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Playground Workout for Moms: 8 Exercises You Can Do While They Play

Playground Workout for Moms: 8 Exercises You Can Do While They Play

So excited to introduce you to personal trainer and pro photographer Stephanie Smith for today’s total body playground workout, she’s about to rock your world.

As a mom of young kids, it is so tough to find time to work out. Let me tell you, I have been there. With three kids under the age of 6 at home, it was hard to find the time to workout. As a young couple with three kids, money was tight and a gym payment was just not possible.

Without much free time or money, I had to get creative with my workouts, so I started training at the playground. A playground has all the equipment you need,the kids have a good time, and they see you setting a good example in the process!

I wanted to share 8 of my favorite playground exercises. I like to do 3 sets of 12-15 reps of each exercise with 1 minutes of rest between each exercise.

Bench Jump - a great exercise you can do almost anywhere . More playground workout ideas in this link

1) Bench Jumps 
Stand facing the bench with your feet shoulder width apart.  Squat down and push up with your legs.  Land with your entire foot on the bench.  Land in a squat position to protect your knees.  Jump backwards out of your squat to land back on the ground.

Great example of the right way to do a tricep dip, this post has lots of other exercise moves you can do on the go as well febreze-odor-eliminator-coupon

2) Tricep Dips
Position your hands shoulder width apart with your fingers facing outward. Slide your bottom off of the edge of the slide with your legs extended in front of you.  Push up with your arms concentrating on your triceps. Hold tension for a few counts and slowly lower your body back down again.

Who needs a gym when you can get this good of a workout on the playground. Love this post, saving it to take with me next time

3) Bench Jumping Lunge
Start with one foot on the bench and one foot on the ground

How to do a swing push-up and lots of other great playground workout ideas

4) Swing Push Ups 
Place both feet in the swing. Proceed my doing a normal push-up.

You can get a great workout almost anywhere, this post shows you how to get a total body workout at the park or playground. Perfect for busy moms like me

5) Toes to Bars
One of my favorite core exercises.  It’s challenging, but so effective.  I hang from the monkey bars  and tighten my core in order to bring my thighs towards my chest and my toes to the bar. Then I slowly lower them back down.

Get a great workout in while at the playground with this and other moves you can do almost anywhere

6) Bench/curb Hop Overs
It’s basically what it sounds like.  You hop laterally over a bench or curb. Be sure to land in a squat position each time.

Reverse Pull-Up - great exercise for a playground workout

7) Reverse Pull up (Bicep concentration)
Start with your chest facing the bar. Grip the bar in a reverse grip (with your palms facing you) and lower yourself so that your body is parallel to the ground. Extend your arms so that your body lowers. Slowly pull your body up towards the bar. Concentrate on those bicep muscles. Slowly extend your arms to lower your body again. Repeat.

She might make this look easy, but this workout is tough! Loving this post for our busy summer schedule

8) Swing Plank 
Get in a plank position with both of your feet in the swing. You can stay here and hold the plank for 60 seconds. If you want more of a challenge, slowly bring your knees to your chest and then straighten your legs back out.

My kids loved these workouts and would work right next to me.  To them it felt more like play.  For me it was a good, hard sweaty workout.

Now these kids are teens who still like to work out with me. Finding time to workout is no longer as much of a challenge.   My new challenge is getting the smell out of all of our smelly workout clothing, mine included.   Those of you with active teens know what I mean!  I have tried vinegar, baking soda,and a good soak in various items on the market but what I have found that works best is Febreeze in Wash Odor Eliminator. You just add it to your normal load and it leaves the clothes smelling really great with zero trace of bad odors.

My new secret weapon for handling smelly workout gear and all things teenager. It really works febreze-odor-eliminator-coupon

As moms, we are constantly presented with challenges: time, finances, illness, broken hearts, temper tantrums, teenage angst, …the list goes on.  We have to be creative in order to take care of ourselves sometimes.  I hope what you have read here today helps you.  Leave a comment to let us know how you find time to workout and how you handle smelly laundry.

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