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Simple Summer Meal Ideas

Simple Summer Meal Ideas for Busy Families

It’s our last week of school here in Texas and it’s jam-packed with events and activities and all sorts of things that will keep us busy all day and leave me without much time or energy to spend in the kitchen. On weeks like these, I revert to simple summer meals. Think tacos or tostadas, salads, one pot or skillet meals ideas, or things my husband can fix up quickly on the grill.

For our last official week before summer, here’s what we’ll be eating:



Shrimp and Black Bean Tostadas

We don’t use a recipe for these, but I found this one by What’s Gaby Cooking for you on Pinterest.


Chicken Quesadillas

There’s a gazillion ways to make a quesadilla, but these spicy, Key West quesadillas are a version I’ve never tried before.


Fried Rice

The blogger who made this recipe claims it is better than takeout fried rice, crossing my fingers that’s true because I haven’t been able to eat Chinese since becoming gluten-free. We’ll use tamari soy sauce so I can eat it.


Chopped Salad

I love a good chopped salad, this one is a family favorite.



And to celebrate the end of the school year, this cook will be shutting down her kitchen and taking her children out for pizza to celebrate!



Sorry folks, no recipe here. We just add all the things we each like, roll them up and enjoy.


Baked Beans and Brats

I found a recipe for smoky, baked beans in a magazine and thought we’d give it a try this weekend. I need at least one new recipe a week to keep things interesting for me.

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