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Simple Handmade Gift Idea: DIY Gilded Holiday Mug

Simple Handmade Gift Idea: DIY Gilded Holiday Mug

DIY Gilded Holiday Mug- a simple, inexpensive handmade gift idea you can make in less than 30 minutes

Holiday gifts don’t have to be a headache, they can be both beautiful and budget-friendly! With a few supplies you can make your very own DIY Gilded Holiday Mug for just a few dollars and give it to someone special without feeling like you are giving them something second-rate.

This is a simple handmade gift idea (my favorite kind!) you can do in less than 30 minutes once you have your materials on hand. I like to search thrift stores and dollar stores throughout the year to collect cheap mugs and glasses perfect for projects like this.

To get started making this DIY Gilded Holiday Mug, you will need just a few supplies:
– a solid colored mug
– gold spray paint
– press-n-seal wrap
– newspaper or kraft paper

Step 1: Prep the Mug
Start out by covering the top of the mug with press-n-seal wrap. You will be painting the bottom half of the mug. The look we are going for here is NOT a straight line but rather something more painterly and haphazard looking. Press and seal works perfectly for this look since as you wrap it around the mug it naturally creates a wavy, crinkled line.

make your own holiday mug: cover in press and seal‚Äč

Step 2: Paint the Mug
Spray paint the mug. Turn the mug upside down to do this and then spray it with gold paint. Paint around the whole bottom half of the mug.
make your own holiday mug

Step 3: Check out your handiwork
Remove the press and seal from the mug after it dries for a bit and you are all set! Let it completely dry.
cute tutorial to make your own gilded holiday mug

Step 4: Decorate!
Cut some winter trimmings from the tree and fill the mug with water. Stuff the trimmings inside the mug and embellish with some decorate faux winter berries or gold berries like we used here. Tie something very simple like baker’s twine, in a ribbon around the base and you are all set!

cut trimmings to decorate your holiday mug

After you gild your holiday mug, fill it with winter trimmings and something sparkly like gold berries to make it really shine! I love giving mugs as gifts because they can be used for hot cocoa or coffee or even as an unexpected vase like this.

DIY Gilded Holiday Mug- a simple, inexpensive handmade gift idea you can make in less than 30 minutes

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