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Grow your own green smoothie garden!

Grow your own green smoothie garden!

Hey there! I’m Jen. I blog over at Plain Vanilla Mom and I am so excited to be here writing my first post for KSW. Stacy is amazing, as are all the ladies on the KSW&Co team, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it and have the chance to get to know you all better!

Have you ever tried green smoothies? If you haven’t let me first start by saying that they don’t have to taste very “green” at all so don’t let the color fool you. And if you haven’t, you are missing out!

Planting a green smoothie garden is a great way to get started healthier eating habits

Since last summer, hubby and I have been on the green smoothie train and I don’t think we will ever jump off!  I can’t begin to tell you all the benefits we’ve seen.  We’ve each lost a few pounds, feel better, have more energy and are generally craving healthier foods.  Who wouldn’t with all that Kale & Spinach being consumed every day!

Well this spring as we were getting our gardens ready for planting I thought hey… wouldn’t it be fun to grow our own green smoothie ingredients? And so, our Green Smoothie Garden was born.

Planting a green smoothie garden is a great way to get the kids involved in healthier eating habits. Imagine what they will learn growing their own greens, and watching them go straight from the garden to blender. How exciting!

You could grow your green smoothie garden any where you want. We do have a couple of raised garden beds but we opted to do most of our greens container style on our back deck. Lucky for us green smoothie ingredients make for pretty good container gardening.  Not to mention our greens will be within easy reach any time we want fresh ingredients.

What greens can you put in a smoothie?

You might be surprised! If you are just getting started with green smoothies you might want to stick to the basics like Kale & Spinach. Simply toss a handful of either into whatever smoothie recipe you already love. I promise, you won’t taste a thing. Go ahead, try it.

However, in no way are you limited to Kale & Spinach.

Just look at this list of what we are planting for our green smoothies.

• Kale
• Spinach
• Basil
• Mint
• Cilantro
• Parsley
• Collard Greens
• Romaine Lettuce
• Cucumber
• Carrots & Carrot tops
• Swiss Chard
• Collard Greens

All these green ingredients can rock your green smoothies and up the nutritional value tremendously.

I especially love using herbs in our green smoothies!

grow your own green smoothie garden -- I want to try this!

Planting a green smoothie garden is a great way to get the kids involved in healthier eating habits too. Imagine what they will learn growing their own greens and then going straight from the garden to blender. How exciting! Not to mention because they did it themselves they may be a little more inclined to try some new foods.  And just think… what if you could squeeze a little spinach into their diet every day in the form their favorite fruit smoothie?

Need a few green smoothie recipes ideas to get you going?

Start with our favorite green mango smoothie

here’s one with yogurt in it

a new to me combo: mint pineapple pear, that sure sounds refreshing

And if you REALLY want to up your green smoothie game, check out the Simple Green Smoothies book. Our friend Lindsey from Cafe Johnsonia took all those stunning photos!


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Jennifer Haas

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