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Last Minute Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

Are you procrastinator like me who also really loves their mama? No worries, you still have time to make her something really nice for Mother’s Day this year. Here’s a few last minute Mother’s Day gifts you can make yourself!

Last minute Mother's Day Gifts She'll Love, that you can make yourself! These are great ideas and some of them are so simple, why didn't I think of that?!

I assure you these bud vases from This Heart of Mine are cuter than anything you’ll find in stores, trust me because I got store-bought bud vases last year and these are way cooler.

This leather chevron necklace looks super modern, but is easiest enough to do in one afternoon.

Nothing speaks to mom like words and pictures straight from your heart. Write them on a tiny heart that folds up into an adorable envelope and I bet she’ll keep it forever. Go here for a photo tutorial on how to make envelopes from tiny hearts.

These stenciled garden pavers are super simple to do and would add a welcome splash of color to any backyard or patio. Use any color, shape or pattern you like. Hand and feet prints would be an especially cute last minute gift for Mother’s Day!

Gifts made by tiny fingers are the best gifts of all, take a look at the tutorial for these tiny pinch pots and make a few for the moms in your life today.

A pampering sugar scrub that smells like a mini vacation is a great gift for Mom that literally takes just minutes to make! Find out how to make this coconut lime scrub here.

How about some ombre colored sneakers in her favorite color? It’s as simple as some tape and a can of spray paint but just look how fancy they look!

Handmade Mother's Day gifts anyone can make that she'll be happy to receive! There's still time to do something special for the Moms in your life this year

Tell the truth, how many cardboard boxes do you have in your house right now? Why not paint a few to make colorful box frames, fill with a cute picture of mom with her kids.

Line those stenciled pavers (above) up to a few of these fingerprint flower pots and you’re talking the stuff that best ever gifts are made of.

You know what kind of flowers mom’s really love? Handpicked bouquets from their little ones. Know what they’d love even more than that? If someone turned those bouquets into sweet dried flower bookmarks like this. Maybe even slip it inside a brand new, crisp book. Either one of these (Hands Free Mama or the new Hands Free Life) would be a great choice for Mother’s Day.

It only takes a few strokes of acrylic paint and a coat of mode podge to whip up these modern art plates and again this is something even the smallest of hands can do.

Sometimes all moms want is to spend time with their kids doing something they all enjoy, if you have a crafty mom or even a couple crafty kids then they will love the Happy Handmade e-book. So many great ideas in here, me and my daughter have already tried a few!

and if you need more ideas, you’ll love the list of kid-made gifts over at Meri Cherry .

Lots of great ideas on gifts kids can make and give themselves - stuff you'd actually want too!

I’ll leave you with one of the most precious gifts of all, 8 printable mantras for Mom. Wish I had a slideshow of these on my phone for days when I’m wound up a little too tight and just need to stop and breathe for a minute.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there and for those missing their moms this weekend, I feel you there too. Lots of love to all!

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