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Camp Mom – Summer Activities Pack

The ultimate tool for helping you save your sanity this summer, the Camp Mom! Summer Activies Pack is an ebook full of kids activities and printables to get you organized and ready for a memorable summer of family fun.

Check it out, 84 pages of family fun at your fingertips!
 Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack - the ultimate tool for a summer of family fun

Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack: Family Fun at your fingertips | Kids Stuff World

Why you need it:

The Camp Mom! Summer Activities Pack includes:

– Printables to help your family with summer planning
– More than 80 activities broken into weekly themes (water, nature, art)
– Plenty of ideas and tips on everything from creating routine to managing sibling conflict
– Summer reading recommendations

Get Yours Now: Only $9.99

Read what others are saying:

“I am so excited about Camp Mom, this is exactly what I need to help me create the kind of summer experience I want for my kids! I tend to have great expectations for the summer but pulling it all together while managing a house and family can make it difficult to execute. We are also on a tight budget so I am looking forward to giving my kids great summer activities that we can do at home. With four kids even reasonably priced extracurricular classes are not an option this year, thank you for writing this superb ebook!” ~ Lorien V. Mom to 4

Get Yours Now: Only $9.99

ON SALE NOW $14.99 $9.99

Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack is an e-book, after purchasing you will receive an email with a link to download your copy and view on any mobile handheld device or computer. This book is not available in hardcopy at this time. Thank you.

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