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How to throw a fiesta party! Happy Cinco de Mayo

How to throw a fiesta party! Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy Saturday friends!

I’ve got nothing but fiesta and fringe on the brain today … ok, and maybe a craving for salsa, street tacos and a citrus margarita but mostly fringe and fiesta.

Did you get a chance to see the piñata wreath Haeley shared with us yesterday just in time for Cinco de Mayo? Or the adorable piñata balloons she whipped up that make me want to throw a party myself?

Well, I am awful planner so instead of throwing a real party at the last minute. We’re going to have a virtual fiesta and I’ll walk through everything you need to throw an amazing fiesta party of your own.

Then, I’ll do what I normally do and have a party at home with the ones I love today. My guys are awesome party people, I see skirt steak, guac and agua fresca in our immediate future!
Ok, back to the party.

How to throw a fiesta Party

Everything you need to throw the ultimate Fiesta party!
What’s a party without invitations? And what’s an invitation without a bit of fringe and flair. These piñata invites are speaking straight to my heart. What’s a girl got to do I get invited to a party like this?

Now that you’ve told all your friends about your rocking Cinco de Mayo party you need a little something special to let them know when they pull up they’ve made it to the party pad. Haeley’s piñata fringe wreath will let everyone in the neighborhood know you take your fiesta’s seriously!

What’s a party without a cake? And what’s a cake without a party. This super simple and super sweet fringe garland cake topper spells instant p-a-r-t-y. Let’s all go make one right now.

I guarantee if you put these piñata balloons anywhere near your life it will feel more like a party. Someone should follow us around with a big bouquet of them wherever we go just to let folks know we’re the party people!

Ok, we’ve set the stage for the ultimate fiesta … but we aren’t done yet!
Oh no, we aren’t even close.

Just take a look at all this awesome piñata to add to your party.
Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? These easy DIYs and colorful ideas will help you throw the ultimate fiesta party
There’s papel picados, pinata poppers, piñata planters, piñata people!!! and even piñata napkin holders.

Are you starting to see a pattern emerge here?

It’s a piñata party!

And it might the simplest thing to pull off and funnest thing I’ve ever seen
Everything you need to throw an amazing fiesta party! And these are all super simple too
Just add:

Palomas, you know they’re my favorite and now this raspberry version has me drooling!
– Margaritas, I turn to Vianney for all things margarita
– Maybe some peach limeade for the kids?
– Taquitos make perfect party food, and you can make them ahead of time so you have more time to fiesta
– Add a bowl of this cilantro lime dressing, some chips and salsa and call it a day

You now have the most epic piñata-themed fiesta party ever on your hands.

Happy Cinco De Mayo friends,

Folklorico Ballet Dancers - a must see in San Antonio!
You know we live in San Antonio … a city that takes Cinco de Mayo seriously. We’re thinking a visit to the Barbacoa & Big Red fest might be in order, or a street-style taco from Torchy’s … a trip to La Villita to see the folkloric dancers, so many fun things to do!

We’re outta here, see you mañana