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Decorating Kids Rooms With Art

Decorating Kids Rooms With Art

Decorating Kids Rooms With Art

There’s no denying it, my daughter LOVES art. She is happiest when she is creating and because she shares a bedroom with her two brothers (for the moment), it was very important to make her corner of the room all her own. Using her own art to decorate was an obvious and practical way to bring a lot of personality into her space on a small budget.

Inexpensive gallery wall to display kids artwork

Decorating Kids Rooms With Art

A Rotating Art Space

We go through LOTS of art pieces and while we certainly have our favorites, what goes on the wall is ultimately her decision. There are many pieces that stay on the wall all the time, but we keep things fresh with magnetic boards in bright colors. We strung them together to mimic the fiesta style buntings you often see here in Texas.

Note: I linked to similar ones from Amazon, but I think we found ours at Jo-Ann’s and used a 40% off coupon.

Art Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are all the rage and a creative young girl certainly needs a colorful one of her own. We made her gallery wall by painting cheap wooden laser cut frames from Michael’s in bright colors and simply thumbtacking them to the wall. We attach a piece of art in the center and can move them out easily whenever we want. I have noticed artwork that makes it into these fun frames generally stays there for awhile. I love that she saves this wall for her favorite pieces.

We found our frames at Michael’s and used 40% off coupons to keep each of these under $5. We painted them with regular craft paint.

Collaborative Art Projects

Some of my very favorite pieces of art are the projects that took the longest to make and got us all involved in the process. You’ll see one of a kind found things collages on my kids walls, we’ll be sharing more about how we make those next week. Stop back for more details.

Graphic Art

Our style motto is pretty much anything goes as long as she loves. We found some color your own graphic folders with these stylish girls on them at Target and she had such a great time working on them. I love how well they fit in here adding a strong punch of color and grounding the wall a bit.

Craft Projects

We do so many craft projects around here. When we make something that looks like it belongs on the wall, we go ahead and tack it right up there. You’ll see several of the butterfly pieces from our Small Hands Creating Hope banner hanging around the room. I love that this project has lived on long after it was done in our home.


My daughter isn’t the only artist in our family. Her favorite aunt loves to create as well and painted us several pieces throughout the years that hold a special place in our hearts. The name print was a gift for my daughter when she was just a baby. I imagine we will be adding some canvases of our own to this space over the summer months.


Buntings are a great way to incorporate art into your kids room. Not only can you make them using past art projects, but they can also serve as a wall display with the addition of some decorated clothespins. Here we have some simple glitter circles, but the possibilities for buntings are endless. My friend Jean is always coming up with beautiful bunting projects for every season.

Art Pillows

We made our first art project pillow last spring and we have enjoyed it every day since. It is by far my favorite project we have worked on together and every night as I tuck her into bed and kiss her goodnight that beautiful pillow reminds me of how amazing she is.

We just added two more art pillow projects to her room and they are just as cool but super simple to make. We used Shutterfly’s personalized pillows to upload her artwork and had them shipped and printed within a week. I can’t believe how bright and fun they turned out and how closely the colors match up. I love that I can see each of her individual pen strokes, they are really well done and I am already plotting how I can use them with other projects throughout the house.

Aren’t they fun?
Love these personalized pillows from Shutterfly, look how cool they look using original artwork

Bonus Tip: Bright colorful bedding works in a busy space like this, not only does it allow us to use any color of the rainbow but it also ties the whole room together. I got ours on clearance at Target, but they have a lot of great options there now as well. … I love Target.

Hope you liked all the projects we’ve used to create a unique space for her on a super, thrifty budget. The most expensive thing in here were the Shutterfly pillows but with a good discount code they are every bit worth the price.

A Great Series of Simple Photography Tips for Everyday Parents Our friends at Melissa & Doug sponsored this post as part of a partnership with Shutterfly to showcase fun ways families can capture meaningful photos and turn them into works of art.

If you have any questions or want to see anything in great detail, just let me know. I made this collage in case you want to pin the post for later, thank you!

Decorate your kids room on the cheap with these fun art projects

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