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Kids Rooms & Things on the Brain

Kids Rooms & Things on the Brain

Cute ideas for kids rooms and things spotted on KSW

Spring has not yet sprung.

But that isn’t stopping the tinges of spring fever I feel coming on. I’ve got kids rooms, and home decorating projects and bright colors on the brain … if you can’t tell.

We are moving closer to the day when Sweet will move into a room of her own (tear). I’ve been planning that room in my head for years!, but I can’t hep falling in love with the graphic wall trend. As much as I love this candy colored room, I know little miss would never go for it. She’d much rather doing something bold like this.

I’d love to do a black & white room for the boys. They live and breathe all things legos and Star Wars right now anyway, and how amazing would it be to have a giant moon in your room you could doodle all over? Mr. Printables does it again.

I’ve got some big plans on how we can best utilize their space, look for more on those projects coming soon, but first … this gorgeous unicorn is blowing my mind. Can you believe she made that using just 4 ingredients? Count them – carrots, pear, garbanzo beans, and raisins. Amazing! I will never be that clever.

Speaking of clever things … how about some Ana & Elsa Frozen dolls made out of perler beads? Pretty awesome right? I think this will be our next birthday gift for a friend. Get the full how to on Spoonful, then check out my pal Michelle of MollyMoo who comes up with incredible ideas like this on the regular.

I’d stay and chat longer … but I am eyeballs deep in taxes. Thanks for sharing this much needed visual break with me.


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