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What is this Kids Stuff World thing anyways?

Well for starters, it’s not “Kids Stuff” World!

It is so much more than that

Kids. Stuff. World. is my sounding board.

It’s the place where I chronicle my journey towards being a better person —Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend, Lady. It’s tales of life with three young kids, creating a happy home, a simple girl full of big dreams and best laid plans. It’s being mindful, trying to live in the moment, and more importantly trying to find like minded mothers (friends even), all while paying respects to our precious Mother Earth.

Simply put, it’s where I write about the little things, the BIG things and all the “stuff” in between.

kids stuff world

In case you’re new, here’s a sampling of KSW posts
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About the Author:
Hi, I’m Stacy. Friends from back home call me StacyMae (I’m a Carolina Girl), a ton of folks still call me Sgt. (11.5 years in the USAF), but most of the folks I deal with these days just call me “Mom“. I had three children in four very short years and ended my military career just months before the birth of my youngest.


I’m super friendly, so don’t be shy, leave a comment or just say Hi. <- Apparently I’m some sort of poet as well. I try to answer as quickly as I can but if I don’t get back to you in a decent amount of time, don’t take it personally; I’m probably just wiping bottoms or cleaning up crumbs. Try again, or find me at one of the links below and I guarantee you I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I’m all over the place!!

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