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Gluten-Free Meals for the Whole Family

I’v been counting down the days for months. This week I’m starting a new course with the ladies from Prescribe Nutrition, and boy do I need it. If you come here for our meal plans each week, you know that we generally eat pretty healthy, but what you don’t see are all the snacks I sneak in along the way. It seems every time I am in the kitchen, I grab a few tortilla chips, or a handful of chocolate chips, or something else I don’t really need or even want. It’s just a bad habit I’ve let slip back in to my life.

For the next two weeks, my family will only be eating meals that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. There are oh so many reasons for doing this, but one of the most important ones for me is breaking that cycle I have slipped into. Once all the excess salt and sugar is removed from my body, I’m able to make better choices under stress.

If you’re interested in learning more about Prescribe Nutrition courses, you can read about them here. They have graciously given our readers a 20% discount, just use: KSW20 if you want to try one.

I’m sharing our recipes based on the information from the Get Balanced course. I don’t have links to the actual recipes, but I am linking to similar ones I have found online. You can catch a peek at a few of the recipes and find out how we are doing on the program by following along on social media.

A week's worth of meals with no refined sugar, gluten or dairy. Good for people with allergies or those just trying to eat healthily




Happy Cinco De Mayo!
In the past, we would have celebrated with nachos or tacos or quesadillas but we can easily swap to a chicken, beans and rice meal and retain the same flavors. Add a little pico de gallo and I’m heaven! Here’s a link to a similar Cilantro Lime Chicken recipe. Sub out sugar for paprika here.



Tuesday’s equal quick meals around here and these lettuce wraps should be just that. Fry up some ground turkey, add the stir ins and scoop into little lettuce bowls. Just the protein filled dish my family needs before a night of karate and yoga. Similar recipe here.



This isn’t an approved meal from the plan, but I’m not holding my family members 100% accountable – just myself. They’ll have they’re chicken in wrap form and I’ll eat mine over a bowl of leftover rice. Easy peasy, especially since I’m using a store-bought rotisserie.

For the Moo Shu, debone a rotisserie chicken. Heat a big skillet or wok, drizzle in some sesame or olive oil. Add a bag of angel hair coleslaw or finely sliced cabbage let cook for a few minutes. Add in some homemade hoisin sauce, I followed this recipe but use Tamari sauce instead of soy sauce, and the chicken. Let the flavors meld together then scoop into wraps and add a bit of rice.



The kids have requested these again and I’m happy to oblige since they are actually gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free. I have photographed these and jotted down my main ingredients. This week I’ll see if I can lock down measurements so I can share this one with you next week.



I’ve never made Tandoori before! Can’t wait to try it out. You can find a similar recipe here, but ours is slightly different since we aren’t using yogurt. P.S. I just love the recipes on that site, you should bookmark it now!



I have a speaking engagement on Saturday and by the time I get home I know I won’t want to cook. Turkey burgers and watermelon in the backyard it is! We’ll fire up the sprinkler and it’s pretty much the perfect way to end a great day.

My family will probably have buns and maybe even cheese on their burgers. I’ll eat mine with some pico as is, or wrap in a giant lettuce leaf if I want the full burger effect.



Sunday is Mother’s Day and for me that generally means my family appeases me and lets me make my favorite meal, Shrimp and Grits. Add Cheese. Add Bacon. Since that’s not overly healthy, this year I’ll switch it up and still enjoy my favorite, but with salmon and grits, diced tomatoes and crispy kale instead.

Impress your mom this MOther's Day with a warm slice of this baked oatmeal dish covered with fresh berries and topped with whip cream
For brunch, I’m requesting the healthy oatmeal bake we shared last week just hold the whip cream for me please.

If you have any questions about the recipes or meals we’re making, please ask in the comments below or send me an email. Happy to help any way I can.

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