Winter Walk: Recharge with Nature

Hi, new friends! I’m Lacy from Living on Love. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be a new contributor here at Kids Stuff World. I am eager to get to know you all and hope you feel the same.

One thing my family and I take pride in is making a BIG deal out of small moments. I’m a firm believer that the everyday moments, the day-to-day happenings, can be beautiful and significant. After all, that’s what most of life is. This year on Kids Stuff World, I’ll be sharing ways to make life meaningful for your family. Whether it’s a fun project or an adventurous outing, you can be sure it will be simple and significant. It’s about the time spent together that matters most. Let’s get started!
recharge your family with a crisp winter walkI’m not sure where you live, but in my neck of the woods we have had a couple of months of bitter cold, snow, and ice. Only a handful of times has it been nice enough to actually get out and enjoy the weather. The rest of the time we’ve been cooped up inside, with a nice dose of cabin fever.
Once the weather perked up, with highs in the low 50s (a treat for January!) we decided to make a day of it and enjoy some quality family time outdoors. We loaded up the car and headed to our favorite hiking spot at a nearby state park. The weather was perfect. Cool enough that snow and ice were still all around us, but warm enough to truly enjoy some time in the woods.
 simple ways to make a winter walk a fun and simple outing for your family
Since our girls were babies, we have spent tons of time outdoors. Nature has always been a place of adventure and rejuvenation. Since I can remember, being outside has given me a sense of release and purpose. As a family, sometimes all we need to recharge is a good amount of time spent in the wilderness.
Here are some ways to make a winter walk a fun and simple outing for your family…             
  • Dress for the occasion – Appropriate attire is key. Toddlers especially tend to freak out if they are too cold, too hot, wet, etc. We were able to last a long time because our girls were warm and able to move around freely since they were wearing their “adventure clothes,” as we like to call them.

  • Take it slow – There is no rush, especially in the wilderness. Take your time and let your little ones set the pace for your adventure. Take breaks if you need to. Allow yourself to surrender to the clock and enjoy an outing free of time constraints.

  • Notice the details – Take time to stop and look around. Point out things you see or hear to your children. Ask them what they think is interesting or beautiful. From hollowed out logs to frozen waterfalls, our girls were amazed by the things they saw during our winter walk.

7 5 4 Recharge in nature - easy ways to get outside this winter!

I challenge you to get outside this winter! I think you’ll be surprised just how refreshing an outdoor adventure can be for your entire family…

Lacy Stroessner

Lacy Stroessner is a wife, mother, chicken farmer, Beyonce lover, food eater, and big dreamer. She writes at Living on Love, a family lifestyle blog focused on living a simple, meaningful life. From fun family projects and adventures on the farm, to yummy recipes and experiences in parenting, Lacy believes in living a BIG life each and every day. Lacy also writes for Disney Baby and

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  1. says

    Hi, Lacey! So nice to meet you. My family loves spending time outdoors too. In fact, we’ve made a pledge this year to visit at least 20 different parks in San Antonio. I’m sure we will achieve that goal (and maybe even surpass it!) because my kids LOVE parks, nature, and getting outside. 😉

    I hope you get a few more warm spells this winter to enjoy more walks with your family.

    • says

      Nice to meet you, too, Colleen! :) What a great plan for the year! And I’m sure your weather allows for it! We are looking forward to another 50-degree day on Sunday. Today it’s -15 windchill! Brrr!


  2. says

    Welcome! I am so glad to read your first post here at KSW, and can’t wait to “know” you more! I love the way you grouped your photos–such a lovely mix of nature and family memories. <3

  3. says

    Your pictures are wonderful. You have a very lovely family. I also want to share my own pictures, maybe sometime. I take pride in my kids, they are such a wonder to behold. I remember one time when we went to a park, we had such a marvelous time together. I wish they stay the same forever

  4. says

    We love being out in nature as well and find so much joy when we make the time to get out there. (And we have no excuse, living in a place where 50s would be really cold!)

  5. says

    He visto tu lugar y me parece de lo más interesante.
    No sólo porque lo que estás proponiendo tiene un extenso conocimiento
    (o bien por lo menos eso aparenta) sino que la manera que posees de expresar tus ideas
    es genial. Espero que en algún instante podamos trabajar algo
    juntos o al menos que me des la oportunidad de recibir alguna visita tuya a mi
    blog y me des tus puntos de vista. Al final del día quien sino más bien otro blogger para juzgar el trabajo de uno.


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