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God Bless the Peacekeepers

God Bless the Peacekeepers

My wish for you this Christmas

We trimmed our tree this week and amidst all the silliness, I caught a glimpse of my oldest son. I watched as he walked carefully towards the tree, cradling a glass bulb in his hands.

He looked at the tree thoughtfully, selecting a location that could be seen from anywhere in the room. Stood high on his toes, arms extending up as far as they could go and finally when I thought he wouldn’t be able to do it alone, he ever so gently placed the ball on the tree.

A look of satisfaction spread over his face, and I could tell he felt good about being trusted with an object so fragile, so cherished by all. My heart grew warm as I watched my son hold Peace in his hands and see what great care and responsibility he demonstrated to make sure this was something enjoyed by all this holiday season.


My wish for each of you
and a glimpse, perhaps, of the man he will become someday …

God bless the peacekeepers
Keep them safe, help us to nurture new honorable men and women to fill their shoes.

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