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Editor’s Pick: Intel 2 in 1 laptop tablet, the best gift I’m giving this year

Editor’s Pick: Intel 2 in 1 laptop tablet, the best gift I’m giving this year

Best Christmas Gift I can give this year, an Intel 2n1 laptop

I’ve got a husband who can build a computer or fix your laptop blindfolded.

One of the first big gifts he gave me was a desktop computer he built by himself with all of the latest and greatest components you could find. That’s just the kind of guy he is, and when it comes to technology he prefers to be on the cutting edge.

I have given up trying to buy electronics and devices for him because he is so darn picky and wants to have the very best of everything as soon as it comes out.

But, then we had 3 kids and his expensive technology habit kind of fell to the wayside.

It wasn’t until last month when I was away from home and needed to access some digital photos that I even realized my handsome computer geek of a husband no longer had a working computer! He had sacrificed for us, and I felt a tiny twinge of guilt. I told myself I’d get him a new laptop for Christmas, but I knew all of the laptops he’d be interested in were FAR out of my price range.

Then, I heard about the Intel 2 in 1 series of laptops and I thought maybe, just maybe this could be the answer. Through my partnership with the Intel Advocate Experience I was able to get him a laptop worthy of his high expectations.

And truth is, this Apple devotee is loving it too! You’ll see a few of the ways my family is enjoying this laptop meets tablet over the next few weeks. It’s crazy what we can do with this thing and how light and powerful it is.

With laptop tablets for as little as $400, it’s the best gift under our tree this year for sure! This is the model we have (retail: $800)

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