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Super Lucky to Have A Friend Like You Gift In A Jar

Super Lucky to Have A Friend Like You Gift In A Jar

Do you have a friend you just can’t imagine life without?

A friend you are certain the stars aligned the day you two met and you actually won the friendship lottery. Let her know just how lucky you are to have a friend like her in your life by doing something super simple, yet oh so special this St. Patrick’s Day.

Mason jar gifts are one of the greatest things ever, and I’ll let you in on a little secret … it doesn’t even have to be a true “mason jar” save your spaghetti and jelly jars ladies because everyone loves a thoughtful gift in a jar!

And this one couldn’t be more simple thanks to this mason jar printable we whipped up.
St Patrick's Day printable mason jar gift idea - just print, cut and insert in the top of a mason jar for a one of a kind gift in a jar

I have a friend who texts or calls me EVERY SINGLE TIME our school has an early release. Which happens several times a year. She does this because she knows I have the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimer’s and my personal calendar is always out of sync. She knows if she’s doesn’t touch base with me, although I love my children more than life itself … they will more than likely be standing out on the curb waiting for me to come and pick them up.

How does she know? Cause it has happened before.

Once, but it won’t happen again because she won’t allow it to.

Friends like that are special.

They deserve diamonds and gold, or a girl’s weekend to some tropical locale but since that isn’t in our girls rule the world budget right now, chocolate and gold it is!

I know she wont mind :)

She’s that cool of a chick. And I am super lucky to have her as a friend.

Lucky to Have You For A Friend - download the printable, buy some gold candies and put together for a cute gift in a jar


You will need:
– a glass jar
St Patricks Day printable
– chocolate with gold foil (we used Hershey Kisses w/ Almonds, Gold Coins and Hershey’s Nuggets but you can use whatever)
– ribbon to decorate (optional)

1. Grab a mason jar, jelly jar or spaghetti jar and make sure it’s dry and squeaky clean
2. Print a copy of this St. Patrick’s Day printable and cut out with scissors or a 2.5 inch circle punch
3. Fill your jar with the gold foil chocolate candy
4. Insert the I Struck Gold When We Became Friends label into the lid of the jar insert or affix to the top if using a recycled jar
5. Decorate by adding a little ribbon and give it a quick tug with one side of your scissors to make a pig tail curl
6. Voila! A super simple gift in a jar idea your friend will surely love

Lucky to have friends like you! Cute gift in a jar idea

Want to see more cute mason jar gifts and diy ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Have something specific in mind? Tell us that to, maybe we can help!

Thanks so much for reading and following along,

I struck gold getting readers like YOU!!

Wish I could send you each your very own gift in a jar!
Lots of love and here’s a pic you can pin in case you want to make this later

Cute way to show friends how much you care - gift in a jar idea