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Life Lessons Learned Through Tinkering

Life Lessons Learned Through Tinkering

GoldieBlox and the Builder's Survival Kit

My daughter opened up a GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survivor Kit a few days ago and her eyes lit up instantly. It’s no secret she loves to build and create or that she’s a huge fan of Goldie and an actual Master Builder so this new toy set was right up her alley.

Love this story about how a mom & her daughter learned a valuable life lesson while playing with a building set

She quickly started building things on her own [read: unsupervised] and by the time dinner was ready, she had a rolling skeleton of a soon-to-be ice cream truck. I watched her roll it back and forth across the dining room table with her little brother as  I plated their food and I thought to myself, what a great gift for her.

Her love language is still one on one time, but I don’t always have one on one time to give. Projects she can easily do on her own make for a happy home and I’m all for things that make my home happy!

life lessons learned through tinkering - great post for parents!

The next afternoon she quickly finished up her homework and pulled out her survivor kit again so she could add the body to her ice cream truck.


I watched from the other room as she fiddled and tinkered and twisted the car. I saw a wave of frustration quickly wash over her face and a look of self-doubt start creeping in I was all too familiar with myself. When it became obvious this final stage of her project was not something she was going to figure out on her own I asked if she’d like me to help.

Here’s where the real learning began

From the outside everything looked great. I put my years of training as a LEGO mom to good use and made sure all of the pieces were pushed in tightly and everything was held together just so. Still, even I could not get the cover onto her sturdy ice cream truck.


We pulled out the blueprints (not instructions people, diagram or blueprints are the preferred terms around here!) and after several moments I realized she added an extra piece to the width of the undercarriage.

This extra piece was keeping her from reaching her goal.

It wasn’t an easy piece to remove.

We had to take things and apart and remove several more pieces just to get to it and while doing so it struck me, pretty ironically,

how much building this ice cream truck was like life.

We do our best to follow the rules, get things done as quickly as possible and do the best we can but somewhere along the way we get overzealous (at least I do) and we try to add in all of this extra “stuff” that while seemingly trivial at the time can in fact, utterly stop all our progress and even keep us from achieving our goals.

I know what you’re thinking, It’s just a few sticks, gears and wheels! What does any of that have to do with real life?

And to that I say,


Here, in this moment, with my daughter not only was it made clear to me that I have been trying to cram too many extra pieces into my life and they are keeping me from reaching my purpose, but this is also something I want my daughter to takeaway from this experience today.

Then maybe, when it is her turn to be the grown up and she finds herself in my shoes with kids at the dinner table just itching to spend time with her. She’ll see their love for her as a blessing, their time together as a thing of beauty and have a better understanding of just how precious that time can be.

Through it all, I learned I have repairs to do on my own, some priorities that need rearranging and some extra pieces I should really remove from my life right now.

Meanwhile, we mastered that ice cream truck and have since moved on to a drum set and even a tea cup carousel! All much easier to complete than the ice cream truck now that we have learned from our mistakes and know just how important every piece we include truly is.



GoldieBlox_LogoToday’s discussion was brought to you by our friends at GoldieBlox. They didn’t ask me to have a life realization, but they did ask me to open up my mind and have some real conversations with my daughter.

The life lesson I received was a bonus and the special time we shared was just the icing on the cake.


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