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15 Fall Fashion Must-Haves for 2015

15 Fall Fashion Must-Haves for 2015

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When I found out I would be writing a fall fashion post this month I had a good laugh. I don’t have the most stylish wardrobe and I’m not the girl you necessarily call when you need fashion advice … but, I do have a great eye and a lot of friends with amazing style. I knew all I had to do was ask around if I wanted to discover this year’s hottest fall fashion trends and get some practical styling tips for moms on the go.

We all know no two moms are alike, so I love that when I asked these ladies to share their favorite fall fashion tips and must-have wardrobe items with me that they came back with such a wide range of answers and something that would work for every woman.

From these 6 looks, we were able to pinpoint 15 fall fashion must-haves. Let’s take a look at these fashion trends and how moms on the go can wear them.

We asked 5 moms what items were on their must-have list for fall 2105 and here's what they told us. I agree! I want all of these things in my closet

15 Fall Fashion Must Haves

1. Colored Bags
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Take a look at just about any mom, anywhere and you will notice a bag not far away. The first thing I noticed when I saw these women sporting their fall looks was the great bags each of them were carrying! From large boho styles, camel totes, to bright colored camera bags, even fuchsia clutches these ladies know how to choose a great bag. Add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe with one of these colored purses or totes today.

2. Great Fitting Jeans

You can’t call it fall until you have slipped into your favorite pair of jeans and had that aha moment where you remember why you loved them so much in the first place. Like an old friend, great fitting jeans makes you feel not only confident, but also comfortable and ready to take on the world. Dressed up or down they are hands down the quintessential item in your fall wardrobe.

3. Printed Scarves

Here’s what DIY blogger Haeley Giambalvo from Design Improvised has to say about her favorite fall wardrobe item,

” My go-to fall accessory is always a colorful scarf! It is an instant way to create a put-together look without actually having to do any work – critical for a mom running out the door by 7:15 each morning to get her kiddos to school! Temperatures here in Texas can linger in the 80s for much of fall, so it is hard for us to embrace many of the fun fall trends like suede boots, jackets, and corduroy. But a lightweight scarf is totally doable! I am always drawn to scarves with bold prints and colors, and I’m a big fan of infinity scarves like the one I’m wearing here. My favorite place to score great scarves? Target!”

Haeley shares why colorful scarves are a must have in her Texas fall fashion wardrobe

4. A floppy hat

I just love the way a hat can change a whole look, here’s how the queen of green and repurposing Maker Mama transforms her summer pieces into fall staples

“I’m not a big buy new clothes for each season person. I like to keep my fall wardrobe transition simple and weatherize my favorite stand-bys as needed. Most days, it’s as easy as adding some boots, a scarf, and a cute hat to a summer dress. If it’s an especially chilly day, I’ll put on leggings and a thrifted jacket, too. As a busy single mama, it’s about keeping it all easy to throw together at a moment’s notice.”

Who says you can't wear your favorite summer dress this fall? Add a fun scarf, a cute add and some great boots for an easy transition look from summer to fall. Modeled by Amy of MakerMama.com

5. A Little Black Dress

A great black dress can take you just about anywhere. San Antonio photographer Stephanie Smith shows us how she styles her little black dress with the next two items on our list, a military-inspired jacket and fun sneakers. Who says business attire has to be super serious. By adding a few affordable pieces that showcase your personality you instantly give off a more confident and pulled together vibe.

San Antonio Photographer Stephanie Smith shows you how to take this seasons must have fall fashion trends and put together a look that is 100% uniquely you.

6. Military Inspired Cargo Jacket

Whether you throw this piece on over jeans, with a plaid shirt and some leggings, or with your little black dress you are adding a heavy dose of cool to your outfit. The McGuyver or duct tape of fashion, use this guy whenever you need to pull a look together in a hurry or find a way to make it work.

7. Fun Sneakers

What’s the point of being a grown-up if you can’t have a little bit of fun every now and then? Sneakers are another great way to add some personality to your outfits. From neon, to high-tops, to leopard print these fashion statements tell the world a bit about you whenever you walk into a room.

8. Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus

I discovered Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus earlier this spring and have been swearing by it ever since. I never travel without a small spray bottle and keep a larger version of the product at home. I even have a travel-size bottle in my gym bag! I simply hang the clothes I am planning to wear, give them a quick spray with the wrinkle releaser and pull the fabric to smooth out any wrinkles. My clothes look as good as if they’d been pressed or as if I had gotten dressed at home.

My absolute favorite product I've found this year! No more ironing for me, I just spray, pull and go

Sometimes I just give myself a quick spray and a tug before I walk out the door. I can’t recommend it enough, if you’d like to try some for yourself here’s a coupon you can use to buy yours at a discounted price. Let me know what you think once you do!

9. A Classic Blazer

Magazine Editor and Fashion Stylist, Tori Johnson of thesToribook.com shared her expert advice with us,

“One of the best and EASIEST ways to transition your wardrobe into fall is to layer with a blazer. A light blazer is an essential wardrobe staple and I always recommend having a white and black one on hand. Blazers are the perfect way to add a bit of warmth when the weather is in flux and being unpredictable. A well-tailored blazer is incredibly versatile and can be worn a variety of ways including over a dress, paired with a skirt and blouse, to dress up a pair of jeans or even to work with a pair of slacks.”

One of the best and EASIEST ways to transition your wardrobe into fall is to layer with a blazer.

10. A Pantsuit

Jumpers had a major moment during spring and summer. If you hopped on the bandwagon, here is the perfect way to get more wear out of it this season! I took a strapless, black jumpsuit and added on a blazer for a chic and stylish look that’s perfect for fall!

She took a strapless, black jumpsuit and added on a blazer for a chic and stylish look that’s perfect for fall!

11. Statement Jewelry

Dress up any outfit with the addition of a few statement jewelry pieces – from leather cuffs, to beaded wraps, to sparkly jewels or heavy metals. Change your accessories to create a whole new look!

Dress up any outfit with the addition of a few statement jewelry pieces - from leather cuffs, to beaded wraps, to sparkly jewels. Change your accessories to create a whole new look!

12. Fall Florals

Florals have been huge this year, take them a step further with deeper, darker colors, more structured cuts and prints with a bit of foliage in them.  The peplum style watercolor top seen here makes your basic t-shirt and jeans look anything but basic.

Florals have been huge this year, love this darker fall take on them and the peplum style top

13. Comfy Flats

We love a great pointed toe, wedge and sexy heel but sometimes a girl just needs a comfy pair of flats. A pair of shoes she can wear anywhere and do just about anything in. Look for classic styles you can wear again and again and don’t be afraid to invest in something well made that will last you more than one season.

Every girl needs a great fitting pair of jeans, a tee she can just throw on, comfy flats, a catch all bag and a few accessories for a pulled together look in a flash

14. Plaids & Flannels

I could live in plaids and flannels during the fall and winter months! In fact, I basically do. You don’t have to settle for oversize tops and your boyfriends’ / husbands’  button downs. Look for plaid in all sorts of items this year, from midi skirts, to shirt dresses, to ponchos, tunics and more. If you’re looking for more ways to style plaid, here are a few more of my favorites – great plaid look 1, great plaid look 2.

I'm mad about plaid! A great plaid shirt is a bit like wearing pajamas so a great plaid shirtdress just feels even better! Pair with your favorite boots for a simple look and you're ready to go

15. Boots

And finally, boots. I saved the best for last. My absolute favorite part of dressing for fall is wearing my boots. I’m a tall, brown leather boot kind of gal but I have been eyeing a pair of black riding boots for years. Perhaps this is the year I finally add them to my wardrobe.

That’s it folks, 15 must-have items for fall chosen by busy, beautiful moms on the go. What do you think? Did we leave anything out? What do you consider to be wardrobe essentials for fall?


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