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11 Genius Ways to Enjoy Watermelon

11 Genius Ways to Enjoy Watermelon

Genius Ways to enjoy watermelon! Have you tried the watermelon sticks trick? It has changed the way I eat watermelon forever!
Great ways to celebrate summer with watermelon!

Does anything sound more refreshing than watermelon lime sorbet? I doubt it.

The cutest way to serve watermelon? On a stick, instant healthy popsicles!

I could always use a little aqua fresca in my life! This refreshing version uses honey (or agave) instead of sugar and gets it’s kick from the hint of lime and sprig of mint. Delicious!

What could be tastier than a watermelon popsicle? How about a Ruby Red Watermelon Popsicle.
Two of my favorite fruits in one cool treat.

This is the trick to end all tricks. Bookmark it now because it has changed the way my family eats watermelon forever! Seriously, we’re making more watermelon sticks in the morning!

How about a little watermelon for breakfast? Or lunch. Or with dinner. This Strawberry Watermelon smoothie goes great with any meal.

Watermelon makes a great side dish and travels well making this Watermelon Feta Salad a great choice for picnics and potlucks.

Give your daily H2O a flavor boost by infusing it with watermelon and mint. More infused water combos here.

One of my family’s favorite way to enjoy watermelon? In a fruit salad. There’s a million ways to do it, but starting with a base of watermelon, cantaloupe and fresh pineapple is always a great way to go.

Want to make eating watermelon a bit more fun for kids? Try using cookie cutters to create fun watermelon shapes for little hands.

And finally, a bonus share.
Who could resist an adorable watermelon piƱata? Perfect for pool parties and summer birthdays.

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