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Recycling is cool.

Recycling is cool.

Recycling is cool. Wear what you believe. Repreve #TurnItGreen

Green is good. Recycling is cool.

That’s not just something we say around here, we really believe it.

My kiddos buy in to it because they know how big I am on it … but they are really acting on blind faith. This year I have set out to not just tell them recycling is cool, but also SHOW them.

They understand a little, we compost and talk often about what happens to the food we put in the bin and the soil we take out. We have started making our own homemade broths each week (oh my gosh — YUM!) and the kids call it compost soup because the things we used to throw outside … we are now cooking and eating. It was a huge concept for them to grasp and I think it has really helped them tie together the food cycle and the role we play in it.

Leap forward a bit to the paper we collect to drop off at their schools, or the bottles and cans we recycle each week, the box tops we collect, the cardboard we either reuse or recycle, the batteries, the plastic bags — all of which have to be dropped off or picked up at different places, it’s enough to make a child’s head spin.

So when I partnered up with REPREVE I knew it would be an excellent way to address WHY we save and sort those materials and what becomes of them.

A company that turns plastic bottles into cool products

The kids LOVED the green beanies they sent us. Each beanie is made from 6 plastic bottles; they were designed to be a part of the X-Games this year and well bold, funky and fun just falls right in line around here. They’ve gotten a TON of use. And when I explained to the kids that the hats were actually made out of recycled plastic bottles, they flipped their lids — literally.

These beanies are made out of recycled plastic!

They’ve been collecting bottle caps (for school) and recycling as many plastic water bottles as they can get their hands on .. which isn’t easy because we don’t even drink water bottles at home – so the folks at REPREVE can make more recycled fiber and turn it into more cool stuff.

It’s incredible all the things they are creating.

Check out this short and sweet little video promo they did for REPREVE.

This post is sponsored by REPREVE, all thoughts and opinions are our own. Now that we know more about what happens to our plastic after it’s recycled, we’ll be seeking out more products made with REPREVE.

Wear what you believe. REPREVE.