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See the World Through Every Color of the Rainbow With These DIY Glasses

See the World Through Every Color of the Rainbow With These DIY Glasses

Sure you could see the world through rose colored glasses, but why settle for rose? Instead, see the world through all the colors of the rainbow! Here’s how…

Make your own rainbow glasses with this free template. Here's a great project to help kids see the world in all the colors of the rainbow!!

Make your own Rainbow Glasses

You’ll need:
Printable pdf
Sheets of colored plastic (also available on Amazon)
Scissors or craft knife
Glue sticks

Awesome free printable you can use to make your own glasses (check out the rainbow glasses they make)

1. Print out the pdf. Cut along the solid lines. Leave the lenses attached. You’re going to fold them over in a minute.

2. Cut out two circles out of colored plastic large enough for lenses. Glue them in place. Now run a dab of glue over the rest of the paper and fold it closed.

3. Bend the tabs on the side of the lenses 90 degrees. Attach the arms to the tabs with glue.

Great activity for kids! Print & make your own colored glasses, they made a whole rainbow

Now the kids can see the world like they’ve never seen it before. La vie en Rainbow!

Don’t let the fun stop there! Here are other cool ways to use your rainbow glasses:

-Create three sets of glasses with primary colored lenses (red, blue and yellow) and see what happens when you wear more than one pair at a time.
-Make 3D glasses. Place a blue lens on the left and red one on the right. Have a parent help you search  for “3D glasses images” online to test out your new glasses.
-Draw three circles on a white sheet of paper. Color them in red, blue and yellow. Put on a set of blue glasses. What happens to the red and yellow circles? Now put on the red set of glasses. Did the blue and yellow circles change color?
-Throw a color party and tuck glasses into the goody bags for guests to take home.
-Swap your parents’ or siblings’ glasses for a pair of colored ones as a prank.
-Wear them while you take a bubble bath!
-For dessert, hand out different colored glasses to your guests. Make vanilla sundaes with whipped cream. Vanilla sundaes become rainbow sundaes.

make your own rainbow glasses with this template, plus lots of activities you can do with them

ps. Do you know ROY G BIV? Sure you do!

Spelled out it’s the colors of the rainbow:
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

Imagine pairing these fun glasses with this cool ROY G BIV tee, these would be fun party activities too!

these rainbow glasses have kids seeing the world in a whole new way

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