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Super Simple Meals for Busy Families

It’s just me and the kids this week and we’ve got a packed schedule with lots of to do’s to cross off. I’m helping myself out by keeping the meal plan simple and sticking with things I know we’ll all eat.

Easy Meals for Busy Families




We’ll start the week off with an afternoon at the park and then finish off with family movie night. Pallet of blankets on the floor and lots of finger foods – think celery and carrot sticks, popcorn, ham rolls and grapes.



Scrambled eggs can be a busy mom’s lifesaver! Wrap them in a warm tortilla, sprinkle on some cheese, pair with fresh fruit and you’ve got a happy, healthy household in 15 minutes or less.



I’ve been holding out you. I have the most amazing recipe for Baked Oatmeal … and I’ll share it with you here on Wednesday finally. You don’t want to miss this one, it’s so easy to make and tastes like dessert. This would make a fantastic meal for Mother’s Day brunch. Come back for the recipe! I’ll add the link here once it’s published.



Everyone loves nachos! Hoping I can get my hands on some ground chicken to make these with, but if not I’ll use ground turkey or beef.

I’ll have beans and salsa, avocado and jalapeños on hand for those that want it … but that’s really just me. Oh well, more for me!



Tuna Casserole is a beloved comfort food around these parts.

I’ll make mine with brown rice and quinoa pasta, Pacifico cream soups (because they are gluten-free), and will sneak some veggies in there somewhere I just haven’t decided which ones.



I don’t know why I got thinking about Subway this week and how crazy expensive it is for my whole family to eat there. It’s silly to think how much we would have to pay to get a few sandwiches and drinks when we could make our own for just a fraction of the price.

That’s what we’re going to do this weekend, and if I can I’m going to try to make this russian dressing I used to eat at a favorite deli when I was little. It’s amazing when drizzled over soft bread, deli cut turkey and melted cheese but I love it with Lay’s potato chips too! Makes me feel like a kid again, I’ll finish off the meal with a pitcher of spiced tea to complete the memory.



Things are starting to heat up around here, it’s already in the 90’s so I am hoping Sunday will be a great day for grilling out and spending the day outdoors. We make a big batch of lemonade and run through the sprinkler and just have a great time together. Looking forward to Sunday already!

Going to brush a mixture of tamari soy sauce and garlic over these pork chops. Then think up a tasty side dish and slice up a few tomatoes.

If you have any questions about the recipes or meals we’re making, please ask in the comments below or send me an email. Happy to help any way I can.

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