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Simple Things: Fireworks & Family

Simple Things: Fireworks & Family

The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday.

My fondest memories of childhood are all wrapped up in the 4th of July. We would gather on my Granddad’s farm for what felt like the world’s coolest party. Cousins by the truck load, music blaring, an occasional down-home rodeo. It was a joint Independence Day/Birthday celebration for him and you could feel/hear/smell the good times from miles away. It seemed like the entire town was there.

My love affair with the 4th of July has continued on into my adulthood, but since my Grandfather is no longer with us and I hardly ever get back to that old farm, it just hasn’t felt the same … until this year.

family-first Gorgeous fireworks photos captured by Stacy Teet / Kids Stuff WorldThere's nothing like family, friends, and fireworks on the 4th of July

When I could see those same feelings of wonder and togetherness through my own children’s eyes …
on their own grandparents farm.

And so the circle continues.

God Bless Fireworks, Family and the Good Old USA


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