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Heart Shaped Pizza Minis

Heart Shaped Pizza Minis

I’m sharing one of my family’s favorite ways to celebrate Valentines Day,

Heart Shaped Pizza Minis!!

Pizza and lazy man’s fondue … that’s been our Valentines Day menu for years. We are not fancy, I just chop up some fruit and melt some chocolate and arrange it all on some cute party plates. Some sparkling pink lemonade and we call it a day. This Valentines Day we’re taking it one step further by using cookie cutters to make pizza shaped like a heart and even tiny heart shaped pepperoni!

We have family pizza night at least twice a month and the kids always have so much fun decorating the pies with different ingredients. Smiley faces are a family favorite, we’ve used mini pizza crusts to make snowmen before, or even made square shaped crust to do minecraft pizza. So I know they’ll get a kick out of these heart shaped pizza minis.

Heart Shaped Pizza Minis! Would be such a cute birthday party of lunch idea

This is such a fun and simple activity the whole family can have fun with and the end result couldn’t be any cuter. Here’s all you need to know to have a Valenetines Day Pizza Party of your own, you could do this for a kid’s party, class party, fun lunch or family pizza night any time of year. The possibilities are endless and oh so fun. You really don’t need many instructions, so we’ll just break it down visually for you.


Make your own heart shaped pizza

Store bought crusts are perfect for this, we used a 4 inch heart shaped cookie cutter and were able to cut 4 hearts from each crust. Put the point of the cutter in the center and angle the hearts outwards to get 4 from each pie.

We used a smaller cutter we had from a set to make the heart shaped pepperoni. If you have a graduated heart cookie cutter set like one of these you might be able to do both with one set.

Quick Tip: Don’t have a heart shaped cookie cutter? No problem, just cut the crust freehand into one large heart or use a heart shape template cut from a piece of paper as a guide. * I’ll upload one here for you later to make it even simpler!

Nothing fancy, just sauce and cheese and pepperoni and these adorable little cookie cutters

Next family pizza night we are having pizza shaped like a heart!

Pop them in the oven for 5-10 minutes, until melted and golden brown to your likeness and then surprise your loved ones with their very own heart shaped pizza, the perfect pizza for Valentines Day!

This is the perfect pizza for Valentines Day! Kids will love these heart shaped pizza minis

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