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When We Can’t Stand Alone, Let’s Run Together

There’s no doubt about it, being a grown up is hard.

At some point, we [read: I] have to realize there are only so many things we can control and let those other things go. Be patient and wait for the answers to be revealed.

I’ve never been very patient, and I am stinky at waiting.
My motto in times like these,

When you can't help yourself, help someone else
Because when I look back on all the things that seem so overwhelming or insurmountable to me, I think of all the people who have gone through far worse things than me, who are still going through something unfathomable and realize there are literally BILLIONS of people on this planet with bigger problems than me.

Some of those folks can take matters into their own hands, but there are a staggering number of babies, children, brothers, sisters who need help right now today. And countless mothers, fathers, grandparents, families who just can’t help the ones they want to heal most.

And that my friends, is pure heartbreak.

What if I could do something to make even the slightest bit of difference for them, what if we all could?
How would we even begin, where would we start?
We have to start somewhere, why not here.

Today marks the start of the #MiracleMarathon, join #MomsRun4Good and walk/run a mile a day with us for the kids. Together we can make a big difference, let's do this!

Today, I am casting my worries aside and picking up a baton for each and every one of them.

From today, till 27 days from now I will run (at least) 1 mile every day in their honor.

Why one mile?

Because. These aren’t just any miles, they are MIRACLE miles.
27.2 of them to be exact, because that’s just how many miles it would take to run a marathon, plus one for the kids.
Join us in the #MiracleMarathon, just one mile a day. A marathon at your own pace.
Isn’t that wonderful? The moment I heard about the Miracle Marathon from a friend, I knew I had to join. I also knew exactly who my partner would be.

I met Kelly earlier this year at Alt Summit. I actually didn’t meet her, I just happened to sit near her and pick up on a conversation she was having with a group of ladies. 8.2 seconds later and I was in tears listening to her tell the story of her miracle baby, Matilda.

She touched my heart in a very BIG way and it was destiny that put us on our flight home together. We’ve kept in touch, and worked on a few projects together that I am very proud of, but we are two of a kind and we both needed more.

Enter #MomsRun4Good

I’ve been following Kelly as she completes her monthly running challenges and have been itching to start. Today is the day we join forces and put our miles towards something bigger and better than each one of us.

We formed Team #MomsRun4Good and we are running this marathon together, her from New York and me from Texas. God Bless social media, but if you know either one of us, you know we don’t like to do anything alone and we are all about bringing people in and making them feel loved.

Join #momsrun4good in the #MiracleMarathon to support Children's Hospitals. Just one mile a day for 26 days, then one final run day when we all do it together for the kids. Let's do this!

This is where you come in!

So we’re asking any and every one of you to join us on our Miracle Marathon.

You could —

— Join Team #MomsRun4Good and officially participate in the Miracle Marathon and help us raise money to support the Children’s Hospital of your choice.

– You can pick your hospital, we have already designated ours. Kelly is running and fundraising for Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital and I am running on behalf of the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.

— Download the Charity Miles app and donate your miles this month to the charity of your choice. They aren’t an official supporter of the Miracle Marathon but that’s OK, any goodwill will do!

— Participate with us by sharing your journey on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #MomsRun4Good and/or #MiracleMarathon anytime you run this month.

To help keep you/us motivated, we came up with this list of photo prompts. A scavenger list of sorts to keep you searching for things to scratch off and share all month long. You don’t need to do these in order, just share them as they make sense along the way. Kelly & I will be watching and sharing moments from the hashtag throughout the month.

#MomsRun4Good first monthly photo prompt, snap a pic and share it with us whenever you run. Download the Charity Miles app and donate your steps to the cause of your choice.

If you’re in, let us know with a comment here or on our Instagram pages. You can even share this graphic on your own feed to let us know you’ll be participating.

That’s it for today, look for more updates and info throughout the month and be sure to follow us on social to get live updates of our progress.

Kelly — Blog / FB / Instagram / Twitter
Stacy — Blog / FB / Instagram / Twitter

We’d love to do this with you! It could be the absolute best 15 minutes of your day. Let’s do this.
Here we go Day One.

Miracles DO happen, sometimes they take a bit of muscle.