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I Am A Work In Progress.

February Challenge: Make an I AM list of all the qualities that make you #boldbrilliantbeautiful

Hard to believe a whole month has passed since I spoke about my plans to become more bold, brilliant, and beautiful this year with the help of some friends and the support of now more than 100 women online! (leave a comment or message me if you want more info on how to be a part of the movement)

It feels like moments ago and ages ago all at the same time.

Since we last spoke, I have made significant realizations about my newfound insecurities and problems asserting myself since leaving behind a career I could quantify and felt knowledgeable in. Since having this new role of creative entrepreneur rise up underneath me, all unchartered with no clearly defined skills to master or check marks to scratch off to define success. I’m out of my element and I know it, but I am learning how to adapt and cope with it. I’m not out there puffing my chest just yet, but there is movement happening and work being done on the inside.

I tore through my closets and donated 3 bags full of clothing that didn’t make me feel beautiful. That was a huge percent of my wardrobe … and I haven’t missed a thing! Nor have I enjoyed getting dressed as much in years, we should all be so kind to ourselves!

Thanks to my friends at Prescribe Nutrition, I’ve managed to take responsibility for my health, nutrition, and hormones and have been making huge strides in this department. Besides the 4 pounds I’ve lost, I have also gained a calmer outlook and general understanding of how my choices carry over into all aspects of my life … more on that to follow in a post later this month. In the meantime, check out their next class starting March 3rd. I’ll be there again and if you want to join me, you can use the code: KSW20 to get 20% off your class. Money well spent, and I promise you will feel so much better!

I also did something a little bit BOLD last weekend and volunteered at a TedX San Antonio salon focused on redefining beauty and transcending gender stereotypes imposed by the media. Again, this needs it’s own separate post. I was more than a bit surprised how I had pushed this topic out of my head for so long and convinced myself it wasn’t something that impacted me. When honestly, it affects all of us.

I led an hour-long group discussion with a small group of incredible women (that’s not me in the photo, that’s my friend Claire) and in that time we covered so many topics that pierced through the heart of me. We spent time coming up with our own definition of what makes a woman beautiful — not the color of her skin or the size of her waist, or the shape of her breasts. The look of her lips, length of her hair, nor the shade of her eyes ever came into question – instead we walked away with a real true image of beauty redefined.

Here is what we determined:

A truly beautiful women is strong, and smart, and kind. She is open and authentic, confident, passionate, curious. A beautiful woman is empathetic and loving, outgoing and curious, powerful, yet full of wonder.

Funny, when I returned from this day with all these inspiring women I received a challenge from the ladies behind #boldbrilliantbeautiful to create an I AM statement for myself. Again, normally something that might tug at my insecurities I approached this exercise with a little more compassion than I would have given myself previously.

I am patient.
I am kind.
I am smart.
I am sweet.
I am happy.
I am fulfilled.
I am devoted.
I am creative.
I am caring.
I am emotional.
I am giving.
I am strong.
I am hopeful.
I am optimistic.

This list could go on, and on … I am a work in progress, but you know when the lightbulb went off for me? When I compared my list with that new definition of beautiful ….

A truly beautiful women is strong, and smart, and kind. She is open and authentic, confident, passionate, curious. A beautiful woman is empathetic and loving, outgoing and curious, powerful, yet full of wonder.

I am beautiful.

and so are you.

Let’s keep the discussion going.

What qualities do you think make a person beautiful? Let’s keep redefining beauty and changing the way we look at ourselves.





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