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Starting a Mother’s Day Tea Party Tradition

Starting a Mother’s Day Tea Party Tradition

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Little Debbie®. But the fun we had, memories we made, and laughs we shared are all our own.

My relationship with my mother has always been complicated.

I left home when I was 14 and I’ve been on my own ever since. Her mental illnesses and addictions robbed us of much of our time together and made any sort of semblance of a normal mother/daughter bond nearly impossible, sadly even now.

We didn’t have many traditions or special things we did together. Still, I love my mother very, very much and I know that she loves me too. 

The times we were together, we moved around a lot.

I remember waking up extra early in elementary school, making a big glass of chocolate milk for myself and wrapping two Little Debbie® Pecan Spinwheels carefully in a paper towel. My breakfast.

They were my favorite things ever. I would unroll my spinwheel slowly, savoring each bite during the hour-long car ride it took to get me to a “decent” school from where we staying that month. I realize now with three children of my own, what a big deal my going to a good school must have been for her to make such a long drive each day. 

We’d ride from the swamp, over the river, through the country, passed the pony farm and eventually into the city, me slowly rationing out my pecan swirls along the way so that by the time we got close to my school there would be nothing left but the soft, sweet gooey center of each roll.

 I’d smile as I popped those last bites in my mouth, take the final drink of my chocolate milk, kiss my mom goodbye and run off to start my day.

Those are happy memories.

Perhaps my disheveled childhood is part of the reason making fond memories and creating new family traditions with my own children is so important to me. I want them to think back on our time together and remember me with a smile. 

I hope they grow up and pass down their favorite traditions we’ve started and look forward to making new ones with their own families.

This year we are going to start a Mother’s Day Tea Party tradition.

4 steps to starting a Mother's Day tea party tradition with your family, it's so much fun and easier than you might think!

A few years ago for Mother’s Day, the kids drew on tea cups for me and we’ve been saving them in the sweetest little picnic basket wrapped up in a vintage scarf.

Our whole family loves tea … and sweets and mom, so it just feels like a logical thing to do!

When starting new traditions it’s important to keep things as simple as possible.

1. You don’t need anything fancy

Mismatched linens and various teacups and saucers we’ve collected from thrift stores and shopping expeditions over the years is the only way to go for us!

We’re not really fancy, so our tea party doesn’t need to be either. We’re all picturing something fun and outdoors. So when we started planning, I knew we’d need to keep the treats simple too.

Wow, this is beautiful. Can you believe those are Little Debbie's? So pretty and easy to make for any event, party or shower

2. Get the kids involved

My kids LOVE to do things on their own, so I wanted to come up with a few snack ideas they could easily create and be super proud of when serving our guests.

Gorgeous brunch ideas featuring Little Debbie Pecan Spinwheels, perfect for Mother's Day! Or a book club, baby shower

3. Keep the food simple

Here are three variations of brunch or tea party snacks using my favorite childhood treats

Pecan Sweet Roll Cake
Pecan Spinwheels with Cream Cheese Icing and Berries
Pecan Spinwheels Stacks

To make any of these snack ideas yourself, all you need is:

Little Debbie® Pecan Pinwheels Sweet Rolls
Fresh Flowers
Grandma’s Cream Cheese Icing

Perfect dessert ideas for brunch or tea

The cake was my daughter’s project, she arranged the sweet rolls in a spiral pattern on a galvanized cake plate and placed berries and flowers strategically around them.

cinnamon roll cake with fresh berries
Little Debbie pecan spinwheel with cream cheese icing and berries, simple dessert to make for any party!

My youngest has the sweetest tooth, so you know his creation was going to need a little something extra. He built his Pecan Spinwheels on a single layer on the pie plate, smeared loads of cream cheese icing on top and dropped handfuls of berries on top for good measure.

cinnamon roll berry cakes!

My oldest, and longtime lego lover had the great idea to stack Pecan Spinwheels on top of each other and stuff berries in between them. He used toothpicks to keep them intact.

These desserts took us just minutes to make, but put on quite the show for our Mother’s Day Tea Party!

mothers day brunch ideas kids can do themselves!

I love that this is so simple the kids, or even Dad, could do it on their own 
Hint, Hint for anyone who wants to try making mom breakfast in bed this year.

mothers day tea party with little debbie, this turned out so sweet! (and easy!!)

4. Practice Makes Perfect

We had a trial run this week just to test out all our ideas and serving dishes and now we can’t wait to put on the real tea party in a couple of weeks for Nana and a few of our closest friends for Mother’s Day.

Does your family have any fun Mother’s Day traditions?

We needed a new one because prior to this their biggest memory of mom on Mother’s Day is a bird pooping on my shoulder while we were outside eating … not quite the vision I was going for, but at least it makes them laugh!

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