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Save your sanity with a magical blanket fort kit

Save your sanity with a magical blanket fort kit

Guys, I have a confession to make.

Something I have been feeling awful about all week.

My kids get out of school for the summer next Thursday and for the first time ever …

I am not super excited about it.

I know.

Awful mom of the year award.

It’s just, they are getting a little older and their personalities are coming out so strongly (by personalities, I mean attitudes) and they don’t get along 24/7 the way they used to and well, it kinda breaks my heart.

Their world also doesn’t revolve around me anymore … and well turns out this attention craving diva needs some time to get used to that.

I just do.

Anyway, rather than sit around dreading the start of summer and our time together I’m finding fun ways for us to just be us.

Low stress, low-cost, simple things we can do to stay active and creative all summer long. Don’t worry I’ll tell you ALL ABOUT IT, but today I wanted to show you the magical blanket fort kit I threw together for the kids.

Save your sanity this summer by putting together a blanket fort kit your kids can use over and over again. The only limit is their imagination!

I call it magical because I can just imagine all the fun we’ll have and stories we’ll share and ideas we’ll come up with in here! That and because I foresee it being a solution to one of our biggest problems this summer:

Sibling squabbles.

When my kids start to argue and whine and complain about one another it makes my skin crawl. Like nails on a chalkboard I just can’t handle it. So when it starts, I tell them if they can’t play together nicely perhaps they need to spend some time apart.

We don’t make a big deal about it, we just stop what they were doing and go do something else.

In total opposite directions.

So if they are outside jumping on the trampoline and one comes in crying because the other one did something ridiculous that just utterly ruined their day … like shook his backside or tried to kiss/hug/tackle him … then I redirect them elsewhere for a short time.

They go willingly and either
A) get caught up doing something on their own or
B) sort it all out within a short period and go back to doing what they were doing before.

blanket fort coloring spot in the backyard -- great idea for a lazy summer afternoon

I see this magical backyard blanket fort as being a sanctuary and place of solitude for one of them during those periods and also a creative spot they can spend time together coming up with new games and fun stories and characters they can act out or draw on their own.

I see many a library day ending just like so– a big stack full of books, a bunch of pillows and stuffed animals and maybe even a snack or two.

backyard forts make the perfect reading and coloring spot, we keep a fort kit by the door so the kids can build one whenever they want

I know this blanket fort will be just as magical for this mama as it will be for my kids.

20 ways to use your blanket fort kit

1. Read in it
2. Color in it
3. Snack in it
4. Sleep in it
5. Build legos in it
6. Imaginary play
7. Journaling
8. Bird watching
9. Have a tea party
10. Baby play area
11. Shady place to relax
12. Quiet time
13. Just hanging out with friends
14. Backyard movie night
15. Home base
16. A fort!
17. A playhouse
18. Secret clubhouse
19. Pretend restaurant
20. Knitting spot or rainbow loom
21. Place to play board games or card games
22. Tell Stories in It

backyard fort hideway -- <3

Want to make your own backyard blanket fort kit?

It’s super simple, all you need is:

– Clothespins
– Clothesline or parachute cord (as seen here)
– Tote bag to keep it all in
– A couple flat sheets (I dyed mine fun colors, but save your self some time and just find colored ones … trust me if you are following me on Snapchat you know what I mean!)

Note: I used twin size because I’m cheap, larger sheets could be even better but these three work fine for us. Use some sheets you already own or scour thrift stores or discount stores to collect a few to keep in your fort kit.

I’ve also got a picnic blanket on the bottom of ours, we got this one from Target and we love it. It folds up and velcros into its own little pouch we can take with us anywhere we go. Similar styles here

how to make your own blanket fort kit

So yeah, I finally joined SnapChat and turns out … I love it. I only have like 4 friends who are on it so far … want to be my next best friend? Find me as StacyofKSW or download my SnapCode.

Can’t wait for you to find out how awkward and random I am :)


I got together with a bunch of my favorite Creative Mamas and we put together a MiniMaker’s Summer Fun Guide for you. You know, in case summer scares you too. Or maybe it doesn’t … but you know you are still going to need tons to do with them!

Mini Makers Guide to Summer Fun hosted by Creative Mamas

I’ll link up the projects as they come out below and if you need even more ideas check out Camp Mom, a little ebook we helped put together a couple of years ago chock full of 80+ ideas of things to do with your kids this summer.

You’re welcome!! (See you on SnapChat!)