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What to put in your child’s Easter basket

What to put in your child’s Easter basket

So many cute ideas for filling Easter baskets!

Is it just me or does the stuff for Easter just get cuter every year! I’ve always been a fan of the fun spring colors and cuddly bunnies, but this year … I seriously want all of this stuff — for me!

I’m featuring a few tried & true items here, but there is lots more to see in the Easter shop.
Make sure you stop and take a peek, I’m constantly adding new things.

What to put in a child’s Easter basket

Fluffy Bunny Ears (we got ours in Target Dollar aisle)
Easter Birdhouse (like a gingerbread house for Easter!)
– Bunny Necklace
Fluffy Brown & White Bunny
Triangular Colored Pencils (these are the best!)
Butterfly Bubbles (or any bubbles for that matter)
– Sweet bunny hair clips
A slinky!
Cuddly Little Lamb
– the cutest chocolate bunny (Mmmm, chocolate)
Grab N Go Crayons
– Cute Crochet Critters
– Bunny Art Supplies
Calico Critters Anything
– Bunny Feet
– A guinea pig that looks so real!
Hypercolor Bunny (I know my daughter would love this one!)

Many more ideas waiting for you here.

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this website with your purchase through these linksI’ve linked to these specific items, but you can find similar ones just about anywhere. To make things even easier, I’m highlighting a few creative and/or free diy easter fillers. These can be real sanity savers.

These dyed wooden eggs would be loved for many Easters to come.

These silly putty carrots would look so sweet

Speaking of sweet, I like to mix up a big batch of Easter trail mix to help keep the number of candy eggs at a reasonable level.

I’m actually whipping up a batch of these water bead eggs right now!

These sponge bombs make for great fun all year-long

How about some homemade bouncy balls? These look so lovely

Got a rainbow loom lover in your home? They’ll flip for these loom Easter Eggs and mini Easter baskets.

Love the idea behind these texture eggs for little ones

Confetti eggs like these are HUGE here in Texas, they could be huge at your house too.

And if your family likes to get dressed up for Easter, how about one of these Bunny Boutonnieres. Just adorable

Beautiful handmade fillers for simple Easter baskets


Stacy is seeing the world in a whole new way – through the eyes of her children. She writes about the little things, the big things and all the “stuff” in between at Kids Stuff World.

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