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Have you hugged a teacher today?

Have you hugged a teacher today?

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Everyone should have a kindergarten experience just like this. Teachers make the world go round
Photo by Studio 108 Photo

The school year is winding down and my kids are moving on to public and intermediate schools. It’s a huge transition for our family and one I think I’m actually affected by the most.

The teachers in my students lives have been such a blessing to us all, from our kindergarten teachers (photo above) with more than 100 years!! experience between them, who couldn’t possibly have created a better foundation for learning or ushered these little folks on to a better path for becoming good and kind people.

To the second grade teacher who won my daughter’s heart, no easy task.

To the coaches, fine arts teachers, first, second and third grade teachers who have helped turn my son into the kind, caring, thoughtful boy he is today. The love they give these children shows and really makes a difference in every area of our lives.

I literally could not do this without them. A teacher appreciation week hardly seems like enough to thank them for all they give and contribute to our lives.

Perhaps, I could pause for a moment and tell you about Mis Cindy Small, Cindy Tall and Miss Missy from the Acorn School who take their entire class and their families camping each year. We share a private Pinterest board to plan all the fun!

Mrs. Chall, who uses several online programs to help her students learn.

Mrs, Bjugstad who took the time to notice my son struggling with math and recommended an online incentive based math game he could play with his classmates. He brought his grade from a C to an A this year!

The internet, social media and computer technology aren’t just becoming a part of children’s education … they are expanding and enhancing in ways you and I can only imagine. I chaperoned a field trip a few week’s ago to the San Antonio DoSeum and watched my son make music with colors and create stop motion videos like it was the most natural things he had ever done.

Our children are going to create the most magical, creative and wonderful things and it all starts with the technology teachers like these are bringing into the classroom today.

TheĀ Gates Foundation is looking to honor teachers finding innovative ways to make this happen and I’d venture say there isn’t a teacher out there today who doesn’t deserve a nomination for an award like that!

Take a quick moment and nominate a teacher you know today, they could win $500 for their classrooms and know you think the world of them.

Have you hugged a teacher today?