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What’s For Dinner? French Toast, Chopped Salad, Thai Chicken Tenders and more

I took a quick poll on Facebook and found out posting these meal plans on Sunday would be super helpful for many of you. I’ll do my best to get them up earlier on Sundays, I’m so glad they are useful to you.

A weekly meal plan with thai chicken tender, french toast, pasta carbonara and more


Thai-Flavored Honey Glazed Chicken (with Sriracha Mayo)

I spotted these spicy chicken tenders on Pinterest last night and knew they had to find a way into our meal plan this week. They sound super exotic, but I’m pretty sure we have all the ingredients in our house now and you probably do too! I’ll serve these with a side of rice and some sort of fresh fruit and green tea. Mmmm, I’m hungry already.

Photo Credit: The Iron You (click for recipe)


French Toast w/ Berries

My family LOVES french toast, but sadly we don’t eat it very often since I had to quit gluten. Lucky for us, we found an amazing gluten-free bakery just steps away from my son’s school. I’ll pick up a warm loaf of bread and bring it home to transform it into a maple and vanilla french toast. Can you tell our appetites are coming back this week?

Photo Credit: Comfort of Cooking (click for recipe)


Spaghetti Carbonara

I can’t remember the last time I had spaghetti carbonara. My kids have certainly never had it, so I’m sure it has been since I lived in Italy over a decade ago now … man, that makes me feel old. Instead of focusing on how old I’m getting, I choose to experiment with some brown rice & quinoa pasta I picked up this week and try my hand at making my own carbonara. I can’t guarantee it will be stellar, but how can you really go wrong with bacon, pasta and cream? Just in case, I am linking you to Gerry’s famous recipe. Everything he does is so darn good.

A small salad on the side gives me a reason to cut some veggies this week and have salads on hand for my lunches, yay!

Photo Credit: Foodness Gracious (click for recipe)


Tuna Melts

I’ve told you about my fondness for Tuna Melts before. I got to know my father as a teenager working together in a family restaurant. The tuna melts there were amazing. I’ll take a trip down memory lane this week by serving this with a side of ruffles and carrot sticks and celery.

Photo Credit: Natasha’s Kitchen (this is a chicken melt recipe, but seeing it made my long for home and inspired this week’s meal)


Chopped Salad

We all need more veggies in our lives and a good chopped salad is a great way to get them. You can throw just about anything you want in there and it will taste great. Here’s a link to a Southwestern Chopped Salad my family loves.



Buffet style!



Hopefully on the grill!

And that’s our plan for the week! Need more ideas? Take a look through past meal plans or search through my favorite recipe board on Pinterest.

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