Osmo – Toys of the future, today.

Have you ever been amazed by how easy it is for a toddler or young child to pick up a smart device and start using it? It just comes naturally to them.

Imagine what would happen if we could tap into the intuitiveness of a touch screen and apply it in a hands-on learning situation.

Osmo - a new way for kids to connect with technology

What if you could bring the ease of apps and video games into the classroom without spending a ton of money. Turn a puzzle into an interactive learning experience. Or, get kids not just excited about playing video games, but having fun while processing that energy into cognitive ability.

An unconventional iPad game platform that takes kids beyond the screen, using mirror technology

That’s exactly what the folks at Osmo have done and the results are game-changing.

Osmo - Play Beyond The Screen

It’s as if they found a bridge between the virtual world that let’s children become a part of the equation. Fortifying actions through touch and reinforcing the skills by truly connecting and making them a part of the process.

I found out about Osmo about 10 minutes ago.

I watched this video and had tears in my eyes before it was over.

I was so compelled I didn’t just need to write about it here, I had to purchase not one, but two of them.
Sight unseen.

I’m that excited about it.

Why two you ask?

One for me and one for you! How could I keep a discovery like this all for myself? Osmo should ship just in time to make this THE present you’ll want under your tree this year. I know it’s crazy to even consider Christmas gifts in July … but this is one you won’t want to miss.

I can’t wait to share our journey with Osmo with you.

Osmo is available for pre-order right now for just $49. That’s half of what the price will be when the product comes out later this year.

Here’s what you get:

- Osmo Reflector Component
- Base Station
- Osmo Games – Tangram, Newton, and Words
*** iPad NOT included

Osmos reflector for iPad. Changing the way your kids interact with technology, for the better.
Osmos Game System - a revolutionary new way for kids to experience and learn from technology

Stay tuned for the KSW LOVES OSMO giveaway happening this fall.

In the meantime, find out more about Osmo here.

Inspired by the Wonderful World of Eric Carle Books

Celebrating the wonderful world of Eric Carle, beloved author and illustrator by highlighting some amazing art work inspired by his books. Best known for The Hungry Caterpillar and his Brown Bear series, his tissue collage technique is easily recognizable and adored by young fans all over the world.

We didn’t have to search far to find these incredible art projects inspired by Eric Carle books, for more information about each project see the links below.

Beautiful art projects inspired by Eric Carle books

The dialogue that accompanies this mixed media piece based off of Eric Carle’s, The Tiny Seed, is in French but I have seen several school projects done in a similar manner using black and white photos of the child’s hand.

Bead & Button Seahorse

Kindergarten Draw Me a Star project

Merri Cherry’s mixed up chameleon

Individual Lonely Firefly Craft

And a collaborative lonely firefly bulletin board

Personalized art to go with Papa, please get the moon for me

Tin foil stars to go with Draw me a Star

Colorful Collection of Eric Carle Books

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this website with your purchase through these links His books not only provide a great source of inspiration to teachers and parents to connect with their children on the subjects of animals and nature, but are also a fantastic way to introduce colors, numbers, and sounds to children everywhere. Here are just a few of his titles to get you started exploring the wonderful world of Eric Carle

Collection of colorful Eric Carle books for kids

The Tiny Seed
The Mixed-Up Chameleon
The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse
A House for Hermit Crab
Animals, Animals
Papa, please get the moon for me


More great books from beloved illustrator Eric Carle

10 Little Rubber Ducks
The Foolish Tortise
Draw Me A Star
Mister Seahorse
Little Cloud

Want more inspiration?

Check out these links for more Eric Carle inspired activities:

- This mixed up chameleon scavenger hunt might just be my favorite follow-up book activity ever
- Cute activities for the Hungry Caterpillar story time
- Sea horse tissue paper art project
- What makes you grouchy? Grouchy Ladybugs
- Giant Sunflower craft

26 Ways to Make Pudding More Fun

Did you know National Chocolate Pudding Day is this month? 26 June to be exact … and that sounds like a delicious holiday worth celebrating to me! In honor of Chocolate Pudding Day, we put together this list of 26 ways to make pudding more fun.

Candy and sprinkles!

Pudding tastes delicious all on it’s own, but you can turn an everyday snack into a truly, special treat just by adding fruit, candy, sprinkles or other toppings you probably already have at home.

Make simple pudding more fun with these add-ins:

Cookies & Cream
Sprinkle crushed oreos over chocolate or vanilla pudding

Stacy’s Favorite
Chocolate pudding, with slivered almonds and whip cream. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top for an added delight.

Blueberry Walnut
Spoon some wet walnuts (from the ice cream aisle) over vanilla pudding, top with blueberries

Rainbow Sprinkles
Everything is better with sprinkles, pudding included

Oatmeal Raisin
Crumble some fresh-baked oatmeal cookies over vanilla pudding

Banana Split Pudding
Place a banana spear in a small dish, layer with Kozy Shack® Vanilla & Chocolate Pudding, top with a dollop of fresh whipped cream, and a maraschino cherry.

Rice Crispy Treats
If you can keep them around long enough break them up and add them to your pudding

Dirt Cake Pudding
Crushed Oreos and Gummy Worms — have you seen these? Perfect for playdates, parties, or a fun afternoon treat

Banana Pudding
Place layers of vanilla wafers, sliced bananas, vanilla pudding and whip cream for treat that’s almost as good as the banana pudding grandma used to make

M&M Pudding
M&M mini’s are my favorite for snacks like this. Like round little chocoatle sprinkles with a candy coated shell

Tropical Pudding
Dried tropical fruits like pineapple, mango or apricot chopped into bite size pieces and mixed with dried coconut.

25 different ways to top your pudding -- something here for everyone!
Shown here: Vanilla Pudding w/ sprinkles, Chocolate Pudding w/ crushed thin mints, Vanilla Pudding w/ mini Reese’s Pieces, and Chocolate Pudding w/ bite size chunks of kit kat

Reese’s Pieces
Did you know Reese’s Pieces come in mini!! That’s them in the photo above and they are scrumptious with vanilla pudding, trust us

Trix Surprise
Those round little balls look great on top of pudding

Island Nut
This is my favorite combo for pudding and frozen yogurt — toasted coconut and peanut m&m’s

S’mores Pudding
Chocolate pudding with crushed graham crackers, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows

Mint Chocolate Pudding
Tiny bits of Thin Mints sprinkled over chocolate pudding

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
You could put peanut butter cups on top of anything and call it dessert. Enjoy this with chocolate or vanilla

Rocky Road Pudding
Add peanuts and mini marshmallows to chocolate pudding

Sliced Strawberries
Try adding a bit of sugar and a dash of OJ to the strawberries before adding them to the pudding

Chocolate Covered Raspberries
Chocolate Chips and Raspberries – works for any pudding flavor

Twix taste good with everything

Granola to Go
Add a little granola to a snack pack and call it good

Sliced Bananas

Fruity Pebbles
Like colorful, fruity sprinkles for your pudding

Kit Kat
Chunks of kit kat mixed with pudding — yes please!

Polka Dot Pudding
Vanilla Pudding w/ Chocolate Chips

I usually make all of our cookies and treats myself, but Kozy Shack® Pudding is pudding made right—with just six simple ingredients. I feel good about purchasing this brand and feeding it to my family.
Bonus: Kozy Shack® Puddings are also gluten-free!

How can you celebrate National Chocolate Pudding Day?

Obviously, you’re going to need to eat some pudding!!

After that:

- Share this post so others can join in the pudding love fest; I made a snazzy pinnable image just for you.

- Enter the Kozy Shack giveaway below, you’ll be on your way to pudding heaven in no time.

- Get creative with these ideas or create your own pudding concoction. Let me know how you family is mixing it up by tagging me in an image on instagram and adding the hashtag #puddinglove. You can find me as StacyofKSW on Instagram, let’s be friends even if you aren’t sharing pudding love stories!! but I’ll be watching for your tasty creations just the same.

Yum! I want to try all of these - 26 delicious pudding topping ideas

Big thanks to Kozy Shack for sponsoring today’s post and offering KSW this sweet pudding prize pack
Sweet Kozy Shack Prize Pack Giveaway on Kids Stuff World

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Affordable Summer Clothes for Kids

Affordable summer clothes for kids!

1 / 2/ 3 / 4 / 56 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

I know I am not the only mom whose kids have grown a foot since last summer. To remedy our “no-pants” situation, the folks at The Children’s Place were kind enough to send a gift card in exchange for shopping their stores and trying some of their clothes.

I let my kids dress themselves, as long as we agree on the items together when we purchase them. Everything you see here was hand-picked by my 8-year son and 7-year old daughter. Mom Approved.

She loves those barefoot shoes! And I love that none of the items pictured here cost more than $15. In fact, some of the shirts sell for less than $5! The sunglasses were just $3, normally I wouldn’t splurge but with an extra 15% off, why not!

Cool summer clothes for boys

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

We didn’t purchase everything you see in these photos on our trip, but I noticed a big sale happening at The Children’s Place this weekend, so I will probably pick up the rest on my own. 

Do you shop at The Children’s Place?
Where do you find affordable clothes for your kids

Disclosure: We received a gift card to shop at The Children’s Place. These links are NOT affiliate links, just handy pointers to the items we loved.

Fresh Picks: Amazing Easter Projects

The best Easter projects

There’s just something ultra charming about all the spring colors and cute cuddly animals that go hand in hand with Easter. Sure, there’s much more to this day than fluffy bunnies and colored eggs and we hold tight to the real reason for the celebration too, but I can’t help wanting to be a bit more creative and colorful when Easter comes around.

Here’s a list of amazing easter crafts and projects:

Paper Mache roosters and bunnies you’ll want to keep all year round

A simple bunny graphic tee you can whip up in an afternoon

The cutest little Easter egg garland you ever did see

Brightly colored golden eggs

Sweet chocolate bunnies … need I say more?

Candy Bowls, the perfect thing for all sorts of treats

Easter Egg Bath Bombs, now those I’d love to find in my Easter basket!

A modern wooden egg that’s built to last

Egg Geodes – are you kidding? So in love with these!

His & Her Rabbits

More Mason Jar Cuteness

P.S. – I’m sorry I couldn’t find the actual post for those wooden eggs, the pin says they are created with paint and masking tape. You can see how my friend Amy made hers, they turned out just as cool.

P.S.S. – Did you catch our recent post about what to put in your child’s Easter basket? Lots of great ideas there!

What to put in your child’s Easter basket

So many cute ideas for filling Easter baskets!

Is it just me or does the stuff for Easter just get cuter every year! I’ve always been a fan of the fun spring colors and cuddly bunnies, but this year … I seriously want all of this stuff — for me!

I’m featuring a few tried & true items here, but there is lots more to see in the Easter shop.
Make sure you stop and take a peek, I’m constantly adding new things.

- Fluffy Bunny Ears (we got ours in Target Dollar aisle)
- Easter Birdhouse (like a gingerbread house for Easter!)
- Bunny Necklace
- Fluffy Brown & White Bunny
- Triangular Colored Pencils (these are the best!)
- Butterfly Bubbles (or any bubbles for that matter)
- Sweet bunny hair clips
- A slinky!
- Cuddly Little Lamb
- the cutest chocolate bunny (Mmmm, chocolate)
- Grab N Go Crayons
- Cute Crochet Critters
- Bunny Art Supplies
- Calico Critters Anything
- Bunny Feet
- A guinea pig that looks so real!
- Hypercolor Bunny (I know my daughter would love this one!)

Many more ideas waiting for you here.

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this website with your purchase through these linksI’ve linked to these specific items, but you can find similar ones just about anywhere. To make things even easier, I’m highlighting a few creative and/or free diy easter fillers. These can be real sanity savers.

These dyed wooden eggs would be loved for many Easters to come.

These silly putty carrots would look so sweet

Speaking of sweet, I like to mix up a big batch of Easter trail mix to help keep the number of candy eggs at a reasonable level.

I’m actually whipping up a batch of these water bead eggs right now!

These sponge bombs make for great fun all year-long

How about some homemade bouncy balls? These look so lovely

Got a rainbow loom lover in your home? They’ll flip for these loom Easter Eggs and mini Easter baskets.

Love the idea behind these texture eggs for little ones

Confetti eggs like these are HUGE here in Texas, they could be huge at your house too.

And if your family likes to get dressed up for Easter, how about one of these Bunny Boutonnieres. Just adorable

Beautiful handmade fillers for simple Easter baskets

Decorating Kids Rooms With Art

Decorating Kids Rooms With Art

There’s no denying it, my daughter LOVES art. She is happiest when she is creating and because she shares a bedroom with her two brothers (for the moment), it was very important to make her corner of the room all her own. Using her own art to decorate was an obvious and practical way to bring a lot of personality into her space on a small budget.

Inexpensive gallery wall to display kids artwork

Decorating Kids Rooms With Art

A Rotating Art Space

We go through LOTS of art pieces and while we certainly have our favorites, what goes on the wall is ultimately her decision. There are many pieces that stay on the wall all the time, but we keep things fresh with magnetic boards in bright colors. We strung them together to mimic the fiesta style buntings you often see here in Texas.

Note: I linked to similar ones from Amazon, but I think we found ours at Jo-Ann’s and used a 40% off coupon.

Art Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are all the rage and a creative young girl certainly needs a colorful one of her own. We made her gallery wall by painting cheap wooden laser cut frames from Michael’s in bright colors and simply thumbtacking them to the wall. We attach a piece of art in the center and can move them out easily whenever we want. I have noticed artwork that makes it into these fun frames generally stays there for awhile. I love that she saves this wall for her favorite pieces.

We found our frames at Michael’s and used 40% off coupons to keep each of these under $5. We painted them with regular craft paint.

Collaborative Art Projects

Some of my very favorite pieces of art are the projects that took the longest to make and got us all involved in the process. You’ll see one of a kind found things collages on my kids walls, we’ll be sharing more about how we make those next week. Stop back for more details.

Graphic Art

Our style motto is pretty much anything goes as long as she loves. We found some color your own graphic folders with these stylish girls on them at Target and she had such a great time working on them. I love how well they fit in here adding a strong punch of color and grounding the wall a bit.

Craft Projects

We do so many craft projects around here. When we make something that looks like it belongs on the wall, we go ahead and tack it right up there. You’ll see several of the butterfly pieces from our Small Hands Creating Hope banner hanging around the room. I love that this project has lived on long after it was done in our home.


My daughter isn’t the only artist in our family. Her favorite aunt loves to create as well and painted us several pieces throughout the years that hold a special place in our hearts. The name print was a gift for my daughter when she was just a baby. I imagine we will be adding some canvases of our own to this space over the summer months.


Buntings are a great way to incorporate art into your kids room. Not only can you make them using past art projects, but they can also serve as a wall display with the addition of some decorated clothespins. Here we have some simple glitter circles, but the possibilities for buntings are endless. My friend Jean is always coming up with beautiful bunting projects for every season.

Art Pillows

We made our first art project pillow last spring and we have enjoyed it every day since. It is by far my favorite project we have worked on together and every night as I tuck her into bed and kiss her goodnight that beautiful pillow reminds me of how amazing she is.

We just added two more art pillow projects to her room and they are just as cool but super simple to make. We used Shutterfly’s personalized pillows to upload her artwork and had them shipped and printed within a week. I can’t believe how bright and fun they turned out and how closely the colors match up. I love that I can see each of her individual pen strokes, they are really well done and I am already plotting how I can use them with other projects throughout the house.

Aren’t they fun?
Love these personalized pillows from Shutterfly, look how cool they look using original artwork

Bonus Tip: Bright colorful bedding works in a busy space like this, not only does it allow us to use any color of the rainbow but it also ties the whole room together. I got ours on clearance at Target, but they have a lot of great options there now as well. … I love Target.

Hope you liked all the projects we’ve used to create a unique space for her on a super, thrifty budget. The most expensive thing in here were the Shutterfly pillows but with a good discount code they are every bit worth the price.

A Great Series of Simple Photography Tips for Everyday Parents Our friends at Melissa & Doug sponsored this post as part of a partnership with Shutterfly to showcase fun ways families can capture meaningful photos and turn them into works of art.

If you have any questions or want to see anything in great detail, just let me know. I made this collage in case you want to pin the post for later, thank you!

Decorate your kids room on the cheap with these fun art projects

Winter Walk: Recharge with Nature

Hi, new friends! I’m Lacy from Living on Love. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be a new contributor here at Kids Stuff World. I am eager to get to know you all and hope you feel the same.

One thing my family and I take pride in is making a BIG deal out of small moments. I’m a firm believer that the everyday moments, the day-to-day happenings, can be beautiful and significant. After all, that’s what most of life is. This year on Kids Stuff World, I’ll be sharing ways to make life meaningful for your family. Whether it’s a fun project or an adventurous outing, you can be sure it will be simple and significant. It’s about the time spent together that matters most. Let’s get started!
recharge your family with a crisp winter walkI’m not sure where you live, but in my neck of the woods we have had a couple of months of bitter cold, snow, and ice. Only a handful of times has it been nice enough to actually get out and enjoy the weather. The rest of the time we’ve been cooped up inside, with a nice dose of cabin fever.
Once the weather perked up, with highs in the low 50s (a treat for January!) we decided to make a day of it and enjoy some quality family time outdoors. We loaded up the car and headed to our favorite hiking spot at a nearby state park. The weather was perfect. Cool enough that snow and ice were still all around us, but warm enough to truly enjoy some time in the woods.
 simple ways to make a winter walk a fun and simple outing for your family
Since our girls were babies, we have spent tons of time outdoors. Nature has always been a place of adventure and rejuvenation. Since I can remember, being outside has given me a sense of release and purpose. As a family, sometimes all we need to recharge is a good amount of time spent in the wilderness.
Here are some ways to make a winter walk a fun and simple outing for your family…             
  • Dress for the occasion – Appropriate attire is key. Toddlers especially tend to freak out if they are too cold, too hot, wet, etc. We were able to last a long time because our girls were warm and able to move around freely since they were wearing their “adventure clothes,” as we like to call them.

  • Take it slow – There is no rush, especially in the wilderness. Take your time and let your little ones set the pace for your adventure. Take breaks if you need to. Allow yourself to surrender to the clock and enjoy an outing free of time constraints.

  • Notice the details – Take time to stop and look around. Point out things you see or hear to your children. Ask them what they think is interesting or beautiful. From hollowed out logs to frozen waterfalls, our girls were amazed by the things they saw during our winter walk.

7 5 4 Recharge in nature - easy ways to get outside this winter!

I challenge you to get outside this winter! I think you’ll be surprised just how refreshing an outdoor adventure can be for your entire family…

So long 2013, Hello 2014!

I blinked and the whole year went by. I didn’t even have a chance to prepare and now here we are on New Years Eve with one more week before school starts and not a thing to do.

I’m not worried one bit though. Thanks to some amazing creative mamas we have a whole week of awesome planned for us and a makeshift winter wonderland right here in Texas!

Family Friendly New Years Fun: Great ideas for the last week of winter break!

Family Friendly New Years Fun

We’ll start with an indoor snowball fight!

Bonus points — making the snowballs is an activity in itself and we can hold on to them afterwards to have a snowball fight anytime we like.

Whip up a few of these giant snowflakes to suspend from the ceiling or maybe even hang in the yard.

Construct a few New Years crowns with sparkly pipe cleaners of our choice.

Then cover our windows in a snow flurry with these contact paper snowflakes.

Now that winter is in full effect, there’s only one thing left to do …

Make the switch to edible snowballs and then make some noise with these adorable diy shakers.

Now that’s my kind of New Years!

Happy New Years Everyone!
We’ve got some big things in store for 2014 and I can’t wait to share them with you

Star Wars All Day Long

Little Star Wars Fansstar wars kids

I don’t know about you, but we eat, sleep, and dream Star Wars around here — quite literally now, thanks to Cereal Wars: The Edible Episodes!

and with these cute little mini pens in Big G cereal boxes, they’re even taking over playtime, art time, even Christmas time!

Hello, awesome stocking stuffers!!

Star Wars Pens Available in General Mills cereal boxes through December 2013

We’ve had a great time experimenting with fun trail mix snack combinations using the Big G cereals. This one not only fuels us for epic battles between good and evil, but also makes a fun snack for watching Cereal Wars: Edible Episodes.

Star Wars #CerealWars

Cereal Wars Trail Mix

2 cups each of Cheerios, Reese’s Puffs, Golden Grahams, Angry Bird Cheese Crackers (nod to Star Wars Angry Birds)
1 Cup of Cashews
1 Cup Dried Cranberries
1 Cup Dried Apples

Mix Well in a Large Bowl or Extra Large Plastic Storage Bag. Divide into individual snack size servings.

Want to get your hands on some Star Wars pens of your own?

8 mini Star Wars character pens available in Big G cereals till the end of 2013
The collectible pen characters include: Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca, Storm Trooper, Mace Windu, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Boba Fett.

Participating cereals include: Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reese’s Puffs, Golden Grahams, Cocoa Puffs, Trix and Lucky Charms.

Cereals with Star Wars pens

Thanks to General Mills for sponsoring this post and inspiring even more Star Wars fun in our lives! Stay tuned to see our edible episode coming soon, and check out the Cereal Wars: The Edible Episodes Tumblr page for inspiration to make your own!