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Chuck E. Cheese is 40! Celebrates with new look, same great family fun

Chuck E. Cheese is 40! Celebrates with new look, same great family fun

Chuck E. Cheese is 40!!! And they are updating their restaurants to celebrate

I remember going to Chuck E. Cheese as far back as first grade.
I have always loved them.
The pizza, the games, the parties, the prizes!
What’s not to love about the place?

So like me, they are getting up there in age and feeling the need to fine tune a few things. They partnered with Tesser, a design firm based in San Francisco and came up with a new layout focused on food, family and fun. It just so happened the first store to be remodeled was one right down the road from us. We attended the grand opening ceremony and I’m happy to report the heart of the place is still the same.

Grand opening of newly remodeled Chuck E. Cheese in San Antonio, TX. New stores feature family style restaurant seating, open concept kitchen area and lighted dance floor for the kids

So Chuck E. Cheese got a facelift, but it’s still just as fun for the whole family!

Maybe even more so now! And here’s why:

New layout focused on fresh food and fun for the whole family

New Chuck E. Cheese restaurant layout - more natural woods, family style seating and grown up atmosphere. Party Zone for kids and birthdays is separate from this dining area

More family friendly restaurant style seating and an arcade layout that groups games more by age ranges so you can sit closest to where your kids will most likely be spending their time


Even better, the party area or (Birthday Zone, as they call it) is separate from the family dining spaces so you can visit as often as you like and enjoy the time with your family without having to worry about large parties or big groups next to you.

No more animatronics. Chuck E. Cheese gets rid of the stationery characters and replaces them with live characters and this light up dance floor

They did away with the animatronics

Ok, I admit this one bummed me out a bit at first. I mean they’ve been coming to life and singing to me almost all my life but the minute I saw the characters playing and interacting with the kids this new way one me over!

Instead of a stage with stationary characters who come to life and sing

Now they have real life characters who walk around the store playing games with your kids, posing for selfies and getting down on the dance floor.

(Hot Mama in the City and her son having fun at the grand opening)

They took down the walls in the kitchen so you can see them making your pizza fast and fresh each day

Did you know Chuck E Cheese makes their own pizza dough?
Me neither

They invited us for a pizza making party so we could see for ourselves and showed us how the new kitchen has a bright and open concept so guests can watch their pies being made fresh

Gluten an issue? 

No problem, just ask for a gluten-free pizza and they will make you your very own cheese pizza in a specially wrapped bag to prevent cross contamination and even give you your own mini pizza cutter!

No more coins

This one is a biggie for me.

No more dirty metal coins for your kids to handle (or swallow, yeah we’ve had that happen) now they each get their own play cards and can play without worrying about losing coins or who has more

There are self-service kiosks available for you to purchase package deals of your choice

No more coins! Chuck E. Cheese replaces coins with play cards

Tickets for everyone!

One of my favorite observations about the new improved Chuck E. Cheese is every hour we were there they had a special dance party with the characters that ended with a rainfall of tickets for all the kids on the dance floor.

Making it rain tickets at the live hourly dance party at Chuck E Cheese

They told us while we were taking a tour they wanted all the kids to have a chance to win and little touches like this make it all the more obvious.

Sensory Sundays

Here’s an addition I really love. The first Sunday morning of the month you can bring your family to Chuck E Cheese two hours before they open for a special sensory friendly experience.

Sensory Sunday’s include:

– Less crowding and noise
– Dimmed lighting
– Show and music turned off or down
– Limited appearances by Chuck E.
– Food and games are offered

Check here for more info and a list of participating locations (scroll to bottom of page)

Special offers for military families.

Thanks Chuck E. Cheese! See current military family discounts here.

Great Deals for everyone!

These change pretty regularly, be sure to check this page for current offers and deals

Chuck E. Cheese - where a kid can be a kid



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Chuck E. Cheese. We were invited to see the grand opening of the first remodel of their stores. I just had to see if Chuck E. Cheese was still as fun as I remembered, the place where a kid could be a kid … and a mom could be a fun mom. Suffice to say all opinions are my own and I think they have done just that.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.


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1 thought on “Chuck E. Cheese is 40! Celebrates with new look, same great family fun”

  • Wow, I love the new look! We used to take our kiddos to Chuck E. Cheese for the birthdays when we lived in California, but we don’t have one near us now.

    I’m really glad to hear they got rid of the coins. That was always so gross and such a pain to keep track of! Plus, we had a bunch of ours get stolen once. Game cards are much easier and simpler to use.

    Now I wish we had a Chuck E. Cheese near us!

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