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10 Things You Need To Know Before Indoor Skydiving

10 Things You Need To Know Before Indoor Skydiving

Helpful info before you go indoor skydiving

1. The whole experience will take about an hour.

The flight itself is only 1 minute long. Learn all about indoor skydiving at iFly.com

2. It’s perfectly safe

Anyone in suitable health ages 3 and over can do it. There is no upper age limit! The week we went they had a 96-year-old man come in and try it! We had 4 year olds in our group killing it!

* See Physical Limitations and Restrictions below for more info on who can skydive

2.5. It’s lots of fun

I did it with my 8, 10 and 11-year-old and we all LOVED it!!

3. It feels more like being pushed UP than falling down

There is no weird stomach drop feeling like you get from a roller coaster!

4. If you have long hair, you should braid it

Ladies or fellas with long hair, you’re going to want to put it up.
And I mean PUT IT UP.
Braids will help you best. Any wisps left out will turn to tangles in the 125 mph wind in no time!

5. You must wear lace up shoes

Wear shoes that lace up so you can keep them tied to your feet. Anything not tied on is going to fly off!
And comfortable clothing that will feel good underneath a fight suit. (See #6)

6. You will have to wear a flight suit

You will have to wear a flight suit, ear plugs and goggles. 
These items will be provided for you and you are going to look oh so stylish! Make sure you snap a selfie of you and whoever you’re going with

Why the flight suit?
It’s covered in handles the instructor can use to help you with during your flight

7. Leave your jewelry at home.

You will have to take it all off before your flight anyway. 

See note above: Anything not tied down is going to fly off
You can keep your glasses on though, they have larger goggles that can fit over your eye wear

8. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be

Trust me, the more you try to fight it and be stiff the harder it will be. Just let go and go with the flow (literally)

9. Bring some water along with you, you will be thirsty afterwards

I was not prepared for this! You will be.

10. Say what needs to be said before you enter the chamber.

You will not be able to hear once you are inside.
I repeat, you will NOT be able to hear once you are inside.
Which is why you should pay close attention to the hand signals they teach you during training

Bonus Tip:. It’s okay to eat beforehand

But I say wait till after! You’ll have so much more to talk about

Now go try it and have an amazing time!!! Then come back here and tell me all about it.
Bonus points if you share pics from your skydiving experience

Physical Limitations and Restrictions

Anyone in suitable health ages 3 and over can do it. There is no upper age limit!

– Children under the age of 18 will need consent from a parent or guardian

– The max weight limit in the wind tunnel is 300 pounds.

– Pregnant women should not fly

– And those who have had dislocated shoulders are not recommended to fly

- If you have a history of back, neck or heart problems you should ask your physician before attempting your first flight.

Got any other questions or concerns? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try and address them for you. Seriously one of my top 10 life experiences. If you ever get the chance to try indoor skydiving I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer: We received 2 free flights from iFly San Antonio in exchange for this post.
I paid for the rest of our flights, photos and videos and bought a Family Pack afterwards because we loved it so much.

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1 thought on “10 Things You Need To Know Before Indoor Skydiving”

  • How fun! My husband went indoor skydiving once with his work and had a sore shoulder for a week afterward. He said he was really nervous going into the chamber and not relaxed at all, so he was stiff and awkward. If only he’d known to relax and not fight it. Lol!

    I didn’t know that indoor skydiving was such a safe activity for all ages, but I’m glad you included that tidbit of info because I’d like to try it with my kids (while we’re relaxed, of course!)

    Thanks for sharing!

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