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Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

I just finished up an amazing couple of weeks of healthy eating and I’d love to continue eating well. I learned so much about the benefits of eating nutritionally dense, whole foods and want to keep the momentum rolling!

That’s easy enough at home. But I happen to be flying across the country in a few days, with two little kids. It can be tempting to eat at the airport but the choices are pretty limited. You’ve got fast food, soda, ice cream, bar food, bagel shops. Choose those options and usually you’re asking for a side of bloating, sluggishness, and a blood sugar roller coaster.

So how does one travel and eat well?

Well, I think the biggest thing is to plan ahead. Here’s my blueprint for our upcoming travel day.

Great Tips on How to Eat Healthy While Traveling /// Kids Stuff World


  1. Start the day with a good meal. We fly out early in the morning and in the past, we’ve fueled up on coffee and tossed the girls a snack cup of cereal. Not this time. I’m pre-packing smoothie packs in the freezer so I can pop them in the blender and have a nutritious breakfast in no time.  (I just pack all the spinach and fruits in a plastic freezer bag and have the liquid ingredients and the chia seeds measured out and ready to go).
  2. Pack healthy, nutrient dense snacks. I’ve learned that it’s important to avoid spikes and dips in blood sugar. This means it’s important to have snacks on hand that are full of protein and good fats. I’ve prepped some homemade granola full of oats, nuts, and some dried fruit in case I want something sweet. Also in my bag: homemade protein bars, sneaky healthy “cookies” from Coconut and Quinoa, homemade hummus (I’ll switch out the avocado for white bean) with veggies and cashew butter and apple slices and grapes. It helps to bring fruits that aren’t messy or particularly delicate especially with kids. I found these awesome packets of Justin’s Nut Butter at our local grocery and they should prove handy.
    Perfect Snack: Apple & Peanut Butter
  3. Drink lots of water! To save money, we pack our own water bottles and just leave them empty until we get to the airport. Many airports have filtered water bottle fillers and/or drinking fountains. Drinking water instead of alcohol and caffeine can stave off food cravings as well as help with jet lag. Often we think we’re hungry when we’re really just thirsty so when I start to feel munchy, I’ll try some water first.
  4. Traveling with kids? This gets tricky. My kids have become accustomed to eating junk when we travel. Truth is, I’ve packed a lot of fruit snacks, goldfish, and lollypops for airplanes (especially when I’m traveling without my husband). I’m not totally giving that stuff up because I’m not ready for an all out mutiny on the airplane. But I’m going to mix in some healthy stuff too. Instead of a bag of goldfish, I’ll make my own trail mix with nuts, dried fruits, seeds, AND goldfish (and maybe a few cacao nibs although chocolate and kids tends to be messy).
  5. Pack meals that will keep without being cold. I’m thinking apple and peanut butter sandwiches on sprouted bread. Or a roasted chickpea and cauliflower salad that is as good cold as it is warm. To make the salad, toss the chopped head of cauliflower and a drained/rinsed/dried can of chickpeas with some olive oil and salt and pepper. Roast for about 45 minutes at 400 degrees.  Let cool and toss with a homemade apple cider vinaigrette and parsley.One of my favorite recipes for Homemade Granola

That’s the plan. I hope these tips will help you (and me!) avoid all the junk and arrive at your destination feel satisfied and full. Bon voyage!

Jessica Sliman

Jessica Sliman

Since becoming a mom about four years ago, I've focused much more of my time and energy on living a simpler life, eating whole foods, and living in the present moment. I'm a work in progress :) I share my journey at One Simple Thing and would love for you to join me. When I'm not exploring my new home of Southern California with my husband and daughters, you might find me doing yoga, flipping through a cookbook, picking through the trail mix to find the chocolate chips, or reading to Olivia for the 87th time in a day.
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7 thoughts on “Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling”

  • Great advice!!! We’re getting ready to travel in a couple of weeks and I was starting to think about snacks for the trip and this really helped.

  • Love these suggestions and will add another. Sunbutter makes tiny packets of sunflower butter. The advantage? Even if your kid isn’t food allergic, the kid or adult in the next seat may be — and peanut allergies can be deadly. In fact, for some people, even microscopic particles in the air or smeared accidentally on an airplane armrest can create a problem.

    If the packets are too expensive, just make DIY sunflower butter packets using the snack size zippered bags.

    • I’m so glad you mentioned this! On one of our four flights, we were asked not to eat any products with peanuts for this very reason. It had never crossed my mind but I will be much more mindful of it when traveling in the future.

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