenstein

I am seriously considering dressing my grumpy gus in this green get-up this year. If only I can keep his inner hulkster from ripping off the head piece …

The whole costume is no-sew using thrifted clothing and green & red felt. Sounds like something I could do. Find all the details on Parenting.com

Psst, there are plenty of more Handmade Halloween Costume Ideas lurking in the archives in case you need some inspiration.

Quite the Pair! Toddler Halloween Costumes

Check out this lucky pair of Aces!!

Stephanie of And Twins make 5! created these super cute (and comfy) no-sew costumes using a pillowcase, iron-on letters, some black felt and transfer paper. The result? A winning pair & two incredibly cute spades and clubs. Head on over to her site to read all the details.

Great idea for Halloween, but might also be fun for the good old dress-up box, No? Or an Alice in Wonderland Party? Hmm, my wheels are turning …

Thanks Steph!!

Corn on the Cob Costume

If you’ve been around KSW for awhile, then you know each year I highlight the best in homemade halloween costumes I find on the web. Costumes like this adorable Corn on the Cob outfit from Parenting.com made from a green sweatshirt, a few recycled egg cartons, some yellow paint, felt and pipe cleaners. Pure Genius! If your new here, no worries stay tuned for plenty more DIY halloween costumes and be sure to take a peek through the costume round-up archives to see what other cuteness awaits.

KSW’s Handmade Toddler Costumes



I’ve gotten alot of requests recently to share my personal creations here on the website, and there’s something I must confess — while I have no issue publishing all the creative things I find during my countless hours scouring the Blog World, I’m a bit camera shy when it comes to publishing my own endeavors. Nevertheless, I’ve been working up the courage for quite some time now and I guess if I have to make a personal debut … what better time then now!

These were my toddlers handmade costumes last year and they were quite a hit with my kids and the neighborhood. I made them, literally, at the last minute {at work even, shhh}. In fact, I got about halfway through with them and was called away to an important meeting {I spent the entire meeting imagining my fate as the Worst Mother Ever and my kids not having any costumes for trick-or-treating}. Fortunately for me, I happened to work with the best darned group of people in the entire Air Force {world even} and when I got back to my office – well after quitting time, I found these sitting on our conference table – THE MOST ADORABLE CARDBOARD HORSES I had ever layed eyes on. I still get teary eyed just thinking about my team of Airmen cutting templates, gluing eyes and ears, and curling ribbons together ~ all in the name of Halloween.

Now that’s a great Halloween story, don’t you think? I can make this template available if anyone should request it.

Hoo wants to be an owl?


Ellen from The Long Thread has long been a hero of KSW since sharing her Scrappy Owl Treat bag last year. I’ll go as far as to say, she has outdone herself this year with this simple, DIY owl costume. I want to make one for everyone in my family {except the baby – he’ll still be the superhero owl posted below}

Happy Halloween!