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Crafting Hope, Sending Smiles

Crafting Hope, Sending Smiles

Every month I try to get together with my local blogger buddies. Lately it seems, many of us are experiencing some really difficult times. Seasons of life I guess, but I think we were all feeling the need for something a bit more from this amazing community we’ve built.

We’ve collaborated on numerous charitable causes over the years, but now is the prime time for us to do a little something more.

Bloggers Sensibly Sara and Stacy of KSW crafting hope and sending smiles to #TeamGunner

Sometimes all you can do is make another person smile. Here's how a group of San Antonio bloggers got together to do just that

Crafting Hope

Last year, the son of one of our members was diagnosed with Leukemia. They live several hours away from here not a quick hop in the car to help them out or lend a hand whenever they might need it, but we desperately want Marla and her family to know how much we care. Gunner was having a very rough time with his last round of chemo and suddenly she found herself quarantined in a hospital for more than two weeks several hours away from her husband and their daughters.

It’s a strange world, this online biz, how it brings us so close to one another, yet prevents us from getting too close. There wasnt a whole lot we could do from so far away, but we knew we had to do something. Some of us took donations or gathered gift cards, some of us bought t-shirts and bracelets, shared stories and left comments, and many more of us gathered together to try to raise spirits, send hope, maybe even create a few smiles.

San Antonio Blogger Lisa of Shertz Family Fun and A Little Slice of Life showing off her jokes for #TeamGunner


Where do kids keep their armies? Click to find out, my kids love this joke.
So many of you have asked, the answer to this joke is: In their sleevies!! :)


Crafting for a Cause

With a little bit of cardstock, a whole lot of washi tape and a plethora of kid appropriate jokes we got to crafting. It was a fabulous way to spend our time together and connect with one another.

Note: I always find the cutest jokes and fun facts for kids on MJ’s Instagram account. My kids ask to seeĀ it every night before bed!

San Antonio bloggers crafting hope and making cards to send to member's family in the hospital

How's this for happy mail? Some of the funniest jokes for kids we've found

San Antonio Bloggers Crafting for a Cause

My hope is to make this a more regular occurrence for all of us, tomorrow we’re meeting to decorate Cardboard Kids to help raise awareness and get folks thinking about the thousands of victims of child abuse right here in our own county.

Stay tuned for more stories about Crafting For A Cause.
Big shoutout to my girl Morena and her awesome craft supply for making this event a success!